Appendix T. Excerpt of Letter accompanying the Ring List to Dr. Chillingsworth from the Cosmological and Terrestrial Golden Order of Druid Seers at Navel-of-the-World Centre (C.T.G.O.D.S.), Isle of Man Dear Dr. Chillingsworth: To all leaders and peoples of the Earth, we of our British Brethren of the Enlightened Order of Seers extend a hand of good will as well as a timely reading of World Destiny. We see clearly that the culmination of troubles afflicting the world is due to ONE MALEVOLENT AGENCY--namely, a certain Ring empowered like none other. A Ring of overweening ambition that drives men to want to conquer the world! A Ring that drives ordinary, plain men and women to the madness of megalomania. It is the Ring of World Dominion. It is a Ring of Doom for all who bear it. So beware of this Ring and do not go near it! How can this MALEVOLENT AGENCY be recognized and stopped? Often it figures in the events of Earth as a signet, a “Ring of State Power,” by which official documents and decrees afflicting multitudes and the destiny of many great nations and empires are promulgated; such rings were employed by rulers long before the modern era; only this Ring is greater and bears overwhelming powers. In that it is different and to be feared! It is its nature to wend its way to seats of power. Its effects on the bearer are extraordinary and terrible. Since ANNO 1912 the Seers have observed many pronounced and negative effects on the various Ring-Bearers, some which are, to wit: 1. megalomania; a compulsion to tyrannize over others; 2. delusions of grandeur 3. antagonism toward authority other than its own; 4. overweening pride; 5. self-centeredness and egoism; 6. amorality; expediency is everything; 7. self-aggrandizing/adulatory visions; 8. extraordinary energy, mental and physical; 9. extraordinary will-power; 10. unrestrained cupidity; Appendix N. Table 1 “Zu the Birdman and Tablets of Destiny” 1. Zu looked upon the wide lands, he looked on the spreading rivers; the rivers of the mountains, what my heart longed to see. I found the mouth of the speaking gods, I found three mouths, noble vases bearing tablets of destiny, and bore them away to my own people. I bore them there, yoking the horned beasts; Zu subdued them and make the wild oxen meek in spirit to carry them. Do they not water the plains and feed the black headed ones? 2. I revere the great gods of the lands and rivers! They call me Zu, son of the gods, son of the Divine Birds of heaven. 3. Zu sat among the great ones, they who listen at the gods’ mouths and speak their oracles. But I was troubled at heart; my bowels melted hot within me; they burned; I ran off from my city and went to a place by the sea; there I sought the vision denied by the temple gods; their Oracle I sought with all my heart. I lay on the sands, my body scorched in the heat. I lay there many days and no god spoke from heaven in my distress. 4. But then the waves rose up; they swept upon the land; I fled their wrath. I died in my heart and lay down for the covering of the dark waters; it was then the winds spoke; they seized the earth and sand and flung them into the face of the brazen heavens; then I saw 5. How my heart died a second time when the chief priest turned wickedly against me; he stretched forth his hand and would have destroyed the three Mouths, the Tablet-Bearers, when I took them and flew into the wilderness, far beyond my people and their lands. 6. Zu spread his wings far and wide; he sought a city of refuge. He was at the gates of death when he found it. The eagle rested by the waters, by the waters that flow to the Sea of the South. Appendix P. Definition of “Planet” Gr. “Wanderer" Table 3 The Black Crystal and the White Stone Humanity produced what could be considered a Stone of fire, though it was strictly terrestrial and not celestial in origin. It was probably the most tragic of the Stones, in humanity’s experience. The dubious honor went to a young and exceptionally ill-starred, intractable Dutch youth. After his death Pieter van de Wordt plunged downward on a strange quest that led him tot he Black Sea of the Underworld. He vanished into the water and a black stone was washed ashore. It was not true crystal but jet, a form of lignite, which is very hard and glossy and esteemed since ancient times. Formed when carbon is subjected to millions of pounds of pressure, jet is something like diamond in hardness and carbon base. Because of that similarity, it was called “adamas,” an old term for diamond. Traditionally, it was used for mourning jewelry. The jet stone of Pieter van de Wordt did not stay in the Underworld but rose to the Upper World almost immediately upon inception, transported via a chthonic tornado and Chiron the Blue Centaur*. Its restless quest for fulfilment denied in life in the Upper World could not be satisfied in the Underworld, and so the Upper World fell heir to it. The journey of the Jet Stone or Black Crystal: Chiron---------Little Soldier--------------Noahdiah-------------Dr. Celman-----------the King of Babelen--------- Mink--------------Quinn Ceylon---------Jesus Christ: The White Stone** _____________________________ *Chiron was a phantasmagoric being that inhabited the Underworld of Earth II along with other monstrous left-overs from previous ages. More dream and nightmare than reality, he, nevertheless, was very real to the perishing, unfulfilled soul-form of Pieter van de Wordt before he hardened into jet. Created by the “Forbidden Category,” Chiron served his purpose in accompanying the helpless Pieter to his destined end. In doing so, Chiron inevitably absorbed and projected some of his own quality of the “Forbidden Category,” though he and the Stone of Jet were total negatives: childhood, youth, and love denied. **”He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches: to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”--The Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 2, Verse 17. Iskander III---------Table 3 or “adamantine, ”One Legged" Quinn Ceylon to Atlantean-Mukalian Atlanteans, enlisted by the “Forbidden Category,” to Pher-Enath III --Excerpt from the Ring List(good, the Black Crystal and the White Stone)Volume IV Appendix“