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This Study Guide attempts and is designed to bring the supernatural reality of the Scriptures to ordinary life, where most people live today. It shows how God took two ordinary Romanian Christians, starting with a shepherd boy and a pastor's daughter, and built them step by step progressively into saints whose faith literally moved mountains of impossible circumstances out of their path. A shepherd boy and a pastor's daughter--thanks to this process--took their place along with Ruth, David, and Gideon who, though starting small, also achieved great things for God.

Scripture says, "trials...have come so your faith may be proved genuine."--I Peter 1:6-7. Not only can faith be proven genuine, but as evidenced in the account of Elijah and Aurica, faith can be built up to a point in otherwise ordinary individuals where God can use his earthly instruments in acts of great miracles and deliverance.

This Study Guide cannot promise that every reader will become an exactly replica of Gideon, David, or Deborah, for the author recognizes that every individual is unique in makeup and destiny; yet if our faith is built up, who knows what results will come of our efforts to believe God for greater things than we have known previously in our lives?

We ordinary saints, on entering heaven, may be very surprised when Jesus starts handing out crowns! Instead of watching others receive crowns for splendid performances as soldiers of Christ, what if instead the Lord Jesus presents US with the crowns we were certain would go to others whose names were so well-known back on earth? It is possible that Hebrews, Chapter 11, the Hall of Faith-Champions, will be completed in heaven with our own names. It can happen, for nothing is imposssible with God, and God will get special glory from our lives that He could get from the deeds of more remarkable people with extraordinary gifts. His strength, as scripture says, will be perfected in our weakness! Paul aimed to be weak in himself so that he might be strong in Christ. Being a strong, highly-gifted, highly-educated man, Paul had to aim hard at it, but most of us are not his caliber and do not have to make much effort to be weak. It is only too easy, then, to believe we cannot achieve great things. But that is not the scriptural record! Great things were achieved by weak, insignificant people. How? First look at the Course Qualifications.


The true story, "Walk in the Light" is offered to all as Public Domain. This Study Guide is offered to all as a help to all who wish to gather the true and abundant gold of the lessons contained in the story.

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