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And blessed be His glorious \par name forever! And let the whole earth \par be filled with His glory. \par }{\b\i\fs24 Psalm 72:18-19 \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\sl480\slmult1\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par }{\b\fs40 \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\b\fs40 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }\pard \qj \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\i \par }{ \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Vol. IV \par Appendix \par Some Josephs, Good and Evil, of Note \par \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par \par Josephs (men, women, and children) who died in the sinking of the RMS TITANIC \par Second Class \par 1. Joseph Larouche \par 2. Joseph Mantvila \par 3. Joseph C. Nicholls \par Third Class \par 4. Joseph Davis \par 5. Joseph Dugemin \par 6. Joseph Murdlin \par 7. Joseph Peduzzi \par 8. Joseph Arnold \par 9. Joseph Van de Velde \par 10. Joseph Caram \par 11. Josip Drazenovie \par 12. Joseph Elias \par 13. Youssef Gerrios \par 14. Youssef Gerrios (the second bearing the same name) \par 15. Catherine Joseph Peter \par 16. Youssef Samaan \par 17. Yousif Wazli \par 18. Brahim Yousef \par 19. Hanne Youssef \par 20. Maria Youssef (child) \par 21. Georges Youssef (child) \par (May these souls rest in peace!--G.T.C.) \par _____________________ \par 22. Joseph Bruce Ismay, President of the White Star Line that commissioned the RMS }{\i Titanic \par }{23}{\i . }{Alfred Joseph Hitchcock--famed British-American film producer, master of shock/horror and suspense \par 24. Josef Djugashvilli--Generalissimo Djugashvilli of Soviet Russia presided as one of the Big Three at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences that condemned untold millions to death, slavery, and the threat of nuclear annihilation \par 25. Joseph, son of Jacob--Yeshua I and II\rquote s step-father \par 26. Joseph, son of the Patriarch Jacob--Old Testament Patriarch, succeeding his father Jacob; rejected by his brothers and sold into slavery by them, he rose to become the Prime Minister of Mizraim, the land of his bondage \par \par \par \par }{\b \par }{\b\fs40 \par }{\b\i\fs40 \par \par \par \par }{Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par Germany, 1900-1937--Test Run for the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation \par \par Conditions Aiding Shickelgruber\rquote s Rise to Power on Earth II: \par 1. social chaos not contained by ineffectual Weimar Republic, giving rise to fear, anxiety, and emotional \par instability for its citizens \par 2. decadent arts, especially chaos and meaninglessness seen in human life and actively promoted by the artists with an aim to shock and enrage the bourgeoisie \par 3. weak, corrupt, inept democratic government and an entrenched, highly venerated military command seeking a strong government to take charge \par 4. economic chaos (unrestrained inflation) \par 5. ethnic and national grievances, sense of national betrayal \par 6. high level of science along with social outcry and mass unrest \par 7. high level of industrial, war-making potential \par 8. great desire to create a paradise for the average man, to realize the \'93German Dream\'94 \par 9. great desire for order, stability, and peace \par 10. a scapegoat glass of citizens to blame national ills on \par 11. reform-minded intellectuals who desired to reconstruct the entire society \par 12. industrial magnates eager to support a strong leader who would foster their economic interests \par 13. big business combines put money behind their chosen leader \par 14. strong sense of being hemmed in by inferior and treacherous rivals, and desire for more \'93living space,\'94 or \'93lebensraum\'94 so that the full destiny of the nation and people could be achieved \par Shickelgruber\rquote s Personal Abilitites that Aided His Rise to Power: \par 15. a leader who knew how to achieve \'93lebensraum\'94 for Germany, a living space that happened to include the entire globe, with Germans ruling from the top of the Third Reich world government as the Atlantean Master Race \par 16. a leader and party willing to stage lavish, spectacular pageants and national celebrations in order to capture the imagination of million of citizens living drab, plodding, purposeless, uninspired lives \par 17. a charismatic, magnetic personality who was a master of rhetoric and persuasive speech \par 18. a leader who, like Churchill for World War II Britain, gave the impression that he was the embodiment of the Germanic spirit and national ethos--the supreme essence of what it meant to be German \par 19. a leader who knew how to retain ultimate power in his hand, delegating portions to whomever he pleased while allowing his followers to rival and fight each other for favor in their leader\rquote s eyes. \par 20. a leader who stayed absolutely focused on his own ideas and agenda, despising and crushing without mercy anything that opposed him \par 21. a leader who lifted the military to great heights in society, improving the lot of the common soldier \par with high pay and security, while raising the standards for performance and physical fitness. \par 22. a leader who knew how to treat opposition and degrade it to the point where it was powerless, divided, \par confused, and easily liquidated \par 23. a leader who exalted strength over weakness, even to the point of fostering religious feelings and beliefs in the masses that would make him God in their eyes \par 24. a leader who made his mark in the minds of Germans, in the homes of Germans, in the hearts of Germans, in the work-places of Germans, in the entertainment venues of Germans, in the recreation and arts of Germans, in the fears and anxieties of Germans--whatever was German he stamped his image on it until all spheres of German life w ere made to seem dependent on him \par 25. a leader who knew how to parley with opposing nations, playing on their fears and anxieties and hopes for a peacable settlement in order to use them to the advantage of German expansionism \par 26. a leader who knew the supreme advantage of decisiveness when your adversary is not sure of himself; thereby, crushing him in one fell swoop even though he might have been initially stronger \par 27. a leader who did everything he did for Power and Self-advancement, while promoting the idea he was \par acting only in the better interests of the German people and nation \par 28. a man who maintained an impeccable appearance and who always sought to conduct himself as a world leader and the founder of a spendid, new world order that would last a thousand years \par 29. a man of cunning who exploited the talismen of legitimacy and rank, and used the old regime\rquote s most exalted icons to legitimize and strengthen popular support for his own regime \par 30. a man who was the human equivalent of the corrupted star-stone, the world-conquering, world-destroying Sardius \par \par }{\b\i\fs40 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\b \par }{Volume IV \par Appendix}{\b \par \par }{ The Royal House of Windsor--Monarchs from \par Reign of Charles III to Arthur II \par Name Reign \par \par Charles III 2015-2024 (abdicated) \par William V 2024-2066 (eldest of two sons of Charles III) \par Alfred II 2066-2094 (second son of William V) \par Alfred III 2094-2097 (third son of William V, abdicated) \par Edward IX 2097-2111 (fourth son of William V) \par Edward X 2111-2122 (eldest son of Edward IX) \par Arthur II 2122-2178? (second son of Edward X, last of the Sovereigns of Great Britain residing in Britain, exiled to sublunary quarantine base in orbit round Charon, Pluto\rquote s moon or companion-planet, with monarchy assuming full power after loss of communications with Earth) \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par \par Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy* \par \par Mercia \par Kent \par Northumbria (Kingdoms of East Anglia and Deira) \par Wessex (West Saxony) \par Essex (East Saxony) \par Sussex (South Saxony) \par \par _____________________ \par \par *Arrayed against the Heptarchy were tiny, nook-and-cranny kingdoms of the hard-pressed \par indigenous Welsh and Cornish peoples. The Gaels of Ireland also maintained \par independent kingdoms. To the north of the Saxon kingdoms kingdoms of the \par unconquered Picts and Scots prevailed. A slice or two of Latin Britain also survived \par long after the Saxon conquest of Britain. From that rump Latin Britain King Arthur \par (the Latinized Briton who came to be called that name) extended his rule and sent \par forth bands of his army to ward off Saxon commando raids. The Saxons, admiring his \par courage and military ability, thought him a hero even though he was their chief enemy \par on the southwest marches of their Heptarchy. