F I F T Y - S E V E N



8 5 0 7

1 U the Dire Knight

Did Almighty God, the Invisible One, really hearken to urgent, S.O.S. prayers? Even from the down-sized likes of Wally? Wally watched the heavens closely. By this time he knew that where one Doomsday Star did not succeed in wrapping up Dr. Pikkard’s high-stakes War Game, another might. The Chrysolithos, the Goldstone, was replaced by an even worse star, one that did not inflame men’s hearts and souls with lust for gold and dominion but defiled, saturated with unbearable, stinking rot both mankind and the Earth to the point where Earth’s rats and other vermin would gladly have abandoned ship if they had the ability to sail off into space.

The Sapphire, twisted and swollen hideously with putrifaction by long-ago contact with itsmaster, the Evil One, plummeted down through the atmosphere like a burning, spewing volcano, trailing clouds of ineffable, divine fragrance which, after contact, turned to deadly contagion and noxious odor of long-dead mice and vermin that sickened and slew anything living within many miles of it. Like others of its family, it shrank to a suitable earth-like size and found a discreet setting for its beautiful wickedness; arriving unannounced, it immediately began spreading its influence far and wide across the unsuspecting victim, inaugurating for humanity an Alien Winter, a Noche Triste, a Dire Night so cold, so dark there wasn’t the slightest chance of human recovery unless there could be something like Dire Knights, the promised DUBESOR raised up to fight it.

Yet in this crisis Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Jael, Wally the Jogger’s Butterfly, andr champion lettermen and letterwomen of like character, was far from considering retirement from the gameboard. Creator of not only the Universe, Creator too of every alphabet and language that unlocked man’s God-given potential for good, the Son was not ashamed to add alphabets to His Name, calling Himself the Alpha and the Omega (from the Greek, the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet), Aleph and Tau (from the Hebrew, the first and the last letters), and the A and the Z (from His new language, and its first and last letters).

God’s Son’s latest move added a dimension that no one could have predicted. El Elyon the Almighty of the Jewish people promised He would give them a new speech, and He was faithful to His promise. The new language enabled His people to read a most ancient Book, the only one of its kind, which lay in a cave for century on century and yet, like the shoewear and clothes of the Chosen People who once wandered the Sinai wildernesss for forty years, never suffered from damp, mildew, and insects. Without His Book, supplemented by a little primer, resistance to the following events would have proved impossible.

It was the BOOK OF THE WAR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, (King James Version), for the letters within were believed divinely created, inscribed in gold by God’s finger. Along with it came a second, smaller, rather old book--a beginning primer from the 17th Century, Lamb and Pritchard’s Homiletic Reader for Children and Youth, with Alphabet Psaltery.

Composed for Plymouth colony pilgrims’ children in bygone, long vanished Colonial America, the book had been encased in a glacier engulfing the Northeast and somehow survived the catastrophes of passing ages, then was deposited in a dry, cold cave as the glacier retreated. This text held nothing but letters--Aa, Bb, Cc, and so on--comprising the entire alphabet of the new and strange heavenly language.

Recitation of the letters, however, brought lightning bolts of illumination, for the psalms (or fighting songs) attached to the letters conveyed, some said, incredible power to carry out commands in battle. A combat manual and Book of War--if the report was true--were nothing to trifle with.

It required no great amount of thinking to know that any wicked person, seeking personal gain, was certain to die on the spot, struck down by the Holy Cloud, the Glory Light of the dread angel, Palmoni the Wonderful Numberer and Letterer, that surrounded and guarded the two books.

For that reason, few dared go near them. Unfortunately for Israel, devotion to El Elyon the Invisible Almighty and Rock of Israel had waned. Easy-going, foreign fertility gods and their gaudy, harlot-thronged temples had proved, again, more to contemporary taste.

What was intended for all became the object of interest by a very small number. Even these men were not motivated by godly desire, it turned out. Military men who were brave enough to take on the duty applied themselves to service of the War Book and instruction manual.

But early on they learned the two books and angelic guardian were not fooled by impressive medals, military titles, and elaborate salutes. Warned by ominous flashings of fire and peals of thunder, they stood outside the entrance of the cave and stood duty, as if to a powerful and potentially dangerous fire-mountain.

