Alissa's Father Option

Man's help is vain, especially in extreme situations or crises. Do you really understand how frail, how undependable, how self-seeking people are in their humanity? If you look to men to save you then, or anything men have created, or anything that worked in the past seemingly to bail you out of a tight spot, you are lost! That is basic wisdom for anyone who wishes to reach his or her divine destiny, as created by none other than the Lord of this Universe. Alissa's father was in no position to help Becca anyway. He was under the eye of the imam, who had the eye of a falcon, spotting the least movement that could possibly be interpreted as suspicious behavior on the part of a subject Dhimmi.

Though he had been forewarned often enough by his Grandfather, Mimir, Becca well knew by his own experience that men are a vain thing to lean on in serious trouble--they will fall out beneath your weight!

Try again!

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