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par Alpha Centaurian Society and Governance \par \par 2170-2460 \par From authoritarian shipboard organization and life governed by the Universal Code of \par Military Justice evolved: Military society------parliamentary democracy (Swedish model, without constitutional monarchy), parties deadlocked----military coup/dictator------democracy/oligarchic rule by elites over plebes----revolution and return to a \'93pure\'94 democracy, chaos-------military takeover and martial law \par \par 2460-10,995 \par \par Rebuffed from Earth, beginning of religious monastic movement vs. scientific mechanist; struggle for power resulting in joint rule; tensions resume, war; new government (monks triumph, crea te a theocratic state)--------theocracy overthrown after becoming too repressive, colony nearly destroyed------a completely secularized state, not agreeable to many, monks regain power-----taking lessons from past failures, a religious state modeled on Byzantine, with an emperor, archibishop sharing primary power, monolithic and stable, state lasting thousands of years, disturbed only by religious schisms from time to time but finding resolution in major church councils---schisms worsen, however, bri n ging the New Theocracy Period to end, military government, social unrest, anarchy, and attack by an enemy nearly brought total destruction, but some children fired some ordinary distress flares that caused the enemy to think the Alpha Centauri had an un known superweapon, and the enemy fled-----with solidarity uppermost in people\rquote s minds, government re-organized along military lines, and an eternal truce signed between the secularists and the religionists, so that military preparedness might be maintained whatever the government was in power----the next attack by an unknown alien was much more lethal, destroying the Alpha Centauri star system, so that the colony was forced to flee, and begin another search for Earth Earth is found, but again proves inhosp itable, and the Alpha Centauri return to their base with archives that will revolutionalize their society, only the archives are hidden and it is many thousands of years before they are discovered. \par \par 10,999-1,100,000 \par The A-C\rquote s New Theocracy worked for a time to promote solidarity, but even a strong, religiously unified state contains the dynamics of disintegration; people will split into divergent and hostile parties over \par minute fractions of differences in doctrine and interpretation, differences that no church councils can \par resolve without force and bloody suppression. A bicameral-house government, formed of a party of monastic religionists and a party of scientific mechanists, also promoted stability and, in each group, social solidarity. But parity tended to break down,with one side gaining power over the other, and a result was increased antagonism, rivalry, and an outbreak of war. Athens or Jerusalem? Which would rule? The issue was never settled. Only one participant in the many z ero-sum wars and power struggles achieved a lasting insight,which became known as the Four Laws of Mutuality. The person chose to remain anonymous and published the Four Laws in the colony computer\rquote s newsletter. \par \par 1. NEVER HATE OR DESPISE AN \lquote ENEMY\rquote ; ADMIRE WHAT IS \par ADMIRABLE AND OVERLOOK WHATEVER IS NOT THREATENING \par YOUR LIFE \par 2. ALWAYS SEEK UNITY, COMMONALITY WITH THE \lquote ENEMY\rquote \par (INVENT ONE, IF THERE IS NONE) \par 3. DO SOMETHING, OR GIVE SOMETHING, THAT WILL HELP \par THE \lquote ENEMY,\rquote FOR THEN HE WILL BE FORCED TO REPLY IN KIND \par 4. INFORMATION IS ALWAYS GOOD; RESTRICTION OF IT \par WILL ALWAYS LEAD TO MUTUAL ANTAGONISM AND ANY \par ADVANTAGE GAINED BY RESTRICTING INFORMATION WILL \par BE SHORT-LIVED \par The A-C\rquote s never solved the problems inherent in sin-doomed human society, but they survived as long as the 11,000th Century because they dealt effectively with stagnation. Religious-minded had \par their half of the society and government. Secularist-minded had their half. Freedom, thus, was \par maintained. But the society could still stagnate and die in its respective halves. A joint program \par was instituted to keep the colony socially-challenged. Changing culture on a massive scale, periodically, \par maintained the society\rquote s viability. The artificial reconstructing of society was on-going, but the results \par were good enough to keep the suicide rate down to acceptable levels. Nevertheless, the meaning of life \par mostly lost, and the process of living as performing actors and actresses in a virtual reality culture became increasingly barren and mannered. By the 11,000th Century the colony was nea ring its terminal stage, when the reconstruction-program would collapse and the human spirit fail utterly to adapt to its loss of any real culture. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par \par Gideon\rquote s Brothers* \par \par 1. Remiyah \'93guile\'94 \par 2. Pesha \'93transgression\'94 \par 3. Dibbath \'93slander\'94 \par 4. Magor \'93fear\'94 \par 5. Shaqer \'93lying\'94 \par 6. Hable-shave \'93lying vanities\'94--the religious kind \par 7. Lekol \'93to eat up\'94 \par 8. Azabuni \'93forsake me\'94 \par 9. Ede-sheqer \'93witnesses falsely\'94 \par 10.Na\rquote alamin \'93dissemblers\'94--his expressions were always deceitful \par 11.Damin \'93bloody\'94 \par 12. Zimmoh \'93mischief\'94 \par 13. Hobogdim- \par reqam \'93which trespass without a cause\'94 \par 14. Yal\rquote igu \'93laugh\'94--laugh in scorn or derision \par 15. Yaphtiru- \par besephat \'93they shoot out the lip\'94--those who scoff or scorn \par 16. Parim- \par kiteruni \'93bulls have compassed me about\'94 \par 17.Toraph \'93ravening\'94 \par 18.Veshoeg \'93roaring\'94 \par 19.Kelabim \'93dogs\'94 \par 20.Ka\rquote an-y- \par adai-veraglai \'93they pierced my hands and feet\'94 \par \par ____________________ \par *Abiezites were known for large families; thirty, forty children were not extraordinary, so Gideon\rquote s \par family of twenty brothers and two sisters was not considered large. In lean times the \'93excess\'94 was sold to Ishmaelite traders, who took them to the slave markets in Mizraim; infant females were mostly unwanted, and often were set out on the garbage heaps on the edge of the villages and towns, where they fell prey to the dogs. \par The names of the family members reveal the evil spirits that always afflict men of God, and which \par were all present to afflict Yeshua during his lifetime and ministry and at the last when He hung on the cross. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par Alpha Centauri \par \par At 4.3 light years (or 25,262, 500,000,000 miles), Apha Centauri is the nearest star system to Earth. \par The home of the colony of emigre 22nd Century people , who started out as revolutionary Ibsenites, but, with the breakup of the world government, they re-locate on a planet in the binary Alpha Centauri system. Since conventional starships that travel less than the speed of light would be insufficient to m ake a trip feasible to the star system within a human lifetime, the quark engine propulsion drive, recently discovered and then \par secretly installed in the Chillingsworth star fleet, was absolutely necessary. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par Table A \par Joseph of Aramathea\rquote s Two-Fold Blessing: Britain\rquote s Coastal Maginot Line@ \par \par Blessing I \par Joseph (ANNO 60?)-------------Widow of Aethelney (ANNO 878) -------------Ian Dahl (ANNO 1912-1945) \par \par Blessing II \par Joseph (ANNO 60?)-------------Tradescant Bros\rquote (1637)-------------Edith Buskett-Davies (ANNO 1850; \par ANNO 1940) \par \par Table B \par The Atlantean Archives of Meno the Priest-Curator \par \'93Meno\rquote s Oracle\'94 I*--------------Emyr (ANNO 1850)-----------------Master Chillingsworth, later Lord \par Chillingsworth (ANNO 21--; ANNO 2170) \par \par \'93Meno\rquote s Oracle\'94 II**--------------Eugenio Averinata--Agent \'94Garbo\'94 (ANNO 1938-ANNO 1941)------- \par British M-2 , Soviet Russia, and others. \par \par \par Table C \par Heraldic Ring of the House of Windsor \par \par Arthur II (ANNO 21--,)-----------Tom Owens (2178)--------------Dahl family (ANNO ?)