If any chanced to step inside the entrance in the expectation God would accept him as Dawidum (or commander), he was immediately struck dead by light that shot out from the Glory Cloud and Archangel guarding the sanctity of the great Book and its Reader. Some would-be commanders, indulging in drunkeness and parading up and down military-fashion with many jokes and tiltings of the wine jug, were also smitten with lightning bolts and perished, though they were carrying on a half mile from the cave entrance.

Finally, a certain old man appeared and took charge of the priests by going in to the Book and coming out later, miraculously unscathed, his odd bracelet blinking on and off as it had before.

Since he would not tell his name, the warriors came up with one from an old military source--Patton. Rarely did he speak of his past, but once he described scenes which everyone knew hadn’t existed for centuries, maybe even a thousand years. How could anyone describe the courts and affairs of Nir-e-belladon the Great Sharru and his Golden Image, Nir-e-shazzar and his erstwhile son, Nir-e-shaddrazzar the Golden Ass? They were kings so long, long dead they were thought legends.

Yet he could! What amazed everyone even more was that the doddering old veteran had taken the trouble to learn the heavenly language! But though he admitted to knowing the language and the war songs by heart, he refused to re-name any of them after the holy letters and teach them, saying that even before they received their probationary lower case letter-names they would have to undergo tests--a basic training course for their “star-infected” spirit and character, a rigorous course for choosing a new Dawidum which he called Obstacles.

These Obstacles, as he spelled them out, entailed great personal hardship and risk to life and limb, and hearing them sent most of the aspirants scurrying back where they came from. A few, however, had the courage or foolhardiness to try, but the difficulty of the tasks soon eliminated them from the running for both lower and upper case forms of the Letter.

Ben-Patton, however, stayed on at the Academy, as it was popularly known.

Coming to be known as Dawidum of the War Academy and Keeper of the War Books of the Most High God, for want of anyone else, Ben-Patton had appeared from out of nowhere and was now the last hope of the holy nation--what little remained of it these days after centuries of foreign domination.

This was enough to gain him notoriety, not to mention, that he was not slain by the Guarding Angel of the Book. Added to these laurels, he had learned the Heavenly Code of Warcraft preserved in the manual-psaltery.

Other than his namelessness, a mysterious connection to unthinkably distant kingships, his acceptance by the Angel of the holy headquarters, his mastering of the War Letter and War Songs, he completely mystified his hearers when he one day divulged that he was “Blood-bought.”

When asked what he meant by that, he said El Elyon had “washed him in the Blood of the Lamb.” And who or what was this “Lamb”? God’s Son, the A and the Z! And anyone, he explained further, who aspired to be a champion of this Lamb, would bear as his name one of the holy letters between the first and the last.

Of course, the priests were, of course, greatly offended, not so much by the thought of having to exchange their names for a single letter but by other things,s uch as the absolute necessity of eating the body and drinking the blood of this celestial Lamb who, as God’s Son, was also God.

Scandalized, they no longer broached the subject from then on.

Their gods, reasonable, seeing-is-believing hand-crafted gods of wood and stone and certain metals, had never required such a thing from them and, moreover, left their names quite alone. The whole procedure of matriculation into God’s service was unthinkable.

Old and wizened when he first arrived on the scene, Dawidum Ben-Patton and his trademark long white beard grew visibly more aged, as years passed and no suitable candidate presented himself or herself for the trial by Obstacles. Many folk about the area assumed no one would ever master the prospective commander’s course, it was considered far too difficult, beyong human possibility.

After more time passed, people forgot about books that seemed of no practical use to anybody, though they bore all the signs of divine origin.

The old commander and instructor was left quite alone, though now and then a pious widow remembered the holy man in his station at the sacred cave and brought him some bread loaves, and whatever else she might have. In the intervals, which were long, it was said the ravens fed him, just as ravens fed the Prophet Elijah, the fire-flinger and idol-destroyer, in ages past.

But who could gainsay the report? Anything seemed possible with such an enigmatic figure.

Then, when the Earth sank into worse and darker perversion and apostasy, the Holy War Academy and its writings seemed more and more out of place, belonging to some other time, and people who had accommodated themselves to oppression by foreigners thought best to treat it as it it did not exist.

