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in the Hebraic consonantal language)* \par \par Table B \par From the Greek \par }{\f3 \'41\'20\'20\'28\'41\'6c\'70\'68\'61\'29}{ --Jesus Christ, the Savior, the Anointed One \par ____________ \par }{\f3 \'52 \par \'4f \par \'53 \par \'45 \par \'42 \par \'55 \par \'44 \par }{ \par Table C \par From the Weckquaesgeekian (East Coast, North America) \par Salaheemok--the Chief of Chiefs, the Son of the People, Messiah \par -------------- \par Rose sign \par Bud sign \par Warrior sign \par Circle of spears sign \par \par Table D \par }{\b A}{ & }{\b Z}{--Jesus Christ, Commander-in-chief (Lord Sabaoth, Lord of hosts) \par ------------- \par D--Daniyel of Judah* \par U the Dire Knight (AKA, the \'93Pea of Chezib\'94) \par B the Jaguar-Caped (AKA, Brun O\rquote Kele of New Sera-i-i) \par E the Two-Horned (AKA, Molu) \par S and the Flying Horse (AKA, Mink) \par O the Star Tracker (AKA, Homer Bean) \par R the Blue Bird (AKA, One Legged) \par ______________ \par *The Hebrew system of the alphabet lacks written vowels, thus: God\rquote s Name Yahweh, in Hebrew appears \par as YHWH, the Holy Tetragrammatron which was never pronounced because it was considered too sacred to utter. \par **Daniyel appears in both Hebrew and English, the pivotal letterman between two ages and two \par teams of delivering champions \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Vol. IV \par Appendix \par \par Table A \par \par Graffiti from Lamb and Pritchard\rquote s: \par }\pard \qc \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par A for apple Eve gnawed first \par A for awful, how sin burst! \par A for anger, Adam cursed \par A for acts of Cain turned worst \par \par B for beasts that give foul sting \par B for butterfly\rquote s blue wing \par B for bright my wedding ring \par B for bad, that\rquote s how I sing \par \par C for camphor salts that smell \par C for crushes I can\rquote t tell \par C for clanging of church bell \par C for casting Joe down well. \par \par D for Dirk, a boy who\rquote s dumb \par D for dice flicked from my thumb \par D for days I go, \'93Oh, hum!\'94 \par D for tots of hot nog rum \par \par E for eels in aspic jelly \par E for a most upset belly \par E for eggs burnt black by Nelly \par E for empties in the alley \par \par F for \'93Finally, he\rquote s mine!\'94 \par F for fading on the vine \par F for filling up with wine \par F for finding this last line \par \par G for good, I\rquote ll never be \par G for God who still loves me \par G for ghosts I sometimes see \par G for Grandma\rquote s rum-laced tea \par \par H for happy is my lot? \par H for Help I was not taught \par H for him I might have caught \par H for hurt I had not sought \par \par I for ivories you play \par I for interest some banks pay \par I for isthmus and a bay \par I for isle where kings held sway \par \par J for jewels of evil power \par J for jasmine, sweet not sour \par J for jet-black crystal\rquote s hour \par J for Jack Dutch gay, not dour \par \par K for klaxon on a cab \par K for kitty with a scab \par K for killing with a stab \par K for Kloopenhude\rquote s \'93Jona and Rahab\'94 \par \par L for locket on thy neck \par L for love\rquote s a losing deck \par L for loves that go shipwreck \par L for kisses like a peck \par \par M for milking our brown cow \par M for \'93Marry me right now!\'94 \par M for monsters of flat brow \par M for \'93Meenheer, take a bow!\'94 \par \par N for nails in feet and hands \par N for numbered stars like sands \par N for new, exotic lands \par N for ten who bring slave bands \par \par O for--phui! I can\rquote t think-- \par that Pieter is--oh! \par \par Pieter, Pieter with a P, \par With my I, how I love thee; \par I\rquote ll give thee everything with an E. \par Thou art mine, my cup of T. \par I\rquote ll give thee everything with an E. \par But don\rquote t, oh R, refuse thou me. \par \par Q--too hard! \par \par R for rosebuds in my hair \par R for red star burning there \par R for Ruth, Moabite fair \par R for rich for poor don\rquote t care \par \par S for ships that sink at sea \par S for--I can\rquote t think--I give \par up--when is that Pieter \par coming? I\rquote m going stark \par mad! mad! mad! \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Vol. IV \par Appendix \par \par Table B \par Extracts from Lamb and Pritchard\rquote s: \par }\pard \qc \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\b\f110\fs40 C}{\b\f110\fs24 ome and see the works of God; \par He is awesome in His doings \par toward the sons of men. \par He turned the sea into dry land; \par They went through the River on dry land. \par }{\b\i \par [Picture of Israelite tribes crossing the divided Red Sea, pursued by chariots]--}{\b Letter C}{\b\i , Lamb and Pritchard\rquote s Homiletic Reader for Children & Youth, with Alphabet Psaltery, & Picture Syllabary \par }{\fs24 \par }{\b\f110\fs40 F}{\b\f110\fs24 or the oppression of the poor,for the sighing of the needy, \par now will I arise,\'94 says the Lord.\'93I will set him in the safety \par for which he yearns. The words of the Lord are pure words, \par like silver tried in a furnace of earth. \par }{\fs24 \par }{\b\i [Picture of Daniyel\rquote s friends standing unharmed with the Fourth Man \par in the Fiery Furnace]--}{\b Letter F}{\b\i , Lamb and...etc. \par }{\fs24 \par }{\b\f110\fs40 U}{\b\f110\fs24 pon the wicked He will rain coals, \par fire and brimstone, and a burning wind, \par this shall be the portion of their cup. \par }{\fs24 \par }{\b\i [Picture of the Destruction of Admah, Zeboiim, Sodom, andGomorrah]-}{\b -Letter U}{\b\i , Lamb and...etc. \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\b\i\fs40 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{ \par }{\b\i\fs24 }{ \par Volume VI, \par Appendix \par \par \par Alphabetized Tribes Surviving Re-location \par in West North America (West Bear Island) \par \par In most cases, small bands, or the smallest tribes proved most likely to survive the Re-location and the lengthly hiding out in caves until the surface b ecame habitable. Large groups ran out of provisions, and quickly depleted air and