--------- \par Ian Dahl (ANNO 1908)*** \par \par \par ________________________ \par *The Style-Knot Garden at Castle Edzell in Wales was part of a manse established on the headland \par before the Romano-Celtic Period; in fact, the site had been inhabited thousands of years before, \par as far back as the 11,000 B.C. The \'93Garden\'94 was actually a mechanical fortune-telling device, \par something like Babbage\rquote s calculating Difference Engine early in the 19th Century, only that the moving parts of the original were all clever stonework instead of machine-tooled iron. Created for amusement of Atlante an secularist-aristocrats, it survived after their overthrow and was discovered by much later civilization. Restored to working order by Romanized Celt barons, it was preserved until the Tradescant Brothers rendered it more elegant in appearance with their trademark geometry in hedges. Appropriate verses were added at this time to aid the working of the horticultural puzzle. Emyr served to discover one of Meno\rquote s hidden scrolls containing information on an Atlantean \'93thought-detector \'94, but he hid i t shortly afterwards in the Tradescant statue standing in the center of the garden, where it was later discovered in the 22nd Century and put to use in the career and schemes of an aspiring world ruler. In addition, when the Tradescant brothers obser ved that their guests found the ancients\rquote puzzle too hard to work, they added a modern puzzle for their contemporaries, based on the idea of beheadings, or decapitation, \par an art highly developed by English sovereigns. \par **this archive of Atlantean armaments was secreted in a cave in the Basque high country, where \par it remained from Meno\rquote s time to discovery by Senhor Averinata in ANNO 1937 during the Spanish \par Civil War. Only part of the archive was utilized, and then long after the conclusion of World War II. \par ***The Windsors at the time of Arthur II were deposited back on Earth after an exile to a sublunary \par base off Charon, Pluto\rquote s moon-companion planetoid, only to find that time had been rev ersed for them, and they were not in their original period, the late 22nd Century, but had been set back in the 5th Century of Roman-Celt Britain. That explains why the dates regress after Tom Owens and then climb \par back toward the modern era with the Dahls\rquote acquisition of the royal ring. \par @It is highly speculative to wonder how this invisible defensive blessing failed to activate when \par Duke William of Conqueror, claimant to the Throne of England, invaded England in 1066, \par successfully, overcoming the British king and taking the throne and the country in what is called the Norman Conquest. Duke William had been promised the throne by Edward the Confessor,who \par died childless, leaving a deathbed will that gave the kingdom to a lesser claimant. Duk e William was asserting his right, as cousin, when he invaded, and so if his claim was legitimate, his invasion, though bloody, did not constitute an actual conquest, though in every way it was put forward as one. Northmen, Normans, Danes, Norwegia n s--they were the same animal, though they resided in different portions of Northern Europe, such as Norway, Denmark, Normandy in France, and now England. The Saxons had lost the throne to Norwegian kings before Duke William landed on English shores. Technically, the Anglo-Saxons had already been supplanted by the very people whom Duke William represented. The Anglo-Saxons themselves were kin to their later supplanters, being all Germanic in racial stock. Because of numerical superiority, the An g lo-Saxons eventually overcame the Latinized Norman ruling class. So there was no lasting break in Anglo-Saxon culture, even if the throne was occupied for a time by Normans. England itself, by virtue of the Normans, acquired lands and interests in F rance, and became a very powerful Continental power with the Angevins and Plantagenets. Certainly, the invasion of Duke William was hardly the disaster that would someday be threatened by the mad, murderous likes of Shickelgruber with his SS Storm Tr o opers, Gestapo, extermination camps, and virulent hatred for anyone who opposed him. He posed the same dire threat to England, throwing its very survival into question, as the blood-axe-wielding Vikings did to 9th Century Anglo-Saxon England, and so the Blessing of Joseph of Arimathea was invoked on both occasions to great effect. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\b\fs52 \par }{\b\fs40 \par }{ \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par The King David Chair \par \par The Lord Almighty declared in His holy scriptures: \'93I have made a Covenant with My chosen, I have sworn to My Servant David: \lquote You seed I will establish forever, and build up your throne to all generations.\rquote \'94* David \rquote s throne, therefore, was everlasting, and there was only one Everlasting Throne, God\rquote s, so this throne belonged to the Messiah. \par \par Fashioned by Yeshua II\rquote s step-father Yosef, the chair w as royal, for Yosef II built it for a king and painted it a royal blue, using an old process by which the paint is not applied with a brush to the surface of the wood but is rubbed in, again and again until the color comes forth from the wood. Of th e line of King David himself, he understood that the Messiah himself would sit upon it, for that is what the holy scriptures proved long before, that Yeshua came from the Line of David and, though crucified, he arose from the dead with all power and promised to over five hundred witnesses that He would come again to sit upon the throne of the Earth. Living in the hope of that the Messiah\rquote s Second Coming, Yosef II fashioned the blue chair. \par Pilate II tried to sit upon it, but his wife Procula\rquote s gift became an instrument of reproach and torture to him as he sat in judgment of Yeshua II. The chair vanished with the breakup of the second Roman Empire. Later, it reappeared in time of Joseph II, and it served as his chair in his wardr obe antechamber of the palace where he received petitions at court. There, on the same chair, Pher-Enath III the cruel Per-aa of the Opression received the petition of Mosheh II and Aaron II, who asked that he release God\rquote s people. Just as it happened with Pilate II, the Per-aa was most uncomfortable on the chair, for it would seat no evil king and became the instrument of judgment upon him. \par The Blue Chair appears finally as the Messiah\rquote s throne chair in the time of One-Legged, when the Messiah appears to him on the top of Shouting Mountain. \par \par __________________ \par *Psalm 89, \'93A Contemplation of Ethan the Ezrahite\'94 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par Lady Arkenstone\rquote s Helpful Hints \par for TITANIC Word Circle Puzzle \par \par 1. Continent and civilisation that sank eons ago in the Atlantic Ocean; said to be the homeland \par of the mighty race of Titans; Plato spoke of it as an extremely wealthy and corrupt society \par which vanished beneath the waves in a sudden catastrophe that suggest volcanism and earthquakes. \par \par 2. Modest American astronomer who discovered a star but didn\rquote t mention it until someone else found it had gone supernova. Apparently from dismay over the sudden, overwhelming public exposure, the \par poor man took his life. \par \par 3. A southern continent that many consider the birthplace of civilisation and even the race of mankind; \par this continent may vanish, even as Atlantis of old was said to have vanished into the sea. \par \par 4. Mankind\rquote s first murderer and fratracidal killer.; with a \'93K\'94 the name of the glacial basin \par in Greenland where a iceberg originated that reputedly struck and destroyed the world\rquote s greatest sea liner in ANNO 1912. \par \par 5. The means by which the human race survived the Great Flood; it came to rest on Mt. Ararat in \par eastern Turkey. \par \par 6. The owner of the White Star Line, the shipping line that produced the fated TITANIC. \par \par 7. The extra-terrestrial agency that brought death and retrogression to Earth since the TITANIC\rquote s \par sinking in the Atlantic. \par \par 8. The radio call letters of the TITANIC. \par \par 9. The name for a roster of champions who will help deliver the Earth from its stellar foe(s). \par \par 10. The name of the architect who designed the TITANIC; he went down with the ship on its maiden voyage. \par \par 11. The means of life for planetary bodies, which will be lost and replaced by a stellar cloud. \par \par 12. The transmission by a certain Basque shipbuilder that eventually killed him with exhaustion. \par \par 13. The mechanical intelligence\rquote s name (or acronym) that served as a champion for humanity in the war of heaven and earth. \par \par 14. The next to last port of call for the doomed TITANIC on her first and last voyage from Southampton to New York; a French port. \par \par 15. An Irish port where the White Star Line built the TITANIC and her two sister ships. \par \par 16. The part of the TITANIC where a particularly nasty crime was covered up. \par \par 17. The world\rquote s richest man who perished with the TITANIC; a resident of New York, whose family gained its first millions in Pacific Northwest-China fur trading. \par \par 18. The boy\rquote s initials who called a destroying star forth to his own world and universe; also the initials of the murdered man whose body was hidden aboard the TITANIC just before sailing on its maiden voyage. \par \par 19. Initials of the murdered man aboard the TITANIC. \par \par 20. Name of the over-confident captain of the TITANIC who ignored repeated warnings of ice in the \par north Atlantic where he was taking his ship at high speed. