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September 12, 1984




PURPOSE OF APPEARANCE: To give his testimony. Elijah was a persecuted Romanian Christian who was supernaturally led to freedom.

CREDITS: Construction worker and evangelist in Romania. Evangelist and missionary since coming to the U.S. in 1976.


Elijah's grandmother was a Jewish Christian and his parents were Christians [Elijah's mother was Jewish and was converted by a great miracle of healing of terminal cancer in her body] as well. He was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit at 14. He began preaching at 18.

From the beginning, Elijah had a burden for Russia. As a result, he smuggled 1000s of Bibles over. He started an underground church there and was caught and jailed - but only for a couple of days. (The police began harassing him from that point on.) In 1971, Elijah started an underground school in hopes of evangelizing Romania. The police often came and searched his house (at least 3-4 times a month). Once the police were knocking at his door and Elijah was trying to hide hundreds of Bibles underground. He and his wife only had time to spread some dirt over them. The police searched the house thoroughly, but God blinded their eyes and they didn't see the Bibles.


Around May 1974, Elijah received a prophecy that on October 10, 1974 [correction: it was October 9], he would depart and leave his family and Romania behind. Elijah knew that it was impossible to escape without the Lord's help because of the heavy security around the border. Around 6-7 PM on October 10th [correction: October 9th], Elijah saw a pillar of light and the Lord told him to follow the light. He was able to say good-bye to his family, but the Lord told him not to look back, (A few days earlier, the Lord had spoken to him on what to take for the journey.) Elijah and two brothers in the Lord, [Stefan and Josef, fictional names given the two men for the book, "Walk in the Light," that would not reveal their identities to the Communist Romanian secret police and the KGB; names of other persons were changed to protect them from the same kind of persecution] left the house and followed the 7 foot high pillar of light. The light was their guide night and day. When the light stopped, they stopped and started praying. All along the way, the Lord gave them insight as to where they were since they would have another way of knowing.

The first time they stopped, it was in a cornfield. Elijah saw a tower on the right and a guard and a watchdog on the left. This was the border of Romania that few can pass through. The Lord caused a heavy rain to fall, and the light led them through the border without being noticed. From there, they went to Yugoslavia where they hid in a freight train until they arrived in Venice, Italy. Venice was the first free city they had entered. From beginning to end, their journey took three weeks.

Elijah and his friends were taken to the refugee camp where they were cared for. Eventually, Elijah got a sponsor from the U.S. and went to California. After one month of being in the U.S. (1976), God gve Elijah a dream [seeing a distinguished, older man holding a golden key]. Senator Henry Jackson was holding the key in his hands that would open the door for his passport. God intervened, and 21 months after Elijah had left Romania, he and his family (a wife and 6 children) were reunited in the U.S.


Since coming to California, Elijah has started Romanian churches in the Los Angeles area. He has also sponsored many other Romanian refugees to come to the U.S. Elijah still has his mother, two brothers and two sisters in Romania. He is currently seeking their release [Since the revolution in Romania, and the overthrow of the atheistic, brutal, and murderous Communist dictatorship, Elijah has been able to return to visit his beloved mother and other family members. His mother, choosing to remain in Dornesti, has since passed away.]

Biographical Dates

Elijah Coroama

February 29, 1940 - Born in Vicovul de Jos, Romania, and named Elijah (Ilie)

1952 - Gave his life to Jesus.

1958 - Began evangelistic work and preaching

1959 - Joined in smuggling Biles to Christians in communist countries

1958-60 - Attended maintenance mechanics school.

1964 - Married to Aurica, a pastor's daughter; first of ten children born.

October 9, 1974 - Escaped from Romania with two companions by following the Pillar of Light.

1974-1976 - Lived in Austria at a mission for spreading the Gospel to communist countries while sending aid to family still in Romania

1976 - Immigrated to the U.S. with wife and family, where they began a new life in Los Angeles, California, twenty one months after Elijah's escape from Romania.

1976-1981 - Pastor of the Romanian Apostolic Church in Sante Fe Springs, CA; at the same time exployed as custodian, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Costa Mesa, CA.

1976-2001 - Helped establish twelve, Romanian Apostolic churches in California; founded an international ministry of aid and the sharing of the Gospel to refugees from communist countries; moving his family and ministry from California to Missouri, he continues a ministry to churches in the U.S., Europe, and Japan and has founded several orphanages in Romania.

"Ilie [ELIJAH] was the key link in an international ring of smugglers, through which many tons of Bibles and Christian literature found long awaited reception in the hands and hearts of thousands of Believers in need. The episodes contained in this book are just a small part of his experiences, many of which we are witnesses."

--Paul and Marcelle Ermuluk, Eastwest Mission, Austria and Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Brother (ELIJAH) Ilie serves the Lord with all his being. His life and character reflect the light of Jesus as he walks daily in the light. He has been an inspiration to me and I know you will be moved to commit your life to God as you read this thrilling story."

--Charles M. Duke, Jr, New Braunfels, Texas

Elijah: A Man of Many Hats




Plasterer/Construction Worker

Office Cleaner, Church Custodian

Commercial Farm Manager

Bible Smuggler

Founder of Churches

Founder of Orphanages

Distributer of Aid to Starving People

Giver of aid to Refugees

Married to Aurica Coroama, Family Man, Father of Ten Children

Prophecies and Visions Concerning Elijah's Future Life and Ministry

"...a leader of many people"

"...a witness to multitudes in many nations"

"...a witness of Jesus to many people in foreign countries"

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