water under the surface. Thus many tribes, grown too small in numbers to be of significance before the Re-location, now assumed vital roles in the new world they found after the planet was moved. Some, it is true, had been great nations in former times, but had fallen disastrously in numbers during the 19th Century when white Western encroachments on their territories became overwhelming. Epidemics such as small-pox greatly reduced these tribes, as well as starvation and hardship when the buffalo was driven into near extinction by tanning companies on the East Coast and professional hunters. \par White Indians, composed of bankrupt runaway farmers and outright o utlaws from the decaying cities and farms of previous eras, are not catalogued here. They never had the cohesiveness and strength of community spirit that never completely died out among the American Indians. Lacking the tribal spirit, they lasted f or a time, then fell apart, the individuals going solitary ways in the wilderness. It did happen that the White Indians joined, quite often, \'93real\'94 tribes and were assimilated. Generations afterwards, Indians who had fair skins were to be seen, even as far as the time of Homer Bean. \par The curious alphabetization of the tribes was a convenience hit upon by Wally, who had to notify as many tribes as possible in little time. Something of a pedant, he liked order, and that trait must have played a significant part in his alphabetizing the tribes. The East, largely depleted of its tribes, was not his field of activity. He chose the West, where most of the Indian tribes were living on Reservations and on tribal properties. It is remarkable t h at at least one tribe of a letter survived, but that was not anything Wally could have achieved. Though twenty six tribes, out of three hundred language groups, is a tragic number, it is still amazing, considering the difficulty they faced both during and after the Re-location. After a long period of adapting to the new conditions, some tribes moved across the Straits and repopulated old territories of theirs on the eastern island of North America. They found most of East Bear Island free of p opulation, native or otherwise, though a handful of eastern tribes survived the Re-location, such as the Seminoles, who knew the deepest caves with the most water and air, something they had known about since they last fought the U.S. Army under Oseola and other outstanding Seminole chiefs. \par It is a question why so many Californian ranchero and former mission Indians survived the Re-location. Perhaps, again, it was the smallness of the bands, their cohesiveness, and ability to do whatever i n an emergency to keep the band alive. Large groups were too unwieldly, and there wasn\rquote t this high degree of mobility and organization. Each tribal band or small tribe found itself, under the conditions of the Re-location, a virtual Pilgrim } {\i Mayflower}{ sailing through perilous storms toward the unknown, new world. With no help from the outside world or from other tribes, each had to make it on their own for a long time, and to do that demanded the utmost exercise of character, as well as faith and trust in the Almighty God, whom most of the surviving tribes had come to know intimately. Some, in fact, had believed in Christ for many centuries, ever since the Spanish \'93Black Robes\'94 came bearing the Cross into the Southwest. Others, such as the Lak ota, entered into the Christian faith in the 19th century. The Paiute, as well, had Bibles, one of which was carefully preserved and survived even the Re-location. Whatever the tribes felt was worthy of preservation was preserved for all time--rega rdless of the difficulty. In the same way old calendars painted and burnt onto hides were preserved that tell of events even before the Re-location. \par \par \par }{\b\fs36 A}{NADARKO \par }{\b\fs36 B}{ELLA COOLA \par }{\b\fs36 C}{ADDO \par }{\b\fs36 D}{IEGUENO \par }{\b\fs36 E}{EL RIVER \par }{\b\fs36 F}{ERNANDENO \par }{\b\fs36 G}{ABRIELENO \par }{\fs36 H}{ALCHIDHOMA \par }{\b\fs36 I}{NUIT (Southampton) \par }{\b\fs36 J}{UANENO \par }{\fs36 K}{IOWA* \par }{\b\fs36 L}{AKOTA \par }{\b\fs36 M}{AIDU \par }{\b\fs36 N}{AVAHO \par }{\b\fs36 O}{TOE \par }{\b\fs36 P}{AIUTE (Northern) \par }{\b\fs36 Q}{UAPAW \par }{\b\fs36 R}{OCK CREEK \par }{\b\fs36 S}{AN NICOLENO \par }{\b\fs36 T}{IPAI \par }{\b\fs36 U}{MPQUA \par }{\b\fs36 V}{ILLA PANCHO \par }{\b\fs36 W}{ALAPAI \par }{\fs36 X}{AVIER (San Xavier Reservation Indians) \par }{\fs36 Y}{AKIMA \par }{\b\fs36 Z}{UNI \par ________________ \par *See Anko and Poolaw\rquote s Calendar, Appendix \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Some Names of God in the Chronicles \par and the}{\i Book of the War of Heaven and Earth \par \par }{El Elyon, \'93The Most High God\'94 \par YH (also YAH, and Yahweh, from the Holy Tetragrammatron YHWH) \'93He who rides upon the clouds\'94; \par also JAH, name of God in the universal accolade, \'93Hallelujah\'94--\'94Praise the Lord!\'94 \par FC ( Computer acronym for \'93Forbidden Category\'94; Philosophical Construct first used by Atlantean free-thinkers) \par El Shaddai, \'93Almighty\'94 \par Providence \par Lord God \par Anointed One \par A-Z \par Aleph-Tau \par Alpha-Omega \par First and Last \par Beginning and End \par Jesus Christ \par Yeshua \par Lion of Judah \par Hound of Heaven \par Root of Jesse \par Son of David \par First-born of Maryam \par One-(Infinite Number that only God knows) \par Great Weaver \par Creator, Creator God \par the Father \par Heavenly Father \par Ancient of Days (Months, Years, Centuries, Millenia, Eons, Ages, Universes, Eternities, Myriads of Eternities...) \par The Divine Longsuffering \par The Everlasting God \par Ransom of Many \par Desire of All Nations \par Way-Maker Where There\rquote s No Way (WMWTNW, the Sexagrammatron) \par God of Breaking-Through (El[Baal]-Perazzim) \par Bridge of Atonement \par Bright Morning Star \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par Some References (Davidic Psalm 19, circa 1000 BC) \par to Stellar Frequencies in the}{\i Book of the War of Heaven and Earth \par \par }\pard \qc \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {The heavens declare the glory of God, \par and the firmament shows His handiwork. \par Day unto day utters speech, and night reveals \par knowledge. \par There is no speech nor language where \par their voice is not heard. Their line has gone \par out through all the Earth, and their words \par to the end of the world.