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Various Heraldry for Warriors and their Foes in the War of Heaven and Earth \par \par }{\b Pieter}{ Coiled Rope meaning betrayal; Cypress meaning death; Black Stone meaning thwarted \par desires and unfulfillment; Black Ship meaning his end in a black hole \par \par }{\b Old Goatley}{ Iron Sword meaning violent death; Skeleton and Scythe meaning death \par and devastation; Black Ship \par \par }{\b Olson }{ White Ship meaning the pilgrim voyage to the Celestial City \par \par }{\b Hodgkins}{ Whiskey Bottle meaning a life-long bondage; Flaming \par Dirigible meaning his fiery end as a result \par \par }{\b Chiron }{ Heart meaning compassion and integrity; Gold Sword signifying valor \par \par }{\b Dr. Pikkard}{ Heart and Gold Sword, White Ship, Stormy Sea and Seagirt Rock with Cross \par meaning his greatest trial of faith and courage in the Quest for the Arkstone \par \par }{\b Mosheh}{ Staff meaning the great shepherd of people that he became late in life; \par Lotus meaning his struggle up from mire to become the refined and \par beautiful instrument of God for his people\rquote s deliverance from bondage \par \par }{\b Debora }{ Bee and Crown meaning her valiant and productive leadership of Israel in \par dark, troubled times \par \par }{\b Ero }{ Relay Torch meaning his struggle for excellence; White Ship \par \par }{\b Uwe Hantsbo}{ Shattered Trumpet meaning sudden end of a career; Hand Holding Fire \par meaning a vocation of taking risks; Serpent-Entwined Pillars meaning \par Atlantis his object of research; Cliff meaning his end \par \par \par }{\b Chillingsworth }{ Scepter meaning rule; World; Evil Star; Broken Hoop meaning the destruction \par of the chain of life; Bolting Rabbit meaning his flight to a prepared refuge; \par Black Ship \par \par }{\b Nielsson }{ Hounds and Fox meaning the hunt for Chillingsworth; White Banner with Red Rose \par meaning the ensign Nielsson raised for the struggle against tyranny; Two Brothers \par Fighting meaning the age-old fratracidal war of the sons of Cain; Black Ship \par \par }{\b Anne Kilpaison}{ Evil Star; Banner with Red Crown meaning valor and victory in battle; Heart-shaped \par Locket meaning fidelity and love; Three Flowers meaning the islands where she met her \par nemesis; Cross and Crown, meaning her last suffering and her greatest victory, \par the one over herself \par \par }{\b Theodore Davis}{ Stag meaning valiant fighter, seeking to apprehend a wicked man; Cockle signifying \par Harold Carter \par \par }{\b Lady Evelyn }{ White Rose for Upholder of what is right and true, with gold background for \par her valor in struggling with the foe \par }{\b Dr. Tan}{ The Seeing Eye of Wisdom, Monkey With Hands Over Mouth meaning one \par who knows that wisdom may not be received and so should be kept secret \par \par }{\b Spackle }{ Observatory meaning his vocation; Monkey with Hand over Mouth meaning his \par policy of saying nothing of what he knew; Exploding Sun meaning his discovery of the \par Sun and Solar System\rquote s coming fate; Cypress and Hand meaning death by his own hand \par \par }{\b Packdredge}{ Another Seeing Eye of Wisdom; Another Monkey With Hands Over Mouth \par \par }{\b Gabriel Tall Chief}{ Trumpet to Warn the World; Star of the Secret Enemy; Ship of the \par World About to Sink; Sword of the Warrior; Rosebud meaning the climactic \par battles with the Red Star and its siblings \par \par }{\b Yeager }{ Cypress and Many Hands meaning Death by Foul Play, Two Brothers Fighting, \par World Ship and Tombstone meaning his place of interrment; Trumpet meaning \par his distress call to the Universe \par \par \par }{\b Schickelgruber}{ Evil Star meaning his Mentor, Two Brothers Fighting , World, Sword, Scepter, \par Gnawn Carpet meaning tyrant\rquote s descent into madness, Skeleton and Scythe and \par Cypress signifying the mass destruction and death he unleashed upon the world; \par Black Ship \par \par }{\b Harold Carter}{ Spade and Cypress signifying death he wreaked on others as a consequence \par of his perfidy while doing archaeology; Cockle and Swan signifying his treachery \par of heart and betrayal of his patron and his colleagues; Black Ship \par \par }{\b Dr. Celman}{ Coiled Rope signifying his betrayal of fellow men; Skeleton and Scythe \par signifying the death and destruction he brought to his city; Black Ship \par \par \par }{\b Wally }{ Ten Stars meaning his role as warrior against the whole array of star-stones; White \par Ship; Butterfly meaning the prime role he played in the Wargame of Dr. Pikkard \par \par }{\b Joseph }{ Many-Colored Coat meaning his father\rquote s prophetic favoritism, setting Joseph before \par his elder brothers; Deep pit meaning the death of the youth\rquote s propects as leader; \par Neck Collar and Fetters meaning his suffering as a bond-slave; Sheaf of Wheat meaning \par his release and ascent to the dreamed state of influence and prosperity; Crown and \par Chariot meaning the honor and glory awarded his faithful service to God \par \par }{\b Noahdiah }{ Two Coins meaning an impoverished millionairess\rquote s ultimate sacrifice and victory \par over miserly self signified by sagging ceiling and torn robe; Mother and Crib meaning \par \'93Mother of Israel\'94; Cypress and Cross signifying martyr\rquote s death for the sake of \par righteousness \par \par }{\b Ruth }{ Golden Sheaf of Wheat; Golden Vine on a Wall meaning her devoted love to \par a needy, old woman who had run out of faith \par \par }{\b Basemath }{ Golden Bowl meaning the reward of faith; Hand Reaching to Broken Heart meaning \par her new life of compassion \par \par }{\b Pilatus of \par the Pontii }{ Coiled Rope meaning treachery, Sword meaning his violent ways, Ewer and Bason \par meaning denial of responsibility \par \par }{\b Yeshua }{ Alpha and Omega, A and Z, Aleph and Tau; Crown of Victory, Cross of \par Triumph Through Death; Butterfly meaning Resurrection, and all within Three-Rayed \par Nimbus meaning the Trinity \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Emblems Discovered by Chiron on the grounds at TZBV \par \par }{\b The Circle}{ Meaning Eternity, which has no beginning or end \par \par }{\b The Nails}{ Nails were used in the Crucifixion of Yeshua \par \par }{\b The Butterfly}{ (Frozen on site) meaning the Resurrection of believers in Yeshua from the grave \par and their reward, Eternal Life \par \par }{\b The Daisy}{ (Frozen on site) meaning the innocent Christ Child \par \par }{\b The Clover}{ (Frozen on site) meaning the Trinity \par \par }{\b The Columbine}{ (Frozen on site) The Seven Petals meaning the Seven Fruits of the Holy Spirit \par \par }{\b The U.S.A}{. Meaning the sin and fall of Adam (and his descendants thereby) in the Garden \par }{\b No. 2 Tempered}{ east of Eden, and the consequence of earning his living thereafter by the \par }{\b Spade }{ \'93sweat of his brow, \'93 or substantially increased toil and trouble of cultivation \par \par }{\b The Heart}{ (Wire Rope bent into a Heart Shape) meaning St. Valentine, a Roman active \par in helping Christian martyrs during persecution by the emperor; after sharing \par love and charity with letters and visits to condemned persons he was \par himself martyred with them. Put to death Anno 269. Also that part of the \par human soul that governs perception and perspective; wellspring of human \par feelings. \par \par }{\b The Turn Valve}{ (Newco brand) Five-Spoked for the Five-Fold Ministry Gift of the Holy Spirit \par \par }{\b \par A=ANCHOR \par Fence}{ The Chain Link fence of Adamic sin, or Original Depravity brought on the human \par race by the rebellion and sin of Adam and Eve, the parents of mankind \par \par }{\b Broken Chain}{ Meaning the breaking of sin and death\rquote s dominion over man by the Substitution and \par Sacrificial Death of Yeshua the Christ on the Cross \par \par }{\b The Ingersoll \par Generator}{ Meaning the life of the believer in Yeshua, which is energized by Spiritual Power \par provided by Almighty God so that life may flow out to produce much good work \par in building the Glorious Kingdom of God \par \par }{\b Ivy Hi-lift}{ Christ Yeshua, his Complete Atonement for Man\rquote s sin and fall \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\sl480\slmult1\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {Volume IV \par Appendix \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\sl480\slmult1\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { Some Heavenly Numbers and Meanings \par Grace 5 \par The Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) 3 \par God\rquote s Perfection 7 \par Yeshua, Christ, Son of God, the Anointed One; \par the Cornerstone which the builders rejected 8 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par \par }{\f135\fs96 Primstav}{\f134\fs96 \par }{\f135\fs40 Ancient Minnepaulian Calendar Ruler \par }{ \par Months, the two seasons of winter and summer, and holy days were identified on a wood ruler with their own special signs carved on it along with notches for each day of the year. Th is portable, long-lasting, two-sided wooden calendar was much favored in past ages when cities and communities were separated by great distances, cut off from each other by forests, ice, and brigands who lay in wait for any wayfarers. Prized by agrarian and