Chronicles Thirteen to Seventeen--What's In Them?

The Alien Entity's influence continued to raise up monsters in the political arena. Precocious and cruel, Master Chillingsworth, son of a British nobleman, was hard to bring up, since he was always devising new ways scientifically to torture helpless animals. The parents found the answer, they thought, in a rigorous, highly disciplinary Scotch school for "character-challenged boys," and sent the budding monster there to be reformed by hard knocks and cold baths. Relieved, the parents later looked at the school's results and thought the childish phase of animal torture and slaughter was over and could be forgotten. Unfortunately, the training did not sink very deep in the mutton, and Master Chillingsworth went on to devise the ultimate weapon for controlling and liquidating human beings that opposed him and his programme--a scheme which turned out to be nothing short of world rule through establishing world government under his absolute power. With his ultimate weapon, which identifies "deviant thoughts" and also executes the perpetrator, Chillingsworth attains his objective and becomes world premier of a world government. Only one man, Nils Nilsson, a brilliant World Court judge and an equally determined man, organizes effective resistance to Chillingsworth and his tyranny. Their struggle is fought over not only Earth but the Solar System as far as Jupiter the King of Planets.

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