* \par In them He has set a tabernacle for the Sun, \par which is like a bridegroom coming out out of his chamber, \par and rejoices like a strong man to run its race. \par Its rising is from one end of heaven, \par and its circuit to the other end;** \par and there is nothing hidden from its heat. \par The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. \par The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. \par The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; \par the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening \par the eyes. \par The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; \par The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. \par More to be desired are they than gold, \par yes, than much fine gold. \par Moreover, by them Your servant is warned. \par And in keeping them is great reward. \par Who can understand his errors? \par Cleanse me from secret faults. \par Keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins; \par Let them not have dominion over me. \par Then I shall be innocent of great transgressions. \par Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart \par be acceptable in Your sight, \par O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer. \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 { \par \par \par ___________________ \par *Intrigued by these explicit references to the heavens \'93declaring, \'93 Day \'93uttering speech\'94 to Day, Night \'93revealing knowledge,\'94 and the statement that these communications extended to the whole \par wo rld, or Universe, Dr. Lana Tao-Cantrell, who had already established her renowned career with work on the frequencies emitted by various flora and fauna, began her renowned researches on the frequency emissions of terrestrial planetary (that is, the Ea rth and Moon and Planets of the Solar System) and Milky Way stars. \par Her books, over a span of forty years, record the \'93line\'94 and \'93voice\'94 of stellar frequencies and suggested transliterations into English that she has beeen able to identify. She discovered that not only do stars emit \'93personalized\'94 frequency signatures, but they combine into clusters of words that form major works of musical art and arrangement that cause human musical productions to pale in comparison. What she has recorded of thi s stellar music is a Universe-wide symphony that can only be described as innumerable, infinitely complex choruses of Handel\rquote s MESSIAH joined together. Though raided repeatedly by secret, paramilitary arms of the government, she persisted in her res earch, enduring the obloquy and rancorous censure in leading scientific publications her phenomenal, painstaking work earned her by the scientific community, which refused to look into her findings. \par Dr. Lana-Cantrell was not, however, the first to look into the divine mystery of the frequency emissions of stellar and terrestrial bodies. Enoch was an Antediluvian who was so close to God\rquote s heart that he was taken up, undying, into heaven. It is said of him that he was \'93translated\'94 into heaven. It is quite possible that Enoch was the first man to take care to listen to the exquisite and symphonic speech and words of the heavenly spheres. Fragments of his music compositions have surfaced at rare intervals, then disappeared for much longer periods . They are \'93Songs of the Earths,\'94 \'93Songs of the Family of the Earth,\'94 \'93Songs of the Long-Tailed Messengers,\'94 and \'93Songs of the Tribes and Nations of the Lights of Heaven.\'94 He entered such a heavenly mode of life thereby that the inhabitants of Earth could not bear it. God \'93translated\'94 him to heaven before he could be killed by the envious, as he certainly would have been. \par **Evidence that the pre-scientific world knew (at least in the Hebrew nation and society) that the Earth was round, not flat as maintained by contemporaneous societies up to the time of the Greeks--an idea that persisted even to the 20th Century A.D. in the \'93Flat Earth Society\'94 headquartered, oddly enough, in a badly rumpled tract of landscape called Great Britain. \par \par \par }\pard \qc \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\b\f137\fs28 \par }{\b\fs22 \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\b\fs22 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{ \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Overview of the Performance of the DUBESOR Alphabetic Seven \par \par }{\b\fs22 A--Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Anointed One \par ______________________________________________________________________ \par B }{Brun}{\b\fs22 (B) \par C \par D }{ Daniyel}{\b\fs22 (D) \par E }{Molu}{\b\fs22 (E) \par F \par G \par H \par I \par J \par K \par L \par M \par N \par O }{Homer Bean}{\b\fs22 (O) \par P \par Q \par R }{One-Legged}{\b\fs22 (R) \par S }{Mink}{\b\fs22 (S) \par T \par U }{Pea of Chezib}{\b\fs22 (U) \par V \par W \par X \par _______________________________________________________________________ \par Z--Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Anointed One \par \par _________________ \par }{\fs22 Conclusion: Performance was uneven, or spotty, in one case, mostly disastrous. Yet \par spectacular recoveries by sometimes badly flawed champions led to One-Legged, who stood in his place, which in his case was all that was needful at the close of the age. \par \par }{\b\fs22 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Peoples and Aliens of the Re-Located Earth \par \par Dire Night Humans \par 1. Rom, Romany (the Romanichals of East and West; known to non-Rom as \'93Gypsies\'94) \par 2. South Americans--Latino, Indian, Mestizo \par 3. Tribes of East and West Bear Islands \par (the North Americas)* \par 4. Jews (descent through