Would the Most High ever send a deliverer? Nobody seemed to care anymore. This policy of personal peace and affluence was well set in place when the world was suddenly turned upside down--for the worse.

The upset of the world’s cart came without warning. Getting along as best he could in his reduced circumstances, Wally, along with everyone else, was taken by surprise. The newcomers--horrors almost beyond description--had taken almost five centuries since gaining title to prepare for the take-over.

Truly, if ever there was needed a plan for aliens, it was now, but, naturally, there was no plan (the people, to be sure, had clean forgot the holy Book and the psaltery).

Hadn’t it always been so? And the Atlanteans? Had they removed themselves from the gameboard entirely, after their last nasty upset? Not at all. The Algol had been their allies, subservient minions carrying out various menial tasks of assassination, surveillance, and such in aeons past. Now that the Algol had turned parvenu and had supplanted them on home turf, the last fragments of the ruling class of Atlantis were hot to return to claim the lion’s share of the pie. If only another Star-stone was n ot meddling! Feeling burnt paws, the Atlanteans decided it was best to tread lightly at first. Let the Algol sweep aside any opposition, then step in and take the spoils.

“How very clever we are!” the lords and ladies of Atlantis commended themselves. How clever, indeed!

A had already appeared, learned soldierly obedience and discipline in Joseph’s household and carpenter shop in Nazareth,and gone on to fulfil his destiny as the Unwrought Stone Jesus, Yeshua, the First and the Last and, beyond any peer in the annals of warcraft, the greatest Warrior who ever lived because he fought sin and darkness with heart-transforming love, healing, and mercy instead of vengeance. Until He reappeared as the triumphant Z with fury and judgment in his wings, who would be the B--if there was one? And the remaining letters, both lower and upper cases?

Wally was just wasting his time, however, if he thought he might find the answers. Nobody, leastwise a pedometer equipped with just enough cerebral ability to confuse itself, could guess that the Almighty would jump directly from A and B to the U letter, while recruiting a couple lower cases to get U into the Wargame.

A a A a A a A a A a A a A a A a A a A a A a A a

Algol quit a swelling star, An arrid planet hot as tar, And found refuge on this Earth. Alas! they settled and gave birth.

A creature pale, ghoulish white, Algol hid from human sight; After what seem one brief hour, All Earth fell into their power.

A spider-scorpion from hell Arranged the trap in which Earth fell; Arthropod armies at their best Arrayed in front of every nest.

A moment later, they had spread Across the globe, inspiring dread; As all the people ran, they cried “Alas! We’re finished!” --then fell and died.

A sting that spared no human soul Assaulted Earth with lethal woe; As people fled into deep caves Algol triumphed, wave on wave.

Algol thought the war was won And basked in Earth’s small, third-rate Sun; Anguish fell to human lot, A war was lost that no man fought.

Ashes heaped where cities fried, And rich and poor together cried; Ancient wrongs were clean forgot, A crust of bread was all they sought.

A grave had swallowed them, it seemed, A nightmare worse than ever dreamed; And many warriors cried to God, “Angry One, spare us Thy rod!”

B b B b B b B b B b

Books, art music--gone!-- Blasted to oblivion. Brick or stone, high or low, Burned the same as straw or tow.

Before despair had full set in, Bloated faces lit with gin, Blacked with soot of dying fire, Bestowed their pleas on God-for-hire.

Bodies soon lay, all hope died, Burial for them denied; Bread all gone, they starved to death, Berating God with their last breath.

But yet one man and woman prayed, Beseeching “Lord, relent! Give aid, Before the Earth is all defiled, Bless us now with a man child.

“But not for us,” they both implored. “Bind on him Thy mighty sword; Break the bonds of Dire Night Before and far above our sight!

“Behold, we sinned, offending Thee, Brought this evil sea to sea!” Barren, too was the man’s wife Because of trials in her life.

Born of slaves, birthed in a ditch, Beatings made her please the rich; Beautiful, she was abused, Bruising her kept them amused.

Body ruined, limb and bone, Beth was left to starve and moan; But this sparrow fallen down Brought God’s mercy to her town.

C c C c C c C c C c C C

Crowds of people tried to flee, Crying “Save!” despairingly; Children crushed beneath a mob Cruel thugs still tried to rob.