seafaring folk alike, the Minnepaulians were known to have used it since the break-up of old Holland America before the Re-Location. Those who survived the severe troubles before the Re-Location and those that followed, continued the Primstav, ta k ing it along as they migrated southward ahead of the eastern continental glaciers which engulfed the original homeland of the city of Minnpaul and its surrounding territory. It was not necessary to be literate to use the calendar effectively, and fo r long periods there were no schools that could educate the people, the social dislocation was so extreme, and the peoples were so much on the move to safer, warmer territories, preoccupied with safety and economic survival. At such times minstrels, or scops, flourished and kept traditions alive through a rich oral tradition. Later the long narratives and chronicles were written down when the Minnepaulians were fortunate enough again to be able to settle in established farms, villages and even towns. Though not Indian, the Minnepaulians gradually intermarried with native tribes while preserving the distinctive Minnepaulian culture. Even the subjugation of East Bear Island by the forces of Isman did not completely supplant the much older Minnepaul i an culture with Atlantean; and though the great majority of the people adapted themselves to the Isman religion, many features of past times and notable personages of pre-Isman times were carried over into the Ismanic states that sprang up after the C o nquest. Perhaps, the calendar ruler, most of all, preserved the memory of very old, pagan ways of thinking and believing, for it was these same Minnepaulian people, grown in numbers and strong in thriving, high-walled cities who led the second refo rm movement that produced the expulsion of the weakening authoritarian power of Orthodox Isman centered in the Holy City Multan and created the liberal Reorganized branch of Isman. \par This new way of believing could tolerate alcoholic spirits, tobacco , coffee, and casual attendance at church. Floggings for even minor offenses against sacred law ceased. Zeal and aggressive propagation of the Faith also ceased. The Reorganized Faithful sought ways to accomodate differences between neighbors. B u t it was, nevertheless, a hotly contested change to begin with, since Isman did not take kindly to being reorganized. After a period of bloody, almost unceasing rivalry between the fiercely independent city-states, political unity in East Bear Island w a s achieved as one effect of the spread of a more tolerant Reorganized Isman Sectarianism and ultimately the establishment of a secular, non-theocratic society in which democratically elected officeholders, not mullahs with a power base in the sheriat, the sacred law, administered the government, army, schools, and the courts. Bound together in confederacy, Louisia and Georgia joined soon after with Reorganized Isman states on the west side of the Straits (only excluding Kolumbia in the Northwes t of West Bear Island, which remained firmly orthodox), calling the new union the Confederate States of America, with a capital at Kingston, Jamaika (a city called the \'93Pearl of the Jasmine Sea\'94 for its lovely southern tropics and fine palaces, and its lush, highly productive garden paradise of an island constituting the southermost extension of the C.S.A. after unsuccessful attempts to capture the motherland and the Holy City). \'93America \'94 was by far the oldest name known in both West and East Bear Islands, and though considered pagan in origin it was adapted to the new secular commonwealth. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Holy Months of Isman \par }{\f135\fs40 Winter \par }{ \par \par }{\fs24 \par }{1. }{\b Month of the Emerald\rquote s Capture }{ (Earth I equivalent: September) \par Commemorating the overthrow of the fire- venerating Sassanid empire and its chief jewel by the Holy Army of the first Kaliph. The weather on the first day of this month was thought to indicate what the rest of the winter would be like. Hay must be brought in, and other essential provender; all provisions for the winter including firewood must be accounted for and secured against mauraders, theft, and spoilage. As for the boats they will already have been dragged high up onto land, beyond the reach of lake ice or thawing and flooding stre ams in the spring, and covered with hides and secured with ropes and iron pegs against the winds if they cannot be stored in boat sheds. \par 2. }{\b Vizereine Brigitte\rquote s Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: October) Based on an account of a Vizer\rquote s \par wife who made a courageous holy pilgrimage by sea with 11,000 virgins to Multan, but pirates sank her fleet, and she and her maidens were transformed miraculously into wild swans and flew to the Holy City, \par appearing to the Kaliph and the Court of the Grand Porte and then choosing to reside in the fountain pools of the holy places, protected by sacred law as Kaliph Qoph Isma\rquote s special favor upon the Royal City of his glorious first kaliphate. \par The last day of this month is the day to bring the cattle from the now frozen pas tures into the houses for warming the household in the winter; any hay left in the field now be brought in as well, for there will not be enough. This is also the time for the hiring of new servants, since some will have been let go and others need to b e replaced. Sleighs and other snow gear are also broken out for use once the first blizzards and winds have calmed sufficiently and it is safe to go abroad to gather more wood or to visit other households. \par Any last tax of the Vali on the residents of his respective vilayet must be collected by this time in the form of either woven or smithied goods, farm produce, blue corn seed, medical herbs, silver or brass coinage with equivalent value, weapons, domestic animals, slaves or other war booty; a later c ollection is strictly forbidden, since the winter will require all the resources of the people to survive; any Vali who flouts this common law will be deposed at a general gathering of the people from neighboring vilayets, since he endangers the whole c ountry, not only his community, if the practice should be allowed to spread. The man who is appointed in his place vows not to repeat his predecessor\rquote s errors. \par 3. }{\b Feast Month of the Five Holy Janizzaries}{ (Earth I equivalent: November ) The five great est champions of the Faith; Qoph was said to have revered their memory, so they became the champions of the Isman religion. Sacred names and letters by which they had been known were lost, but each champion was made known in temple sacred art with i d entifying flowers and animals. The first champion was shown as the white Mountain Dogwood (also the White Rhododendron) which bespeak durability and truth, and the beast exemplifying his great strength and nobility and character was the lion. As a f l ower the second was depicted either as the herb spearmint or the herb thyme for warmth of sentiment or sheer activity, and as a beast he was accorded the lesser panther, or the black wolverine. The third Janizzary of the Holy Forces of God was given th e petunia for never despairing in evil times, and his beast was the phoenix, w hich is the bird that rises to immortality from its own ashes. The fourth is the passion flower for a reason that is not clear anymore, though the flower is sometimes said to b e ar the marks and signs of execution on a cross, an old form of execution not practiced by Isman--beheading criminals thought more humane and effective; his beast is the peacock, and he is always shown with a mate beneath a golden arch. The concluding fifth is a mystery even to the artists, for his signs were never understood--a broken pillar on which a butterfly, his beast, is perched, and for a flower, the entwining Morning Starflower. \par On the fifth day there is no work to be done, even such tasks a s spinning or weaving are proscribed, but all will feast solemnly on fine wooden dishes decorated with painting and modeled as closely as possible to the flowers and beasts of the Sacred Five. \par 4. }{\b August Pikkardson and Anna Kilpaisonsdatter\rquote s Month}{ (Earth I Equivalent: December) \par The Holy Sage of the People of the Book of the Divine War (namely, Christians and Jews) , who preceded the rise of Reforming Isman, is attended by the holy maiden, the sage\rquote s niece, Kilpaisonsdatter, who holds a lamp in the darkest places of the Sage\rquote s life-long journey seeking the Sacred Pavilion of God; finally, he dies on the long journey up in the snowy passes of the mountains, but she continues on, carrying his sacred writings to the world. \par 5. }{\b Earth Carried in Dragon-Ship Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: January) The winter solstice; the longest \par day of the winter, with the least daylight; and the meaning of the world being carried by a Minnepaulian \par long-boat has been lost. Some people think it means that the most ancient Minnepaulians thought