Mrs. Coxie, who was Jewish, though her husband was also founder of the neo-Roman race--a development comparable to Abraham I\rquote s being an Aramaean, or nomadic Syrian, appointed \par by God to be father of a new people later called Hebrews, and later called Israelities, then finally, Jews) \par \par Dire Night Mutant Humans \par 1. Wolflings \par 2. Jaguar-men \par 3. \'93Sweetmeats\'94 or part-simian, part-Atlantean human \par Hidden City inhabitants \par 4. Bat people \par 5. Molu (Atlantean beast-man) \par \par Dire Night Aliens \par 1. Nergul, or Nergal (from Cygnus) \par 2. Algol (scorpion-spider-parasite, \par Gorgons) from the Demon Stars \par 3. Atlanteans (former lords of \par the lost continent of Atlantis) \par 4. Geminus (one)--Lord Polydeuces}{\b\fs22 \par ____________ \par }{*On East Bear Island, North America, a strange reversal of races took place; \par where tribes did not cross, in entirety, to the East Bear side from the West Bear \par shore, the tribes were mostly Caucasian in composition, a consequence of the \par long-ago economic woes of Holland America and its breakup when both the urban \par and rural populations took to migratory tribal life in order to survive \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\b\fs22 \par }{Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par The Black Watch: Warrior Angels of the Dire Night from the Lindau Lamentation\rquote s \par \'93Choir of Angels\'94 (15th Century A.D.)* \par \par }{\i Bless the LORD. you His angels, who excel in strength, \par who do His word, heeding the voice of His word. Bless \par the LORD, all you His hosts, you mnisters of His, who do \par His pleasure. \par --Psalm 103 \par \par Bless the LORD...Who makes His angels spirits, His \par ministers a flame of fire. \par --Psalm 104 \par }{ \par \par 1. Michael the Warrior Archangel (purple or violet garments, gold wings) \par 2. Gabriel (blue and white garments, blue wings) the Guardian of Holy Israel \par 3. Palmoni the Wonderful Numberer (gold and red wings, gold and red garments)** \par 4. Albion (white garments, gold wings) the Bearer of Heavenly Bread \par 5. Eben (red and white garments, blue wings)*** the Plummet Measure \par 6. Azmon (red wings) the Keeper of Mosheh\rquote s Book of Stumbling# \par }{\b\fs22 \par ____________________ \par }{* The panel of the \'93Nativity\'94 painted by the unknown artist known as the Master of the Lindau Lamentation, Lindau Monastery, Germany, 1410-1415 A.D. The first Black Watch consisted \par of elite Scottish guardsmen who lowered the British flag on India and also Hong Kong in the 20th Century, \par three centuries before the Re-location. The second Black Watch is entirely angelic, and six is significant because it i s the number of man, over which the angels have been given charge. **Palmoni, the grave-expressioned angel of red-gold in the picture, holds the}{\i Book of the War of Heaven and Earth}{ , and the angels are in rapture, reciting the majestic combinations the Wonderful Numberer is revealing from the text of the Most High. ***\'94Eben\'94 means precious stone, rock, builder\rquote s plummet; the name also appears in the Hebrew psalm verse, \'93}{\i Eben massu habonim vayethah lerosh pinnah}{,\'94 \'93The stone the builders rejected has become the head of the corner,\'94 which is clear reference to Christ the rejected Cornerstone. #Azmon may be the angel who blows the Last Trump as described in St. John the Divine\rquote s Revelation of Yeshua the Christ. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \'93The Two Iron Horses\'94 Pictographic Account of the Lakota Sioux \par \par I. Narrow-Gauge Track (Gold) leading to Heaven \par \par (1) Adam/Eve Abel Enoch Noah Jesus\rquote s birth/death \par ___________________________________________________________________________ \par (Eden/Tree/Serpent picture) (Great Flood picture) (Crucifix) \par ___________________________________________________________________________ \par \par \par \par II. Broad-Gauge Track (Black) leading to Hell \par \par \par Cain Nimrod The Battle of the \par Rosebud; Wounded Knee \par Massacre, Chief One Foot \par _____________________________________________________________________________ \par \par Cain killing brother Abel picture Big Tongue Tower/people running away Wounded Knee picture \par \par _____________________________________________________________________________ \par \par \par \par I. \par \par The Black Robes (priests) Buffalo vanish/hard times/Wasichu (whites) Fall of Wasichu Towers \par ________________________________________________________________________________ \par Churches/schools picture Buffalo skull/broken hoop picture Broken Towers picture \par _________________________________________________________________________________ \par \par \par II. \par \par Wasichu take lands of Lakota Great Wasichu Wars Great Hunger/More Wasichu Wars \par ______________________________________________________________________________ \par \par Broken Treaty picture Scalps of Wasichu picture Empty bowls, battle picture \par \par ______________________________________________________________________________ \par \par \par I \par \par Stars Fall/Long Winter Night Buffalo return One-Legged\rquote s Vision Lakota in heaven \par _______________________________________________________________________________ \par Many people die picture Buffalo picture Door Game picture Golden Tipi/dancing \par _______________________________________________________________________________ \par \par II. \par ____________ Wasichu Wars/Hell Fire picture \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume IV \par Appendix \par \par Table A \par A Complete Listing of the Hebrew Alphabetic Champions \par \par }{\b\fs22 ALEPH--Yeshua, Lord God of Sabaoth, Son of the Most High God \par ________________________________________________________________________ \par Beth}{--The Patriarchy and Tetrarchy of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph \par }{\b\fs22 Gimel}{--The High priestly-prophetic-legislative Triarchy of Mosheh, Aaron , Miryam \par }{\b\fs22 Daleth}{--Daniyel* \par }{\b\fs22 He}{--Hanna \par }{\b\fs22 