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The Lion’s Descent: A Dirge (Let the nation’s flags hang half-mast for his trail of death that will last)

Well, he’s gone at last where his kind go--

Unrepentent? As far as we know.

His robe of black’s become his cell.

It holds a horror words can’t tell.

“How could I fool myself so long,

and drag my country into wrong?”

“How? You took our lies!” scream fiends in hell.

“And cut off countless children’s lives.

Your foulest deeds still receive praise,

whatever’s vile becomes a craze.

They call you ‘Justice William Brennen,’

but now you stand right next to Lenin.

Stalin, Mao, Hitler too,

such bloody colleagues are your due.

Oh, what a nice guy, weren’t you then?

Yet you ran Dachau again.

Millions, thanks to you, have died,

dragged from wombs--’twas genocide.

Yet you offed in Freedom’s name,

our lie that won you quenchless shame.

Ax killers, rapists, pedophiles too,

they scramble to get clear of you.

For up ahead the Great White Throne

will seal your doom--you’ll reap what’s sown.

‘Fetuses’ wait in God’s Court,

plaintiffs to your ‘Be free! Abort!’

They seek the fool who said, ‘Death, rule!’

‘To others, kind, to us--most cruel!

What monster birthed this fell creature,

who trampled justice without fear? ‘

You threw the Bible out like trash.

Good work, sir--receive the lash!

Cunanan? He’s nothing here.

It’s your name, sir, that has no peer.”

Herod’s work was child’s play.

You slew three thousand every day.

Your reign of terror--so long in years--

brings to your offspring heartfelt tears.

Their plaudits, President on down,

extol the judge of high renown.

‘Great Man,’ ‘Warm friend,’ and so ‘Unique’--

you’re Genghis Khan with a boutique.

Dress the issue right, just so,

and murder struts in chic pink bow.

The latest fashion cut in law

can revoke all the Pilgrims saw.

No God, no Bible, prayer, no Ten,

no morals implied or written.

Just “Easy does it! Do your thing!’--

Whore Liberty takes Bundy’s fling.

You opened floodgates in the land,

so crime was freed to raise its hand.

You stole our heritage at hell’s behest,

as Ike, your patron, once confessed,

‘Only two mistakes I made:

Warren, Brennen,’ for which all paid.

Consensus is Brennan goes first,

the case that heads the list is worst.

And what condemns him most of all?

Unmothered babes whose numbers pall.

A sea of slain, his victims stand

and cry to God on His right hand.

Sick and wounded, in staggering pride,

a nation’s hell-bent with infanticide.

This is the misery we all are in,

by apathy or selfish choice.

When the Dark Age kicks in our door,

we’ve met ourselves, the predator.

What we cast forth on the dark wave

has now returned to dig our grave.

We all must suffer in this land,

some more, some less, some flee--if can.

We made this bed, we lie in it,

a condo-coffin, a cobra pit.

Reading this, if conscience hurts,

and you see what Right asserts,

why deny guilt till the end?

There’s no gain where Wrong must go--

that place the William Brennans know.

You’re still alive, you might still bend.

The truth, to save, might first offend.

Turn Godward, to Christ the scriptures

prove, regain your stolen worth

that sins remove.

Psalm 14, “The Fool said...", Psalm 73, Psalm 74; Joseph Stalin on Earth I, retains his name Djugashvilli on Earth II; Hitler on EArth I, retains his mother's maiden name Shickelgruber (he was illegitimate and part Jewish) on Earth II; Andrew Cunanan, a homosexual libertine and social parasite and serial killer whose own friends described as a vulgar braggart, was a prime suspect in the killing of a high fashion Italian designer, Gianni Versace, living in Miami during the late 1990s; Cunanan's body was found covered with blood by police in the master bedroom of a boyfriend's houseboat apartment, an apparent suicide; Herod was King Herod the Great," king of Judaea at the time of the birth of Christ; Warren was Justice Warren of the U.S. Supreme Court, who bore equal responsibility with William Brennen (not the William Brennan of Earth II, who was a conservative evangelical and a pastor in a Southern Baptist church in Ashville, North Carolina) for the radical agenda and trashing of the Constitution by the Court and the subsequent woes of the nation; President Dwight Eisenhower, "Ike," rued the day he appointed to the Supreme Court both Warren and Brennen.

II The Lion’s Legacy

Now all there’s left is Trumpish gain.

Profits up? Write off slave pain.

Hitting Wilson 432’s,

global tycoons dominate news.

Robber barons, they once were called,

in naive times when vice appalled.

Golden Age, it’s passed us by,

we’ve settled for a gaudy lie.

Behind the glitz and show-biz sheen,

even Disney warps obscene.

Trump can build his towers higher,

they will all fall on a pyre.

Satan, Gaea, they’re on top,

right with Pepsi’s diet pop.

Jackson, Madonna, Doggy-Dogg--

there’s no bottom to this stinking bog.

Grabbing drugs and sex and booze,

our youth have only life to lose.

They’ve been told they’re can’t know right,

they so confused, they rebel, fight.

Why go work if there’s no goal?

If there’s no meaning, there’s no role.

Why not Bob loves Bob, not Jill??

And for the squares, an abortion pill?

Why not break in, rob and shoot?

There’s nothing like a little loot.

Unless your gig is suicide,

you’re going along for the ride.

The Supreme Court will take your case,

to drum up support for what’s base.

They’re gangsta rappers, really cool,

they’ve got some guards, a gorgeous pool.

That caution tape strung round all them?

Just in case God gets to them.

They threw Him out of public school,

the ACLU won that duel.

But He still has his fanatics,

Christians who don’t mind the licks.

Slap on fines, they still come back,

to the mills that stuff a sack

with baby parts sucked out of Mom,

as Patty Murray shakes her big pom pon.

It’s worse than words, mere words can tell,

you have to be there and share hell.

"Patty Murray" was a radical, leftist soccer mom and Senator from Washington State in the late 1990s and into the early part of the 21st Century on Earth I. Her contemporaries were Michael Jackson, "King of Pop," (Michael Jayson on Earth II) and the ACLU, "The American Civil Liberties Union"; Madonna was a pop star known for illicit sex, books of pornography, and shameless self-promotion; having children out of wedlock was trumpeted by her as her right as a "liberated woman,' the self-styled "Material Girl"; Donald Trump built New York skyscrapers, one of which he named after himself, and he also promoted Atlantic City casinos. At the time of the 9.11 attack on NYC and the Pentagon, he was planning yet another skyscraper, but he scrapped the plans immediately, fearing he would be the next target of Islamic fanatics; Doggy-Dogg (not his real name) was a gangsta rapper, undeserving of comment, though there were contemporaries of his that were more sick, perverted, and violent, who enjoyed far more fame and adulation from the youth culture--generally anti-social, destructive types the ancient Greeks, not so sophisticated and tolerant as we are today, routinely banished to life-long exile as far from Greece as they could throw their human garbage.

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