they first brought the Day Moon, Daylight and Warmth, to Earth, giving themselves credit for the source of \par life; but that is only speculation, since only a few people suppose the Minnepaulians, who knew their seafaring c apabilities better than most, somehow became so stupid they presume they could build a long-boat large enough to carry the Day Moon. Other people think the idea came from the Skraelings, or the \par Indians, and was adopted by the Minnepaulians, who were well acquainted with Indians in their \par territories, only the meaning behind the idea was lost over time. \par 6. }{\b Blue War Horse Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: February) The War Horse of the Holy Army of Isman; \par said to have been ridden into the first climactic batt les by the Great Reformer and Founder, Qoph Isma. With the Royal Mount there is usually a Bat-Winged Serpent, with fire issuing from its lionine snout, which is thought to represent the evil forces of the infidel pagans. \par 7. }{\b Agatha Swithinsdatter\rquote s Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: March) Dreng Swithin the holy imman and whirling dervish had a beautiful virgin daughter, who unwittingly incited the Holy Mountain of the North into throwing flames and smoke out over the world when she lit a candle at dayb reak and danced round in a circle with it, breaking the Mountain\rquote s long slumber; for this reason maidens are forbidden to light candles or any ovens and hearth fires on rising, and the task is given to a hired man-servant whose hat, coat and leggings must be black and white checks, with no goose feather plume in his hat that might catch and brightly glow, waking the Mountain. Agatha is portrayed as a maiden\rquote s veil and a lighted candle within a circle. \par 8. }{\b Feast Month of the Five Sacred Laws of Qophfar (\'93Father Qoph\'94)}{ (Earth I equivalent: April) Five golden tablets for Right Sacrifice, Right Ablutions, Right Governance, Right Holy Days, and Right Genuflection portray the month. These are the Sacred Laws, the sheriat, that reformed religion and created the Way of Isma, the Path of Righteousness that right-believing people followed to get to heaven. \par 9. }{\b Wet Fez and Bear\rquote s Wake Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: May) \par Weather on the first day of this month signals whether the ice will break up early or late. The bear are \par reputed to look out of their dens on this day as well. A bear and a wet fez portray the month. \par }{\fs24 \par }{\f135\fs40 Summer}{\fs24 \par }{ \par 10. }{\b Feast Month of Grand Vizer Abdullah (also called Feast of the Ten Beneficent Sacks)}{ (Earth I equivalent: June) \par Grand Vizer Abdullah\rquote s memory was revered because he was reputed to have performed many miracles. \par Poor people brought him one sack of grain for his blessing, and he touched it and turned it to ten sacks of the best grain with a gold piece lyin g on top of the heap. This enabled the people to survive terrible famine in the world. Because of this ability, he was raised from a farmer\rquote s son to Vizer, and was given the Sultan of Multan\rquote s own signet ring, so that nobody was more powerful than him, save the Sultan himself. He also was credited with interpreting the sultan\rquote s troubling dreams of four lean cows and four fat cows, thus foretelling the time of the coming famine of four good harvest years followed by four years of crop failures so that provision could be laid by in the royal granaries. \par He is portrayed as a Vizer\rquote s turban accompanied by ten sacks and a gold piece. \par This is the time for spring plowing and planting of blue maize, the hardy, fast-ripening staple of the northern climes. \par 11}{\b . Kaliph\rquote s Feast Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: July) \par The first kaliph\rquote s holy birth month was celebrated. Also the Summer Solstice. Qophfar\rquote s \'93Crown of the World\'94 is portrayed and a Holy Jannizzary\rquote s scimitar defending it. \par 12. }{\b Qophsdatter\rquote s Month}{ (Earth I equivalent: August) \par Kezia, who inherited Founder and First Kaliph Qoph\rquote s fabled wisdom and sagacity, judged the people with great ability and exactitude, holding them to the absolute letter of the Five Sacred Laws that her father th e Reformer and Founder of the Faith had made known to the people. She is portrayed as a Moweress of the Wicked Infidels, standing in tall grass with a Golden Scythe in her hand. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\sl480\slmult1\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par Flag Colors, Numbers, and Meanings of \par the Salvation Army Corps \par \par A 1 Red \par \par Red is the color of freedom. We have been made free through Christ\rquote s blood. \par \par B 2 Blue \par \par Blue is the color of purity. God\rquote s holiness, in Christ, makes us holy. \par \par C 3 Yellow \par \par The Holy Spirit\rquote s indwelling presence empowers us to be who God intends us to be. \par \par _________________ \par \'93A \lquote Primary\rquote Mission,\'94 article by Lt. Kris K. Potter, North Sacramento Corps, \par }{\ul New Frontier}{ magazine, The Salvation Army, 30840 Hawthorne Blvd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA \par 90275 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Joseph\rquote s Takings and El Elyon\rquote s Givings \par \par \'93I would have despaired if I had not believed I would \par see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.\'94 \par --from old Hebrew psalm \par \par I The Pit Experience--the \'93Twelve Takings of Joseph\'94 \par \par 1. all clothing (and the princely Coat of Many Colors) taken from him \par 2. taken from his family by renegade half-brothers \par 3. taken from his father and youngest brother \par 4. all his wealth and privileges taken from him \par 5. his health and happiness taken by being beaten and hurt by being cast into a pit \par 6. his chance of living taken away by being cast into a snake-infested pit to die \par 7. his expectancy of regaining his family and position taken--sold a slave \'93down to Mizraim,\'94 the equivalent of a painful, inescapable death \par 8. his dignity taken by being disgraced, shown naked before the public gaze of non-Hebrews when he was sold as a slave; in Mizraim he was shown naked again in a second auction \par 9. his pride of being Hebrew and a child of the Covenant taken when he was made a slave on a foreign plantation \par 10. his hard-won dignity taken when he was wrongfully tempted and accused by his master\rquote s wife \par 11. his reputation and position in the household as overseer taken when he condemned by the master \par for the wife\rquote s misdeeds \par 12. his last chance of life and happiness (which he had seemingly gained by hard work and skill \par faithfulness to master) taken when he was cast into prison--a second death sentence imposed upon the first \par \par II The Restoration Experience: The \'93Four and Twenty Golden Givens of the Most High\'94* \par 1. given favor of a high official who gained him an audience with the king \par 2. given royal court clothes of fine linen to wear along with court grooming \par 3. given release from prison, adopted by the royal court; commutation of his death sentence of \par life imprisonment and hard labor \par 4. given appointment to highest office in the nation, second only to the king\rquote s \par 5. given the signet ring of highest office by the king \par 6. given the Second Chariot, a state vehicle second only in splendor to the king\rquote s \par 7. given the public honor of the people bowing the knee to him wherever he appeared \par 8. given the responsibility of making provision for the nation for the coming famine \par 9. given a new name by the king, along with a royal pectoral \par 10. given a young wife and intelligent wife, the most beautiful and cultivated in the land \par 11. given royal housing in his own palace, with all the necessary servants and wealth \par 12. given power over all the senators and princes of the kingdom, to teach them wisdom and \par knowledge \par 13. given two sons by his wife \par 14. given the pleasure of seeing his dreams being fulfilled, by seeing his brothers bow seven times to him as he had once seen them doing in a night vision when he was still in his homeland \par 15. given the oppportunity and experience of fully testing his brothers\rquote love for him and finding that they no longer hated and opposed his preeminence over them \par 16. given the blessing of tears over the past and now the ample evidence of God\rquote s vindication of him \par before all eyes \par 17. given reconciliation with his family \par 18. given the honor and pleasure of becoming sole support and providing for his indigent family and saving their lives from starvation and destitution during the world famine. \par 19. given reunion with his beloved, lost father, Jacob, and his best beloved brother, Benjamin \par 20. given seventeen years of life with his father before he died in peace \par 21. given