Vau}{--Noahdiah}{\b\fs22 \par Zain}{--Lapidoth#}{\b\fs22 \par Cheth}{--The Duarchy of Debora (Commander) and Jael (Acting General)**}{\b\fs22 \par Teth}{--Gideon \par }{\b\fs22 Jod}{--Jona}{\b\fs22 \par Caph}{--Duamutef**/Pea of Chezib \par }{\b\fs22 Lamed}{--Asenath**/Zenobia** \par }{\b\fs22 Mem}{--Ruth** \par }{\b\fs22 Nun}{--The Prophetic Duarchy of Bildad** and Kezia** \par }{\b\fs22 Samech}{--David** \par }{\b\fs22 Ain}{--Daedalus** \par }{\b\fs22 Pe}{--Basemath** \par }{\b\fs22 Tsadde}{--Judah}{\b\fs22 \par Qoph}{--Job**}{\b\fs22 \par Resh}{--Tamar**}{\b\fs22 \par Schin}{--Meshullam**/Abdullah**}{\b\fs22 \par ___________________________________________________________________________ \par TAU--Yeshua, First and Last, the Beginning and the End \par \par ____________________ \par }{*Pivotal letterman, who also headed team of DUBESOR \par **Honorary, those who believed on the Most High God, the God of Israel, Who sees no difference \par between the families of mankind where the Faith is concerned, losing everyone without partiality \par ***Although David (Elhanan) does not figure significantly in Gabriel Tall Chief\rquote s Chronicles, as a youth he slew the giant Goliath of Gath in Philistia (also called \'93One who stands between\'94 ; David-Elhanan became a champion in war, a great king, and a great psalmist or composer of spiritual songs, or psalms, many of which found their way into the combat manual from the pages of the }{\i Book of the War of Heaven and Earth}{ . Without David (who as Elhanan was awarded the title of commander, \'93Dawidum\'94, which gives us the modern \'93David\'94 and was not only a supreme commander of Israel and her greatest king (King Solomon, for all his luster and wisdom, was very much a man of the world, a sophisticated, out-of-touch-with-his-society despot compared to his father) bu t the composer of the majority of psalms, including the peerless and magnificent Acrostic Psalm, his masterpiece) there would have been no DUBESOR, conceivably. \par #A doddering old man, husband to a valiant Debora, gave the appearance of being a cipher but contended in a significant way for the Faith, helping Deborah at all points to pull a brilliant, scarlet thread through the tapestry of the Wargame\rquote s weaving of events. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Table B \par Empowerment Verses (Hebrew text and English translation) \par for each Hebrew Alphabetic Champion drawn \par from David\rquote s Acrostic Psalm \par \par }{\b\fs24 Aleph \par }{\b 1. Ashre termine darek hoholekim betorath Jehovah. \par }{Blessed are the undefiled in the way who walk in the law of Jehovah. \par }{\b 2. Ashre notsere \lquote edothalv bekal leb yidereshuhu. \par }{Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, who seek Him with the whole heart! \par }{\b 3. Aph lo pa\rquote aiu \lquote avelah biderakiv haiaku. \par }{They do no iniquity; they walk in His ways. \par }{\b 4. Attah tsivvithah piquedeka lishemor meod. \par }{You have commanded us to keep Your precepts diligently. \par }{\b 5. Achaiai yikonu derakai lishemor chuqqeka. \par }{Oh, that My ways were directed to keep Your precepts diligently. \par }{\b 6. Az lo ebosh behabbiti el kal mitsotheka. \par }{Then I would not be ashamed, when I look into all Your commandments. \par }{\b 7. Odeka beyisher lebab belamedi mishpete tsideqeka.}{ \par I will praise You with uprightness of heart when I learn Your righteous judgments. \par }{\b 8. Eth chuqqeka eshemor al ta\rquote azebeni \lquote ad meod. \par }{I will keep Your statutes; oh, do not forsake Me utterly! \par _________________ \par Verses 1-3. Yeshua was the only One among men who walked completely undefiled and observed the whole law of God perfectly because he was God, a sinless being conceived by God in a virgin who went on to commit no sin in his entire life. Imparted to each believer by the agency of the indwelling Holy Spirit, he continues to live sinlessly in each soul that is a part of his kingdom on ear th. Verse 4-6. The proof for Yeshua\rquote s perfect obedience to the Law is that no enemy could ever prove a charge against him, except the one dealing with his divine Sonship, which he did not deny he had claimed for himself in the trial before Pilatus. He re is expressed the whole-hearted desire in Yeshua to do only His Father\rquote s will; this desire dominated all Yeshua said and did on Earth. Verses 6 and 7. Yeshua was (and is) God, but he is man, and as man it was necessary for him to learn God \rquote s law. Here is also expressed his heart cry that God never forsake him utterly, which at his crucifixion is again expressed in his words, \'93My God, my God, why hast Thou forsake me\'94--uttered when He became sin for man\rquote s sake, and the Father turned away His face from His own son for a moment. \par Verses 7 and 8 appear to be variants, since technically they do not begin with an aleph, yet Yeshua is Aleph, and the verses are from his Spirit breathed into the spirit of the psalmist, David the \'93sweet singer of Zion.\'94 I f a variation was made, then there is an important, divine purpose, even if it cannot be discovered by man. The break is altogether singular and dramatic, coming in the seventh and eighth verses. Seven is the number of perfection standing for God, a nd Eight is the number of Christ. In Verse 7, as co-existent with God the Father and the Spirit, then Christ affirmed his steadfast hold on the word, which he embodied with perfection after thirty three years of a learning process. In Verse 8, as Christ expressed his anointed office as Christ but he also expressed his humanity, which he combined in one person. Here is the real cross on which He suffered--the potentiality of being utterly forsaken by the Father and the Spirit. Nothing so terri b le could be imagined by the Third Person of the Godhead! Yet the Cross of Calvary contained that abyss for him, and he realized it here, and the terrible irony is that because he kept the commandments perfectly he brought on him the worst possible eff e ct. In other words, having become the perfect sacrifice on the basis of his obedience, being made the bearer