Blue Bridge Wars

Star Annals,

Volume IV, Retrostar


Blue (Crystal) Bridge I

Red Star (Carnelian, or Sardius, the Fiery Star Stone) enters Earth I, 2015?--Tribulation Period

Satan (Lucifer) defeated at end of Tribulation, cast in the Lake of Fire.

The Millennium Period of 1,000 Years

Convergence at Basel, Switzerland, A.S. 3000? Theologian Karl Barth's statue becomes a time portal allowing Carbuncle, Star of Doubt and Unbelief, to enter Earth I to deceive the people of Earth during the Millennium, causing them to rebel against King Yeshua, enthroned at Jerusalem.

Carbuncle and human rebels, led by Satan, are defeated at the end of the Millenium

Battles of Orion

50 A.D., Battle of the Seven Stars, Earth I

320 A.D., Forty Martyrs of the Thundering Legion

1973-78 A.D., The First Battle of Orion

Satan (Lucifer) and his Grand Armee fights against the 40 martyrs, Gabriel and angels

The Second Battle of Orion

Circa 3000 A.D., Satan is defeated at end of the Millennium by Lord King Yeshua alone, and is cast forever into the Lake of Fire. The Carbuncle is also defeated and destroyed. A new heaven and a new earth is created, after the Fifth Earth (Earth I goes through five stages of world-wide change and makeover, with the Sixth Earth, inhabited by a blest and holy humanity, continuing into eternity) is purified by fire.


A.A.S. 9,500, Bridge of Twin Earths Destroyed

The fiery star stones attack Earth II, and the Battle of Orion for the Blue Bridge, engaged in by the star stones and the Atlanteans, ensues.

A.S. 320--7,000 Roman Legionaires recruited by Yeshua to defend the Blue Bridge

A.S. 1912, the Red Star invades Earth II, drawn by the intergalactic distress call emitted by the genes or atoms of the body of an Irish Catholic carpenter, Marty Yeager, murdered aboard the drydocked Titanic in Belfast, Ireland.

A.S. 1973-78, The First Battle of Orion

"The Angel of the Contretemps" defeats the Atlanteans, but the Red Star destroys the connecting portion of the interplanetary bridge, leaving Earth with one half span, and Earth II with the other.

The DUBESOR (ROSEBUD) Champions rise to challenge and fight the Fiery Star Stones for Earth II

The Red Star is defeated, A.S. 5931, but not yet destroyed it exits Earth II and invades Earth I through a time portal created by a boy genius who turns murderer.

The Second Battle of Orion

10,400 A.S., the Carbuncle is involved in Earth for many centuries of conflict, but leaves Earth II for Earth II through the Karl Barth portal after various defeats. The Carbuncle carries the whole wargame of Dr. Pikkard and Wally to its finish. It proves the finish of the Carbuncle as well, as the Cybernauts succeed enough to cause a vast internal implosion, as when anti-matter touches matter. A Black Hole is created by the titanic implosion that sucks in all of Satan's forces on Earth I.

A.S. 1,000,000, Alpha Centauri

The Topaz is involved in sisters, Najana and Heena's deadly feud

Note: This is just for now a partial outline, which will serve to indicate the overlap or interfacing of Earth I and Earth II in the Battles of Orion and the Blue Bridge. More details will be added to flesh out the details of this skeletal outline.

Chronicles that depict the Battles of Orion/Blue Bridge are:

Champions of the Blue Bridge

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