Chronicles Two to Six--What's in Them?

Still undetected by the planet's species of "tiny creatures", the Alien Star-Jewel inspires the corporal who will become the wannabe world-ruler, Adolph Shickelgruber, the Fascist dictator of Germany.

Before the cataclysm of World War II gets going, however, showing a deep, pathological interest in ancient cultures the Alien Entity digs up "King Tut" the boy-Pharaoh and his fabulous tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Moving on, it ruins the world's first experimental giant ATV, the Polar King--the brainchild of a University of Chicago professor, who thought he could conquer the world with a gadget able to run over and crush most anything in its path.

The Alien Entity also visits Hollywood, and seemingly finding the environment to its taste builds a full-scale pyramid on the set of a Garbo-Boyer film being made. Continuing on its quixotic tour of the planet, the Alien sinks a U.S. aircraft carrier, and explodes a Stanford University cyclotron. All this, and still no one has caught on to the Alien Entity's presence!

The question is: will Earth ever catch on, before it is too late?

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