of all human sin since the Garden of Eden he would of necessity be subjected to alienation from God. An eternal glory, we know now from wh at happened, was reserved for him on the other side of the abyss, but at the moment he faced the separation he could only rest his human soul in hope amidst the overwhelming darkness. \par For all eternity, therefore, since he faced and overcame the darkn ess, there will never be any letterman- champion as glorious as Yeshua the Aleph and the Tau in the War of Heaven and Earth against the forces of Sin, Death, and the Star-Stones. Without this Champion and Commander-in-Chief, there would be no hope of ever winning back the Garden for mankind, the \'93Golden Fleece\'94 jealously guaded by an ever-vigilant star-stone, the Carbuncle and its spirit-form the Vampire Bat--arch foe of all faith in God and His eternal word to mankind. \par __________________ \par }{\b\fs24 Beth \par }{\b 9. Bemech yezekkeh na\rquote ar eth arechu lishemor ki debareka. \par }{How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word. \par }{\b 10. Bekal libbi derashhtika al tesheggeni mimmitsotheka. \par }{With my whole heart I have sought You; oh, let me not wander from Your commandments.. \par }{\b 11. Belebbi tsaphanti imeratheka lema\rquote an lo echeta lak. \par }{Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. \par }{\b 12. Baruk attah Jehovah; lemadeni chuqqeka.}{ \par Blessed are You, O Lord!Teach me Your statutes. \par }{\b 13. Bishephathai sipharti kol mishpete pika. \par }{With my lips I have declared all the judgements of Your mouth. \par }{\b 14. Bederek \lquote edotheka sasti ke\rquote al kal hon. \par }{I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches. \par }{\b 15. Bepeqqudeka asichah v\rquote abbitah orechotheka.}{ \par I will meditate on Your precepts, and contemplate Your ways. \par }{\b 16. Bechuggotheka eshta\rquote asha\rquote lo eshekkach debareka. \par }{I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word. \par ____________________ \par \par The Patriarchy-Tetrarchy of Abra ham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph was founded on chosen men who learned the hard way (by experience, sometimes by sinning and suffering the consequences). Not one learned the law of God by living an easy life. Holiness did not come easily or without sti f f opposition (Isaac suffered continual opposition from his Philistine neighbors over right to his own wells). Even Joseph, against whom nothing in scripture is said, learned obeience through the trials he suffered at the hands of his brothers and the n the Mizraimites his slave masters. Jacob, who was perhaps the chief sinner of the group, did not find delight in the law of God until his last seventeen years of life, when he was reunited with his beloved Joseph so miraculously. He himself testif i ed to the Per-aa on entering Mizraim that he had seen nothing but evil all his life, and his life was short (shortness in those times meant ill-favored or unfortunate) compared with his fathers. The Patriarchy, nevertheless, faced and successfully sto od down the Sardius, \par the nearly invincible first Op on the gameboard. \par _______________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Gimel \par }{\b 17. Gemol \lquote al \lquote abeaeka echyeh v\rquote eshemerah debareka. \par }{Deal bountifully with Your servant, that I may live and keep Your word. \par }{\b 18. Gal \lquote enai v\rquote abbitah niphlaoth mitoratheka. \par }{Open my eyes, that I may see wondous things from Your law. \par }{\b 19. Ger anoki baarets; al taseter minnenni mitsotheka. \par }{I am a stranger in the Earth; do not hide Your commandments from me. \par }{\b 20. Garesam napshi letaabah el mishpateka bekal \lquote eth. \par }{My soul breaks with longing for Your judgments. \par }{\b 21. Ga\rquote arta zedim arurim hashogim mimitsotheka. \par }{You rebuke the proud--the cursed, who stray from Your commandments. \par }{\b 22. Gal me\rquote alai cherepah vabuz ki \lquote edotheka natsarti. \par }{Remove from me reproach and contempt, for I have kept Your testimonies. \par }{\b 23. Gam yashbu sarim bi nidebaru; \lquote abedeka yasiach bechuqqeka. \par }{Princes also sit and speak against me, but Your servant meditates on Your statutes. \par }{\b 24. Gam \lquote edotheka sha\rquote ashu\rquote ai anshe \lquote etsathi. \par }{Your testimonies are also my delight and my counselors. \par ___________________ \par The high priestly-prophetic-legislative Triarchy of Mosheh, Aaron (also Aharon), and Miryam \par were certainly given to see and know wondrous things out of the word of God, which \par they then were charged to impart to their brethren, the people of Israel. Miryam and \par Mosheh were good at rebuking the proud. Consequently, princes both of Israel and \par Mizraim bitterly opposed them. Together they opposed the Topaz and all its forces, \par which included the world-class might and power of the Mizraimites. Stood down, \par the Topaz beat a strategic retreat and, many centuries later, re-emerged to again seek world \par dominion. \par ___________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Daleth \par }{\b 25. Dabeqah le\rquote aphar napshi chayeni kidebareka. \par }{My soul clings to the dust; revive me according to Your word. \par }{\b 26. Derakai sipharti vata\rquote aneni lamedemi chuqqeka. \par }{I have declared my ways, and You answered me; teach me Your statutes. \par }{\b 27. Darek piqquddeka habineni; v\rquote asichah benipheleotheka. \par }{Make me understand the way of Your precepts; so shall I meditate on Your wonderful works. \par }{\b 28. Dalephah napshi mitugah; quayemi kidebareka. \par }{My soul melts from heaviness; strengthen me according to Your word. \par }{\b 29. Darek sheqer haser mimmeni, vetoratheka channeni. \par }{Remove from me the way of lying, and grant me Your law graciously. \par }{\b 30. Darek emunah bacharti; mishpateka shivvithi. \par }{I have chosen the way of truth; Your judgments I have laid before me. \par }{\b 31. Dabaqti b\rquote edotheka, Jehovah; al tebishene.