Clemency was not their right; Corrupt and cruel, filled up with spite, Citizens deserved the fate Coiling round them gate to gate.

Calling out for someone’s help, Chewed at by a gutter whelp, Chezib’s cripple saw bright light Cracking ground before her sight.

Crawling in, she found a door, Covered with a Sign it bore; Confused, she wondered what it meant-- Cross of gold, and Hands nail-rent.

Crying out, she fainted, but her Call brought a young man down there; Carried through the Cross-signed door, Chezib’s crippled maid, he bore.

Courage drove him back for more-- Children, widows, and the poor; Cross-signed gate, it swung then shut, Concealed them like hard-shelled nut.

Chased down by the stinging death, Chezib’s wealthy drew last breath; Caved within the shelt’ring earth, Caleb found a wife of worth.

Carpenter from Timnah Town, Caleb worked his trade, cave-bound; Crushing rock, he made their bed, Covered it with his coat red.

E e E e E e E e E e E e E e

Everyone cried out alarmed; Each sprang back as if from harm; Enveloped in its fiery glow, Evil took a mortal blow.

“Eat and drink!” a Voice sounded, Except that they were confounded; “Eat and drink!” God said once more, Every man ran at the door.

Ecstasy lit Beth’s thin face Enfolded by the color Grace; Edging toward the brilliant red, Eventually she did as said.

Edible as finest bread, Efficacious as a wine of red-- Elementals of the Holy Way, Each piece of Coat cost Christ to pay.

Elevated in mid-air, Everlasting Grace hung there; A lasting treasure no man payeth; Eating, drinking, as God saith. Enlarging while all were dined, Enlivening like fine food and wine, Embracing Pardon poured on them-- Exactly once pressed from His hem.

Elijah once yearned for this sight-- Evil slain along with blight; Even as souls were restored, El Elyon was there adored.

Elysium was not more blessed, Embittered hearts were full confessed; Every stain or blot fled full away, Each soul was made Lamb-white that day.

F f F f F f F f F f F f

Father God had sent His Son, Full cleansing for their sin was done; From out the Cross-signed door Beth crept, Finding Caleb--how she wept!

Filling in his grave with stone, Foxes lost his flesh and bone; Full of grief, his widow sat Flint in hand to smite each rat.

“Fidelity” in stars come night Found her vigilant to fight; Flaring white, a Visitor Foretold a soon deliverer.

Fearsome gazed the great Michael, Fighter of the hosts of hell; “Fire will be birthed of thee, For Dawidum he’ll be.

“Fast, and drink no wine until Foxgloves in your hand can fill.” Flying off, the angel fought, Flinging brimstone super-hot.

Falling back, the Algol raged Futilely as war was waged; Finally, they were contained, Fenced off from the space man gained.

Far and wide the Algol teemed, Firmly still entrenched, it seemed; Fierce as Michael proved to be, Fury’s might won fealty.

Farmers now could quit dark caves, Fill their farms with wheat in waves; Fortressed by a no-man’s land, Foes held back by Michael’s hand.

G g G f G f G f G f G g

“Golden Bowl,” starred Five on Three, Gilded with a Future free! Granted earth to rebuild life, Good men once more took a wife.

God had set the boundary, Granting also A to Z; Giving man this one last chance: “Grasp My sword, or jig Death’s dance.”

Glad but not all thanking God, Groups of farmers turned the sod; Gathered in what they had sown, Gave a tithe to old gods known.

Gods they loathed in Babelen Guzzled cream of provision; “Goodly men, we are!” they thought. “Giving honor where we ought!

“God Most High is too high still. God’s Son? He doth whate’er He will. Gods of wood and stone, we know, Give us fertile earth we hoe.”

Going easy with the tide, God and man thus parted wide; Grieving for His wayward sheep, God watched them evil sow, and reap.

Grace was merchandise they bought, Gods were best that pleased man’s lot; Gods to touch and plainly see, Gained the edge in piety.

God yet had his faithful few, Godly men and women too; “Golden Bow,” it shone most bright, Giving light midst Dire Night.

H h H h H h H h H h H H

Herons walking Chezib’s stream (Helpless blood, like a dream, Hallowed it long ages since Hyksos raised a slave to prince),

Helping hands brought Beth to bed, Hard fasting, and no wine, as said; Her body wasted down to bone, Hardship keen to woman lone.