the pleasure and vindication of seeing his father adopt his two sons as Jacob\rquote s own sons and making them leaders of two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, with preeminent standing among the other brothers except Judah \par 22. given the blessings of Jacob, prophetically declared on the patriarch\rquote s deathbed \par 23. given the Patriarchy and the spiritual leadership of the people of Israel that Jocob held up to this death \par 24. given a royal embalmment after living 110 years, with eventual return in a golden coffin to be entombed in the homeland, on holy land bequeathed to him by his father just outside the city of Shechem. \par ________________________ \par * In actuality, the blessings were part of the Covenant the Almighty God made with the He brew Patriarchs, which is an everlasting covenant, and so the blessings are without number and continue to this day. Among them is the continued vindication and honor given Joseph, whose fame is immortalized by countless references to him in sacred lit e rature and commentary, and sacred art and literature, not to mention the greatest honor of all, that his record is preserved forever in the Word of God which will never pass away, a record that testifies to all generations that the righteous will not be forgotten by God in his distress, so that Joseph, the name formed from the word }{\i yosiph}{, adding, is himself the answer to the question in Psalm 77, verse seven, which in seven words says, \'93Hal\rquote olamin yizenach adonai? Velo yosiph liretsoth \lquote od?\'94--\'94Will the Lord cast off forever, and not be favorable (add increase) anymore?\'94 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par The Way of Isma (Orthodox) \par \par I Qoph Fashad Isma, Founder and Transcriber of the Five Golden Tablets, Reformer of the \par World, Qophfar (Father Qoph), First Deputy (Kaliph) of the Angel of the Five Golden Tablets \par \par II Dogma \par \par A The Five Pillars (the Shaliim), Regarding the Reformation of the World \par 1. Right Recitation (Recitation of the Twenty Sayings of Qoph) \par 2. Right Sacrifice (Burnt offerings of unblemished sheep and goats) \par 3. Right Ablutions (Ceremonial Hand-Washing before entering the sanctuary)* \par 4. Right Service (Universal military service for all men of arm-bearing age) \par 5. Right Obeisance (or Genuflection) \par \par B. The Five Laws (the Tranziim), Regarding the Governance of the Dominion of Isman \par 1. The First Law, Regarding the Supreme Deity \par There is no God that can be personally known as idolaters know their gods, touching, seeing, \par speaking to them as to a person; He is the transcendent Awe of Abraham, the Unknowable One; \par that is to say, He is too exalted to be known by mortal man; mortality is forever excluded from the \par Celestial Porte in the highest heaven; yet his Angel saw fit to make known to men the Five Pillars, \par leading to the obedience of the people to the five-fold Righteousness. For the truth all \par men of arms-bearing age must fight to the death against the unbelieving infidel, or all \par who oppose the Shaliim and Transziim, and those who fall in war immediately go to paradise. \par 2. The Second Law, Regarding Accountability of Age \par Born into the holy Family of Isman, infants and children and youth may offend against \par the Five Pillars and not be held accountable, and if they die they go to Paradise; but after \par the age of accountability, sixteen years of age in the male and fourteen in the female, \par they are accountable and may not sin with impunity; from then on they must obey in order \par to work their righteousness unto salvation. \par 3. The Third Law, Regarding Prophet and Priesthood \par There is no prophet or priesthood in Isma; that is to say, only the Deputy guarding the \par Truth of the Tablets is to hold authority and position freely in Isma; all else are slaves of Isma. \par 4. The Fourth Law, Regarding Peoples of the Shadow of the Truth \par Of all the peoples of the world, there are none good and righteous save the children of the \par Family of Isma; yet slay not the Christian and the Jew, though they refuse to reform, they \par hold a shadow of the truth in their possession and so do not slay them with the wicked. It \par a shadow of the Brightness of Isma, and so they must not be destroyed, since they are a \par witness to the Brightness. You may enslave them, or you may tax their heads if they retain \par their freedom. Otherwise they are not slaves of Isma as you are, and you may not slay them \par along with the wicked who refuse to reform. \par 5. The Fifth Law, Regarding Male and Female in the Sanctuary \par The holy places of Right Sacrifice are to be erected by the people throughout the Dominion \par of Isma. They are the only sanctuaries approved by Isma. The Holy City is the city of the Deputy, \par where he is pleased to reside. To whatever city he moves, there the Holy Porte takes rest and \par abides as long as he lives. Only men may sit and pray and sacrifice in the sanctuary. Women are \par not permitted to teach men in the sanctuary, or will they exercize Dominion authority over men. \par Ismani men are taught, if they need instruction in any matter, by the man who devotes himself \par to studying the holy Pillars, Laws, and reciting the Twenty (some teachers remember Twenty and \par Four) Sayings of Qophfar. The teacher of the sanctuary may abide there at the expense of the \par people, since he cannot earn his own living in the ordinary way if he is faithful to his studies. The \par Sayings of Qophfar, or the Holy Qumra, are not the lesser study, for together with the Five Pillars \par and Five Laws they constitute the major study, or the Sebet Haresha\rquote . As for the women, they \par may give provision and sustenance to the sanctuary and its teachers, and men must not \par prevent this service, for by constant practice of piety and alms they purify their souls for admission \par into Paradise and, if they were respectable married women and did not deceive their husbands, the \par Women\rquote s Court. If the women are too poor to make carpets, then let them make cotton slippers for \par the teachers and the men going into the sanctuary. Houris, the beautiful concubines of paradise \par awarded the men, were never considered to be women born to the family of Isman; rather, they \par were captive booty taken in the wars of Isman from idolatrous nations and peoples, who had \par died but, because they had remained true to their husbands on earth, were rewarded by being \par given a place in paradise. \par C. The Four Hundred and Eighty Eight Rulings of Vizer Khan of Tan-mul Tan, Capital of \par Ratna (the Weijji-zam), Regarding Practical Governance of Isman; these are the beginning of \par the Lesser Study, the great Batsar Lahem that holds a number like the number of the stars. \par The Rulings are stories that the great Vizer told to his court in the capital, and each was \par recorded and set down upon silver tablets. The first Ruling tells about a certain man who went \par to All-Wise Qoph the Founder about a serious matter. He was known to be remarkably both rich \par and wise. While discussing the perplexing matter, a pearl rolled from the mouth and beard of the \par Deputy. Not surprised by it, Qophfar went on conversing, until a second pearl appeared, dropping \par out of the Founder\rquote s mouth and beard in the same fashion. Unable to hold his peace, the rich man \par interrupted the conversation to inquire about the two pearls. But Qophfar went on as before \par and did not show that he had even seen the beautiful pearls that fell from him. Yet again another \par pearl dropped, followed by others in turn until there were ten pearls on the carpet between the \par rich man and the All-Wise. Finally, seeing the Tenth, the Founder explained everything. \'93Wisdom \par is for the wise, and riches for the rich. I cannot keep my own wealth if I am to remain wise, and \par so these pearls are given to you.\'94 The man rose in haste, then bowed seven times. He was \par most aggrieved and afraid he might lose his head by offending the Founder. \'93But this is a test I \par cannot endure and still live. I would be presuming against the magnificence of the Five Pillars and \par the Five Laws if I covetously and greedily kept the pearls and still desired to know wisdom. No, \par do not bid me to keep them! I would rather be poor and wise, then rich and presumptuous!