Z-Point II

Part II

City of Destruction

No tear was ever lost that was shed by a saint on earth; it was preserved in heaven, forever, as a jewel in God's treasure chest. So it was with the tears of Greg Culpepper, a prophet sent to warn the City of Seattle in the latter half of the 20th Century. He was totally rejected, but his words were preserved forever in heaven. Now an angel led him forth out before the multitudes of billions of condemned souls. A victor's wreath was placed around Prophet Culpepper's neck, and then he was instructed by the same angel who picked up the prophet's poem off a sidewalk in Seattle where it had been thrown unread by a city council member.

Prophet Greg Culpepper began reading his prophecy, and his voice went out to billions of souls assembled before the Throne of God:

This haughty city has no shame; She flaunts her sins to make a name. Old Nineveh is cast in shade By the transvestites’ motorcade. Queens dressed by gay couturiers Give passers-by free obscene tours.

Our Sodom on the Du-wam-ish Has everything that hell could wish. Crowds of jaded cosmopolites Break up Bumpershoots with fights. Police are bashed if they step in; The papers brand them “brutal men.” These sybarites respect no law, They want the jungle, tooth and claw. Gamble, drink, and do drugs too, Then march for Peace, and riot on cue. Mayor, police chief, and city council Prove powerless against mob will. They fear this scum beneath their feet Will rise and vote their sure defeat.

There’s only one philosophy; It’s “Whatever I want to do,” you see. Blame the woman who’s axed to death, It’s not your fault you’re high on meth. Go wine and dine on the Mystery Train; It’s fun to stab, then plead “insane.” The same who protest McDonald’s meat Will chew a carrot and sushi eat. They wouldn’t think to call it rape Whenever they assault a grape. Countless vegies, alfalfa sprouts Are slain to feed these “caring” louts. Non-dairy latte? A liquid carcass— Soy that’s killed for a coffee bean buzz.

Infanticide is mother’s right, Moloch’s courts have won the fight. It’s okay, conceive and kill, All you need is a French pill.

Not all that gleams here is emerald. It’s some old man spray-painted gold. Teens found him at his watchman’s job, Kicked him to death, when nothing to rob.

Flee, O Christian, towered pride, Its end is coming as sure as the tide. Not one of its crimes has gone by the books Into which only the Death Angel looks. God bides His time, till Judgment must fall, Lest one soul be lost, who’ll yet heed His call. Yes, there’s a sword designed for this place, But Love holds it back and makes way for Grace.

The Space Needle that now lights up the night sky Will someday be threaded by waving rye. You’ll not find a city that once stood here, Instead will be life that is righteous and pure.

Will anyone remember this city of vice, Where wickedness thrives, like swarms of hog lice? Only once will its name be brought up again, With Sodom’s, Gomorrah’s, and Zeboiam’s.

Where’s Jonah when he’s needed most: He’d deflate most any boast. Nineveh heard his terse death sentence, Then—everywhere, repentance!

But hearts are hard in Smooth Jazz City, Beneath that shine it’s tough and gritty. It’s Nineveh, but something worse— Witches drive this sleek, dark hearse.

Finished, the prophet was escorted away through ranks of angels gathered to honor his ministry and sacrifice. City after city was reviewed in the court of heaven, found guilty, and condemned in the sight of all--cities which had especially transgressed God’s holy laws. Among these cities were Rome, which had shed the blood of countless martyrs, Nineveh, Sodom, Gomorrah, Capernaum, Chorizim, Sidon, Tyre, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Being so relatively few in years of existence, Seattle enjoyed little of the repute of such as Rome, Nineveh, Sidon and Tyre, or even San Francisco, yet the city was a wicked city, root and branch. Despite the Gospel being preached to it along with the warnings of such prophets as Culpepper, the city never repented, but made every effort to increase in evil with each passing day of its existence. With its great economic, political and cultural powers it sought to spread its wickedness over the other cities, towns, and communities within the orbit of its influence. It forced its will upon them, by voting against the will of the lesser cities and towns. It opened the gates, thus, to pornography and violence all over the region within its reach.

For this reason, its determined program to spread its evil as far as possible, Seattle was named before the whole assembly gathered for judgment at the Great White Throne. Her mayors and other public officials were led out by warrior angels to hear what the Lord would say to them for defaming The holy law of God by their support for unjust laws and for oppressing the poor (while supporting the Wicked and able-bodied who refused to work but demanded city services and free food and shelter).

As they were being led forth to stand before the Great White Chair and the Lord seated upon it, one mayor turned to another. "Who was that speaker? He wasn't in my time, I ruled the city for two terms, and I don't recall him." "You were mayor in his lifetime and you didn't know him? He walked the streets of Seattle daily during both of your terms," replied the other mayor who knew the truth. "In fact, you closed down a homeless shelter where he used to go to sleep each night, and that forced him into the park, where he died of exposure."

Addressing the city’s leaders, the Lord said,

“As everyone here is witness, I gave you great wealth, and unsurpassed beauty-—purest water of lakes and sea, towering mountains, countless streams and rivers, and all kinds of wildlife, and you took it without gratitude to me, and profaned my gift with your shrines to your own goodness and the gods you worshipped. You played and rioted in your streets, robbing and murdering and molesting the defenseless, while taking away the lawful right of self-defense. You killed a third of each generation in the womb, for convenience and selfish gain and profit, claiming it your women’s right to rule over the fruit of their bodies. Those were precious and beautiful children I created, and I gave them to you to bless you richly, and you hated them and murdered them without any mercy, awarding mercy instead to snakes and frogs and fish and old growth trees. For these and other crimes (are not the books full of your crimes?) you are guilty, and your name, Seattle, is abhorred in the courts of heaven.”

Normally, these leaders denied all wrong-doing in public inquiries or tribunals conducted during their lifetimes and even during their tenures in office, denying wrong-doing categorically though their administrations were all riddled with corruption. Here before the Throne they were rendered speechless, for everything they had done and said was exposed to the full light of scrutiny. The books that the Lord mentioned had been brought out for display, and they were huge, stretching a long distance they were so numerous and full of reports. Not one misdeed was unaccounted for in the books.

Angels leafed through the books, reading out the accounts to the various officials for their respective administrations and tenures of office. Not one official or mayor could say anything in defense, for the reports were true and complete in every respect.

“You in your pride,” the Lord concluded, “raised to your own honor and glory many high and glittering towers. But I will cast them all down into the lake of fire with you. Depart from me, Seattle, for I never knew you, and now you name will be wiped out of the memory of man, for it is odious to me. I too will never call it to mind again.”

An angel took the City of Seattle's official seal, along with the seals of the other cities, and cast them into the mouth of the Pit. The flags and insigne of the condemned nations were also cast in with them. A trumpet sounded both before and after the judgment of the cities and the nations of the earth.

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