}{ \par I cling to Your testimonies; O Lord, do not put me to shame! \par }{\b 32. Darek mitsotheka aruts; ki tarechib libbi. \par }{I will run the course of Your commandments, for You shall enlarge my heart. \par __________________ \par \par Above all other spiritual leaders, , Daniyel clung to the dust itself as he prayed, he was so conscious of the \par Awe of Abraham and Isaac. Whenever he was not at his window, when in prayer and meditation he was to be found outstretched on the ground before Almighty God. Running the course developed a large heart for him, for his course as an oracle of Israel at a pagan court from the time he was taken captive was very, very long and hazardous, demanding the utmost in perseverance, fortitude, and courage. In his career under pagan Babelite administrations an d all through his extended mentorship, Daniyel fought against \par the star-stones of Gold, Carbuncle, and Sapphire. \par __________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 He \par }{\b 33. Horeni Jehovah derek chuqqeka v\rquote etserennah \lquote eqeb. \par }{Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes, and I shall keep it to the end. \par }{\b 34. Habineni v\rquote etserah toratheka, v\rquote eshemerennah bekol leb. \par }{Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law; indeed, I shall observe it with my whole heart. \par }{\b 35. Haderikeni benithib mitsotheka ki bo chaphatseti. \par }{Make me walk in the path of Your commandments, for I delight in it. \par }{\b 36. Hat libbi el \lquote edotheka v\rquote al el batsa\rquote . \par }{Incline my heart to Your testimonies, and not to covetousness. \par }{\b 37. Ha\rquote aber \lquote enai nereoth shave biderekeka chayeni. \par }{Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way. \par }{\b 38. Hazem l\rquote abedeka imratheka, asher leyiretheka. \par }{Establish Your word to Your servant, who is devoted to fearing You. \par }{\b 39. Ha\rquote aber charephathi asher yagorti ki mishpateka tobim. \par }{Turn aside my reproach which I dread, for Your judgments are good. \par }{\b 40. Hinnah taabti lepiqudeka; betsideqatheka chayeni. \par }{Behold, I long for Your precepts; revive me in Your righteousness. \par _________________ \par \par Hanna must have struggled long and hard with the rule of God and His law and the lure \par of things that Peninah possessed and enjoyed, and she did not, though she was First Wife \par and Peninah was second. Consumed more by God than by sorely coveted things, she \par suffered much but ultimately triumphed over her adversary, who daily reproached Hanna for being barren. Because Hanna knew that the law of God was uppermost in her heart, she was not condemned by Hanna\rquote s reproaches, though Hanna claimed that Hanna was a sinner, because barren women were being punished by God. It was her clinging to God\rquote s word that saved Hanna from her arch foe, who was confidently possessed of the full weight of society and its scorn and suspicion for barren women. Hanna had good reason to dread its reproach, bu t her reverential fear of God proved greater, and the Almighty was pleased and gave her a great victory that would be celebrated for all time, whereas Peninah fell into disgrace and disfavor that would also be unending because her defiance of her super ior was really defiance of God. \par Hanna was God\rquote s champion to fight against the Onyx. \par __________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Vau (or Waw) \par }{\b 41. Vibouni chasadeka Jehovah teshu\rquote atheka k\rquote imratheka. \par }{Let Your mercies come also to me, O Lord--Your salvation according to Your word. \par }{\b 42. V\rquote e\rquote eneh chorephi darak, ki batachti bidebareka. \par }{So shall I have an answer for him who reproaches me, for I trust in Your word. \par }{\b 43. V\rquote al tatsel mipi debar emeth \lquote ad meod, ki limishpateka yichalti. \par }{And take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth, for I have hoped in Your ordinances. \par }{\b 44. V\rquote eshemerah toratheka tamid l\rquote olam va\rquote od. \par }{So shall I keep Your law continually, forever and ever. \par }{\b 45. V\rquote ethelleka barechabah, ki piqqudeka darashti. \par }{And I will walk at liberty, for I seek Your precepts. \par }{\b 46. Vaadabberah b\rquote edotheka neged melakim velo ebosh. \par }{I will speak of Your testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed. \par }{\b 47. V\rquote eshta\rquote asha bemitsotheka asher ahabti. \par }{And I will delight myself in Your commandments, which I love. \par }{\b 48. V\rquote esa kaphi el mitsotheka asher ahabti v\rquote asichah bechuqqeka. \par }{My hands also I will lift up to Your commandments, which I love, and I will meditate on Your \par statutes. \par ____________________ \par Verse 1. Noahdiah, having invested most of her life in perfecting the arts of usury and foreclosure, was most in need of mercy and appreciative of it when it fell her lot after suffering years of wandering \par homelessness, want, and adversity. Verse 46. A natural casuist, she had debated her brethren before on many points of disputed theology, but after she was refined in the crucible of adversity vain theologizing was burned away and she had come to an absolute reliance on the pure word of God to sustain her. Made righteous by her c hange of heart according to that word, she could then testify of God before the infidel Pilatus and not be made ashamed. Indeed, she lost her life doing so and gained immortal fame. Moreover, Yeshua II commended her example at the Temple treasury in giving all she had, even all her living, not just a comfortable portion of surplus wealth as rich men customarily gave. Noahdiah, in divesting herself of all greed and desire for the world\rquote s wealth and power, struck a telling blow against the Sardius. \par ___________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Zain (or Zayin) \par }{\b 49. Zekar dabar l\rquote abedeka \lquote al asher yichaltani. \par }{Remember the word to Your servant, upon which You have caused me to hope. \par }{\b 50. Zoth nechamathi b\rquote anei ki imeratheka chiyatheni. \par }{This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your word has given