Hurting miser’s eyes below, Holding forth “Two Coins” aglow; Herald then: the broken “Jar”! Herald now: Beth’s time, not far.

Handful of the Foxglove red, Herald thrice: get thee to bed! Hurrying mid-wife came too late, Her man-child burst the birthing gate.

Hell was shaken at its core, Heaven rose in praise the more; Harried widows, trampled down, Held the babe, passed him around.

“He’ll grow tall, don’t fear!” they said. “He’s just a pea since you fasted!” Her last strength given to the birth, Her soul then joined a man of worth.

How the “pea” of Caleb, Beth, How he turned wild, kicking calf, How he gained high case U, Holy books would later view.

His neck was ringed with band of red-- Heaven’s “Collar,” women said; Hours passed, the Collar marked Hurt the babe while foxes barked.

I i I i I i I i I i I i I i I I i I i

In the night the Algol struck Into homes where infants suck; Island of a peace hard-won, It was swiftly over-run.

In house and street the bodies fell Intreating help from gods of hell; Ire of the Most High God Intervened with righteous rod.

In the night poor Pea was heard; In a house a leopard lured, Invited infant Dawidum Issue of her breasts fulsome.

Italia was once the place Infants twinned, the Roman race, Inveigled by a she-wolf dam, Ipso facto: Imperium!

In likewise, a Dire Knight Irrigated with fierce might, Ire of a beast was fed-- Isotope to fire wed.

Irrational yet cunning still, Irradiated with her will, Infant u, Israel’s hope, In the Game was made to cope.

Interregnum--Dire Night-- Intervened to set Earth right; Intimate of savage beast, Infant u was made to feast.

Ichor of the wild breast, Intermixed with raw meat fest Insured untamed character, Intense and free of man’s soft lure.

J j J j J j J j J j J j J j J j

Jesus Sabaoth took the boy-- Jet-black leopard, beast alloy-- Joined him to old Ben-Patton, Judge of the true Dawidum.

Juggernaut to crush a Star, Jem infecting wide and far, Junior u was small and wild, Jousting a Jacinth defiled.

Joan of Arc, no less was he, Jinni in old lore set free! John the Saint, one called divine Justly, witnessed U’s dark sign,

Jaguar in sharp-sickled blood, Juiced with fire, not from cud; Jealous of his beastly state, Jugulars were his sweet bait.

Jaunty, though he was so small, Jockey-sized, with divine call, Jehovah-Nissi chose him well, Jouster with a foe from hell.

Joy he gave old Ben-Patton, Jungle-child became his son; Judge and jaguar, man and beast Joined like bread dough to the yeast.

K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k

Key to victory, so was he, Kinsfolk in their purity; Kamikaze, “Wind Divine,” Kindly love his fury bind.

Kinglet u was glad that day, Kung fu kindness made him stay; Keen of eye, he took one look, Knit his spirit with the Book.

L l L l L l L l L l L l L l L l L l L l L

Love it was that tamed his heart, Lest he leap and tear apart Life and limb of Daniyel; Love it was, the books would tell.

Limping with a thorn in foot, Led by leopard black as soot, Low case u came to Shiloh, Locality still free from foe.

Living in the cave of God, Lions, lambs, beneath His rod; Loathsomeness dared not enter, Likewise no wicked thing crept there.

Lodged with Book and Angel dread, Lying down in straw-clean bed, Little u fell into sleep, Lost his hurt in dreamless deep.

Leaping up he found his pain Left, all gone, no throb again; Looking round, he saw a face-- Love, it was, a man of grace.

Long-lived as a stone or hill, Length of days wound back until Life was torn from high Zion-- Long-suffered loss, like a lost Sun.

Lively u made his heart leap-- Limbs anew for those that creep; Life took color and fresh cheer, Lord Daniyel saw duty clear.

“Loose this u of fury now, Lift his spirit and his brow; Loving God will set him free, Lost humankind will, thus, saved be.”

M m M m M m M m M m M M M m

Man of war, “Pea” was named, Managed just as God had deigned; Memory so keen and sharp, Mind of a great fine-stringed harp.

Met a trainer Spirit-led, Made short-shrift of all he said; Man no bigger than a child, Merged holiness with beast most wild.

