Chronicle Twenty-Four--What's In It?

Professor Pikkard is assassinated by his academic enemies before he can put his master plan into effect. His intrepid niece Anne de Kilpaison, however, takes his war plan and scientific finding and programs a Cray supercomputer her uncle finally found in his back yard amidst the ruins lying in great heaps round New Amsterdam, after years of weary search all over North America. Helping Dr. Pikkard is Pieter, son of a barge builder, who was initially glad to escape low-paid, life-long drudgery at the mills of his hometown of New Alkmaar, but who never really comes to believe in what Dr. Pikkard is attempting with his scientific researches. When his employer is killed, Pieter is captured by the hired gang of murderers, but he crosses over to their side--only to suffer death when the barn hideout where he was taken collapses on his head. The end for this thick-skulled individual is not the end. He finds himself next in a place far, far beyond his small-town Dutch imagination, an Underworld where sequestered, living relics from an ancient destroyed civilization of Atlantis confront him. Meanwhile, above him on the surface, Anne, who has failed to win Pieter's stubborn heart just as her uncle had failed to win his mind, struggles to save her uncle's research papers and battle plans and get them installed in the Radio City supercomputer Dr. Pikkard had located.

...And this is just the start of real, all-out war between Earth II and the Invader! Next: Volume II, CLOUD AND AVALANCHE!

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