Author to Retro Star Challengers The mystery of Life is reticent and chooses its own time to reveal itself. It cannot be hurried or coerced into revelation. Revelation will come, but in its own time and way, somewhere between the alpha and omega, the A and the Z of mortal life. The revelation that gained me my discovery of the Red Star and the twin earths was triggered by the deaths of two innocent people, my father and my young uncle. My uncle was born and raise d on Plain View Farm, Bryant, South Dakota. My father married a girl raised on the little prairieFarm. The events that seized upon both men and killed them arose from certain problems that had taken over a man's heart--the man being my Grandfather, wh o with his young wife started this farm in 1919 just after the close of the first World War. Under the influence of the Red Star that had invaded America, an evil root grew in his heart until it began to take control of his entire life. This event, t hough known by some, was not passed on to the next generation until about forty years later. My father and uncle were killed in a plane crash when I was five years old. Not until many years later did I hear the truth from my mother--not because she wa s hiding it from me, but because it was not the best time until then. My father and uncle (both young, both much esteemed by family, friends, and community) died in a plane that was sold to my father by a man who knew it was malfunctioning. He sti ll encourged my father to give it another try, and my father, trusting the aircraft dealer\rquote s word with his life, took the plane up and they lost their lives. The man is not my enemy who did this to us, though in the Chronicles he appears as a sinister character. But he is a catalyst for many good things that came of his selfish, deadly malfeasance--a diect product of the Red Star\rquote s influence on his life. Without him these Chronicles might never have come into existence. They probably would n ot have been written if I had not suffered the loss of my father, if I had been allowed to live a relatively normal life instead of being made conscious of the fact I am a passenger along with many others on a fatally-navigated vessel, Planet Earth. CQD...CQD...41/46M.50.14W...CQD...MGY... became my own personal distress signal when I saw what a crisis we were all in. Iceberg right ahead!-that was the wake-up call for not only a great ocean liner once upon a time, but for a whole world society. Did they hear it then? Do we hear it now? In April of 1912, out on the North Atlantic, when Lookout Frederick Fleet shouted this warning over the mast telephone to the bridge of the Titanic, probably no one knew, much less guessed, that the world had changed and would never be the same again. They could not know then that an unseen, hostile, alien force of unimaginable power, Retro Star, was at work, and within a few decades unexplainable disasters would pile one upon the other, until , in the 22nd Century, everything would come tumbling down. How did they cope? What strategy did they turn to in the world\rquote s greatest crisis? RETRO STAR chronicles the initially befuddled and almost fatally delayed response of a world, sun, and so lar system to the greatest threat ever known, but it also shows how mankind discovers what people need to know to fight back and champions--men, women, boys, girls, even a butterfly--go forth to challenge what seem to be unbeatable odds. R.D.G. Wingshadow Lodge, October 25, 1999