Man that footed safe his bed, More and more on Lamb’s Book fed; Madness in his heart grew less, Man half-U rose up to bless.

Militant in God’s own Word, Midget u, God’s sword would gird; More training yet was not to be, Man’s foes waged war without pity.

Moving fast to sweep man out, Murdering all life about, Mad star full of death stretched wide, Miscolored Algol usurped what died.

Malformed beast, low u still was, Minor case in what U does; Mistook his mission as himself, Made his calling his own pelf.

Mixing word with emotion, Mentored u forgot to shun Man’s own strength to do God’s will, Making way for every ill.

“My own way is best,” thought he; “My hand will win victory!” Many times that followed then Mocked the day he left his den.

N n N n N n N n N n N n N n N n N n

Night so dire befell Earth No half-U could win rebirth; Now when u charged off to war No Dove wing made his to soar.

“No, not yet!” cried Daniyel. “No mere u can challenge hell.” Notwithstanding, u rushed forth, Noting that the road led north.

“No old man can stop me now, Nodding low upon his brow; No, I’ll do what youth must do! No enemy can stop me too!”

Nothing? u had forgot “with” Nadirs could be made zenith; Nape of u was still red-ringed, No small sign he was destined.

Narrow in his strategy, No full knowledge yet had he; Nullifying his best chance, Narcissus, with self-romance.

Narcotic to the soul it hugs, Narcissism both kills and drugs; Noxious is the flower born, Nettleweed that stabs like horn.

Napoleon, his ill-starred reign, Now is off to rule again! Nations with a man self-loved: Naught plus zero, his hands gloved.

O o O o O o O o O o O o O o O o

Overnight the Earth stank worse, Overwhelmed with Algol curse; Oily grease choked every stream-- Ogres boiled into black cream.

Onward, u met Obstacles, Oleo of waste offals, Obliterated, obscene, dark, Oceans churning black and stark.

Odor of rank turpentine Offended him, and brackish brine Oozed out from a fell star Omnivorous like piranha.

Opaque, yet blinding to the eye, Ordure of the foe rose high; Ossified, an eagle lay, Obsidian without decay.

Ova of the foe that creeps, Oviporous and overt heaps, Oxalic u then swept away, Overcame them with the A.

Ousting Algol overland, Our fearless u, his war began, Overshadowed armies fierce Opposing him with barbs that pierce.

Over in the northern sky Orbs of fire ringed did lie; Our half-Dawidum staggered now, Opprobrium upon his brow.

Operating God’s own power, Ordaining it to gain his hour, Orphaned u was beaten down, Overcome and collar-bound.

P p P p P p P p P p P p P p P p

Palestine once flourished here, Poisoned now and burnt to sere; Paladins of Algol’s court, Pandora’s box produced this sort.

Pandering to power, pride, Paltry Nergul God defied; Palmed and handed human-like, Panhandlers of the Algol Reich.

Plucking u off his own feet, Proto-humans had him beat; Pressed into a Nergul ship, Poor u felt their cruel whip.

Preserved from dying from his stings, Prostrated, clipped in fledgling wings, “Pea” at last regretted pride Propelling him in what he tried.

Presentiment now gave him horror, Portraying what he was in for; Putrid masses, black and wide Projected skyward like a tide.

Prickling with unearthly heat, Poor u’s nostrils smelled a sweet Produced from a foul and darkened star, Purity turned reeking tar.

Prince Edward Island in its size, Prodigious, it swelled from tithes Presented by the Algol queen, Prodigal in her esteem.

Produce that was most obscene, Putrescence ripened to a green, Piled high on the star’s plate-- Provisions maggots use to mate.

Q q Q q Q q, R r R r R r

Quadrilateral no more, Quadrillionth sum of Evil’s score, Quantum leaper from the Light, Quenchless star, bloated blight,

Quaffed the rottenous the more, Quintessence of gangrene sore, Quinsy’s abcessed run thick-caked-- Quite an appetite ne’er slaked!

Quothing alphabet like soup, Quixotic u now played the dupe; Quavering with fear and hate; Quacking u was sorry late.

Q.E.D. was now postponed, Quart-sized u was down, down thrown; Quashed, his mission was misspent; Quelled all his knowledge lent?