\'94 \par Qoph smiled. \'93Well said, honorable slave! Most men would seize the pearls and go away thinking \par they had gained both wisdom and wealth, when they are seldom good mates in this world. Such \par men, indeed, presume to the snaring and destruction of their souls, for greed follows close upon \par their heels and destroys them with a swift, sharp sword. But take the pearls I cannot possess for \par myself, beloved slave! You have earned one degree of true wisdom by your abstinence from \par Greed and Avarice. Now give to the poor, and in that way the goodness and wealth of the pearls \par will surely return to you in the form of righteousness and a bower in Paradise with many fine \par fountains and pools. The First Goodly Ruling of the Vizer Khan is ended on the tablet of silver. \par D. The Thousand and One Exploits of the Grand Vizer Abdullah** \par E. The Twenty Thousand and Forty Honey Drops (the Greater Riz\rquote zam), Explanations of the Five \par Hundred Sages (or recognized Sanctuary Teachers of Isman down through the ages) \par F. The Four Hundred Thousand Additional Honey Drops, Additional Explanations Given by the \par Teachers of the Medresse (or Sacred Colleges), concerning the Greater Riz\rquote zam. \par _________________________________ \par *The Fifth was, in t he process of time and common usage, joined by a Sixth, Right Foot-Washing, which though not officially canonized by the Qophfar was, nevertheless, recognized by the body of Orthodox Isman as as absolutely necessary for the believer to undergo befor e discharging any religious duties in the sanctuary. This kept the sanctuaries clean and well-scented, for in early times animal dropping littered all the streets and countryside and was commonly trod into idolaters\rquote pagan temples and they reeked so badly that much incense had to be burned to sweeten the temples. A further reason for the Sixth was the costliness of the carpets, which were of the finest weave and material, given to the sanctuaries by religious women working out their salvations in thi s legitimate manner. Clean slippers were always in short supply at the sanctuary, which often was unable to provide the vast number of men with foot-covering, so men commonly wore their own, or, if poor, walked in barefoot; in either case, men coming in from the streets, wearing shoes or not, pollluted the sanctuary until the Sixth Pillar was universally applied. \par **Too numerous to relate, many fell into a quasi-religious category of tales centered about the Grand Vizer\rquote s chief concubine, Princess Fatima, and her donkey, Saleh Hawass, or Jewel of White Purity, as they made a holy pilgrimage to the tomb of a revered sage only to encounter numerous misfortunes and hazards along the route, all of which her cunning donkey enabled her to escape and overcome. The more popular describe Prince Abdullah\rquote s triumphs over famine and infidels and bandits and demon houris, or seductive women-like spirits, earthquakes and floods and fires, demon beasts, enormous, winged hares that spouted fire like dragons, wicked stars fallen from heaven, white bears, poisonous tropical flowers that had heads of men and women, and other such foes that the vizer faced in his travels round the the navel of the world. It was said the accounts were first related by th e Princess Fatima, because when she was a concubine to a kaliph (not Qoph the Founder) before being awarded to Abdullah, she gained somewhat much flesh from the rich foods and indolence of the luxurious court like the others of her kind but kept her mas ter\rquote s favor and extended her life by relating accounts she had heard of the grand vizer of the neighboring satrapy. Impressed and vastly entertained, the kaliph not only spared her head but gave her to Grand Vizer Abdullah along with much gold and jew els, maid-servants, and man-servants, and many fine, white asses with gilded hooves pulling silken pavilions for herself and her maid-servants (the donkeys, perhaps, giving rise to the lesser grade of tales). These accounts, aside from the religious v a lue, can best be explained by an unsophisticated, peasant culture lacking ready recourse to civilized amusements in the chief cities during the long winters in the north (where many of these exploit, in fact, have their setting); just hearing the name of Abdullah the Grand Vizer--known popularly throughout the dominions of Isman as a folk champion who could overcome most anything with \'93good kismet\'94 and born cunning--would naturally stimulate the creation of additional exploits even more remarkable to suit the taste of the people in the villages. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\b\fs96 \par \par }{Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par \par Tall Chief Family Line \par \par *Great-Great-Grandfather, Running Wolf (b. 1880? d. 1943)---------------Great-Grandfather, Broken Pipe \par \par (b. 1939, d. 1944)---------Grandfather, Swimming Eagle (b. 1939, d. 1979)-------------Sam Tall Chief \par \par (b. 1965)------------Gabriel Tall Chief (b. 1981, d. 1994) \par \par ______________ \par Since Broken Pipe lived only to age fifteen, conceiving his son Swimming Eagle, then dying from a gunshot wound, Runing Wolf, whose lifespan overlapped Broken Pipe\rquote s, was commonly mistaken to be the Gabriel Tall Chief\rquote s Gre at-Grandfather. His long life span, unusual to his short-lived descendants, make \par him all the more remarkable and worth remembering in their eyes, and they liked to recall his exploits hunting the buffalo herds that were still on the plains during his early manhood. \par }{\b\fs96 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{ \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par \par Links Before and After Re-Location \par \par Earths I and II were separated about 9,500 B.C. (or Ante Anno Stellae, \'93Before Year of the Star\'94 ). The bridge that connected the two universes was broken where it passed from Earth I and II. The twin worlds were critically important, since they controlled access and whoever would pass from one universe to the other and from one Earth to the othe r. For this reason, they were known as the \'93Portals of the Universes.\'94 Whoever controlled the Earths,and the bridge in particular, controlled the two creations. \par To restrain the evil of the Rebel, Lucifer, he was quarantined by the Almighty on Earth I, or, more specifically, on the upper level of the planet\rquote s atmosphere. His rule over Earth was dominant, but was limited by the Almighty in various ways. He was not allowed to destroy the Earth utterly. He was not allowed to destroy or molest the human inhabitants without God\rquote s permission. He was not allowed to openly rule on a golden throne set up in a temple on Earth, and was not able to make himself visible to the inhabitants. To all this he had agreed in a compact with the Almight y when he was released from the Pit temporarily. Despite such restraints, he was able to continue spreading evil, for divine purposes that for thousands of years would be revealed. Lucifer\rquote s helpers were, of course, all the fallen servants of Heaven, those who had chosen to side with him in his struggle against the Almighty. These beings had lost their heavenly bodies, and being disembodied appeared as the ugly sins that had taken hold of them, taking such forms as spiders, snakes, tarantulas, bats, salamanders, poison frogs. With their assistant Lucifer could be many places at the same time--imitating an attribute of the Almighty, His omnipresence. \par Since the bridge was severed, Lucifer was not able to pass to the second universe and do as he pleased there. The sin of his rebellion had already penetrated and ruined it, however, but he could not serve as the active leader of evil on Earth II. The fallen stones of fire, however, ranged free in Universe II and Earth II. Sin ce they had been exposed to Lucifer, they had been warped beyond repair, and \par as powerful agencies they could wreak great havoc in Earth II and the second universe, just as Lucifer, \par their mentor and former keeper, was allowed to in the first creation. \par Hell (or Hades, the underground prison for fallen humanity and fallen Titans) posed an anomalous \par situation for the divine organization. There was no need to separate it, since all evil was the same, and \par deserved the same punishment. Hades, however, was divided, not to keep evil forces from Earth I and II apart, which was n ot necessary, but to keep the righteous dead from contamination by the damned. \par The underworld served as two holding tanks, one for the guilty and the damned, and the other was \par a foretaste of heaven for those who had believed in the Most High God. Fiends that served Lucifer in the underworld were allowed to contact the damned souls of the unrighteous taken from Earth II, adding them to those they had already taken charge of from Earth I. At the Sentencing Trial, when the Judge of the Earths, Yeshua, came to usher in the New Heavens and the New Earth, the fiends were still jail guards and were allowed to torment and push the damned souls forward to the judgement s eat where the condemned souls were all, individually, shown their wicked choices in life, by which they had denied righteousness and belief in the Most High God and His Son\rquote s Redemption (the same Gospel that the Apostles of Yeshua had spread on both Ea rths) and then thrown into the Pit. As for the stones of fire, they had been mostly destroyed by this time, and what spirit-forms remained alive, these were also thrown into the Bottomless Pit. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }}