Retrostar Chronicles Eighteen to Nineteen--What's In Them?

The mortal struggle and all-out war between Chillingsworth and Nilsson, the world government headed by Chillingsworth and Nilsson's Ibsenite Revival forces, is not the main problem the Earth faces--contrary to appearances. In the midst of the turmoil a worse foe shows up with its own ultimate weapon--a strange necrotizing plague that is not biological but material, attacking and dissolving material objects, as if it were a reverse of the neutron bomb in that it affects non-biological structures and leaves people untouched. The whole infrastructure of the 22nd Century's Crystal Age is quickly reduced to shambles, and the world civiliztion collapses just as Nilsson and Chillingsworth fight their last battle underground in Paraguay, South America. The Innuit come back into the struggle, as Hermon finds a red-glowing thing on the ice, and undergoes a radical change in personality. But another Inuuk, John, finds the same stone or jewel that Hermon went crazy over. He has no better luck with it, and sets off in his kayak with it, and that was the last seen of him by fellow Innuit.

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