Quiescent till u invaded, Quiet while fully weaponed, Quagmire of a Sapphire Quenched all hope in foul, deep fire.

Rosebud’s stars now dimmed to dark, Reeling u had missed the mark; Remorse now shook him head to toe, Recalling him his unstrung bow.

Revolting mass of perversion, Rancid waves of foam and scum Rejected u when he cried “B!”-- Raising ‘loft Fidelity.

S s S s S s S s S s S s S s S s

Soaring upwards with ill spite, Star struck out with vicious might, Slammed against half-Dawidum Slashing rays like radium.

Shouting quick in response, “C!” Shot sheet lightning sea to sea; Star of Sapphire felt a hit Smite a gaping hole in it.

Struggling to stuff up the gap, Satan’s star spewed out foul sap; Smashing with its total power, Star of filth refused to cower.

Sweating fierce, u found no D, Saving letter after C; Seeing victory was won, Star struck hard u, was undone.

Soiled with the star’s best shot-- Self-abusing sins that rot Souls that find excuse for shame, Superior their vice, they claim.

“Such is not wrong!” he thought, enslaved, Sighing for what base men craved; “Signing all to God is madness, Sooner die than bow in duress!”

So u kept thinking to his star foe’s glee, Shot down and purged of holy D; Safe from E u could not call, Star felt assured he lost all in his fall.

Stripped of letters, sunk in shame, Sin-smitten u had u to blame; Sorrow and grief were all he could find, Star’s blasting rays next struck him full blind.

T t T t T t T t T t

The helpless prey of a dark star, The son of Beth might have gone far; Thrown down and helpless, no more to serve, This fate was what such acts deserve.

Time passed as u lay captive, ill, Tyrant Sapphire had slain his will; “The Almighty” cast me off too, “This loathsome prison is my due.”

Taken out to cheer the queen, Tiny ruler, vast obscene, The lost and hopeless u forth crawled, Torn with grief and dark star-mauled.

Thrust for view by a great tower, Thrall to Algol’s mighty power. The trainee to old Ben-Patton Took heed to God’s Word, Grace, Pardon.

“Take thought for me, O Lord of Grace, This long, dark road is hard to pace; Thy foe around me, blasphemes Thee still, They mock me daily, defy Thy will.

“The whole Earth’s covered with this race, Thy world groans beneath what’s base! Take thought for me, I am Thy son, Thy Word give me, and life be done!”

Then, languishing, u felt a Word, Telling him his plea was heard; “Take thought for three--C, F, and U-- Thus will foe fall, not numbered few.”

Thanking Lord God Sabaoth, The blinded, half-Dawidum moth, The eagle bore him up the tower, Trusting God to give him power.

U u U u U u U u, V v V v V v V v

Unleashing C and F and U, Unleashed U came full into view; Untried, green, and wayward once, Unlocked U was primed to pounce.

Upon the Algol hosts that crept, Until the whole plain was cleanly swept, Utilizing strength from God, Ugly no more, or dwarfed and odd,

Upheld by God’s Word nothing could beat; Unsheathing God’s sword, he cut foe like wheat, Unsparing fire of coals, wind, stone, Upon the Algol, all was thrown.

Vibrant with life and health once again, Viewing Eden where man had been, Vying not with God’s own strength, Vision-filled U went full length.

Vanguards of the Algol blazed, Vampired species ran, all dazed; Vast and spread in heaps no more Vanquished to a distant shore.

Vict’ried U, he did not see his Vantage vanish with a hiss; Vast and lethal, a laser hound, Vented venom from the ground.

Vitriol was not less sweet, Virtuoso U felt fatal heat; Vitals of his body shrunk, Vulcanized, his body trunk.

W w, X x, Yy, Z z

Wicked ray, it caught, slew him, Wretched Algol-devised weapon; Wrenched off from his fighting place, Worthy U fell without disgrace.

X is Letter Twenty-four; X is Christ the Living Door; X is Cross that once He bore, X His victory won by war.

Y should blood and life be shed? Y ought U be cast down dead? Y should Christ be sacrificed? Y? ‘twas A and Z that Law sufficed.

Zephyr of the West Wind played Zayins, Sevens, that never fade; Zealous for the Word of God, Zion’s U became His rod.

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