me life. \par }{\b 51. Zedim helitsuni \lquote ad meod mitoratheka lo natithi. \par }{The proud have me in great derision, yet I do not turn aside from Your law. \par }{\b 52. Zekarti mishpateka me\rquote olam Jehovah ethenecham. \par }{ I remembered Your judgments of old, O Lord, and have comforted myself. \par }{\b 53. Zal\rquote apha achazatheni meresha \lquote im \lquote ozbe toratheka. \par }{Indignation has taken hold of because of the wicked,who forsake Your law. \par }{\b 54. Zemiroth hayu li chuqqeka bibeth migurai. \par }{Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage. \par }{\b 55. Zakarti balailah shimka Jehovah vaesemerah toratheka. \par }{I remember Your name in the night, O Lord, and I keep Your law. \par }{\b 56. Zoth hayethah li, ki piqudeka natsarti. \par }{This has become mine, because I kept Your precepts. \par ____________________ \par Verse 50. Lapidoth\rquote s \'93affliction\'94 cast him into the shade of his wife, the great leader and woman of God, Debora. Verse 51. In a traditional society where public roles were not usually shared by women, Lapidoth\rquote s obscurity relative to his conspicuous wife naturally earned him great derision. No doubt he was looked at as something less than a man. Thus, he was doubly afflicted, by his natural infirmity and then again by man\rquote s disrespect. He deserved neither and was a noble soul, a great aid to his wife in carrying out her duties for the sake of the nation and its preservation during a time of crisis. Lapidoth knew his foundation in the word of God, and also knew he was faithful to God. Verse 54. This knowledge of the word and his allegiance to it in a time of apostasy provided his chief comfort in his sorely afflicted but highly productive sojourn on the Earth in which he fought against the Beryl, or Heliodore. \par _____________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Cheth \par }{\b 57. Cheleqi Jehovah amarti lishemor debareka. \par }{You are my portion, O Lord; I have said that I would keep Your word. \par }{\b 58. Chilithi paneka bekal leb; channeni b\rquote imeratheka. \par }{I entreated Your favor with my whole heart; be merciful to me according to Your word. \par }{\b 59. Chishabti derakai vaashibah ragelai el \lquote edotheka. \par }{I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies. \par }{\b 60. Chashti velo tithmahmahti lishemor mitsotheka. \par }{I made haste, and did not delay to keep Your commandments. \par }{\b 61. Chebele resha\rquote im \lquote ivveduni; toratheka lo shakachti. \par }{The cords of the wicked have bound me, but I have not forgotten Your law. \par }{\b 62. Chatsoth lailah aqum lehodoth lak, \lquote al mishpete tsideqeka. \par }{At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You, because of Your righteous judgments. \par }{\b 63. Chaber ani lekal asher yereuka uleshomere piqudeka. \par }{I am a companion of all who fear You,and of those who keep Your commandments. \par }{\b 64. Chasadeka Jehovah malah haarets; chuqqeka lamedeni. \par }{The Earth, O Lord, is full of Your mercy; teach me Your statutes. \par ___________________ \par The Duarchy of Debora and Jael included the Kenite tinker\rquote s \'93nail\'94 and rejected Baraq, who would naturally be thought Debora\rquote s commander, according to the w ords of Debora herself, who pronounced the final word on the winning campaign against Jabin. Because Baraq had been reluctant to obey God\rquote s word tohim and also forced her to attend a man\rquote s war, demeaning her womanly dignity, she refused him honor as Israel\rquote s co-commander. That honor instead went to Jael, the brave woman who dared to attack Hazir\rquote s powerful commander after, Verse 61, breaking the cords of an alliance between the Kenites and the Hazirites that protected a bloody murderer of innocent women and children. Though not Israelite, she took up Israel\rquote s cause as her own, thereby allying herself with Israel\rquote s nobler destiny, just as much earlier the brave Kenite Caleb joined his fortunes to Israel\rquote s in the re-taking of the Promised Land. Together, \par with Lapidoth, they successfully fought off the Beryl. \par _____________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Teth \par }{\b 65. Tob \lquote asitha \lquote im \lquote abedeka Jehovah kidebareka. \par }{You have dealt well with Your servant, O Lord, according to Your word. \par }{\b 66. Tob ta\rquote am vada\rquote ath lamedeni ki bimitsotheka heemanti. \par }{Teach me good judgment and knowledge , for I believe Your commandments. \par }{\b 67. Terem e\rquote eneh ani shogeg v\rquote attah imratheka shamarti. \par }{Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep Your word. \par }{\b 68. Tob attah umetib lamedeni chuqqeka. \par }{You are good, and do good; teach me Your statutes. \par }{\b 69. Taphalu \lquote alai sheqer zedim ani bekal leb etsor piqudeka. \par }{The proud have forged a lie against me, but I will keep Your precepts with my whole heart. \par }{\b 70. Taphash kacheleb libbam ani toratheka shi\rquote asha\rquote ti. \par }{Their heart is as fat as grease, but I delight in Your law. \par }{\b 71. Tob li ki \lquote unethi lema\rquote an elemad chuqqeka. \par }{It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes. \par }{\b 72. Tob li torath pika mealphe zehab vakaseph. \par }{The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of coins of gold and silver. \par _____________________ \par Though Gideon\rquote s exploits are to be found only in a Lost Chronicle recording the time when the \par Topaz, apparently, surfaced briefly, he led God\rquote s restoration of truth fait h and nationhood in the darkest time when the whole country was under the heel of Midianites, who made repeated attacks at harvest time to snatch away every crumb of food, so that the people were all starving and reduced to hiding what food \par they had, as Gideon did while threshing in a winepress to mislead the enemy. Chosen by God as \par a deliverer, he was reluctant to take up the baton, since he knew he was the least of a small family within an insignificant clan. Verse 69. Since one of his first act s as deliverer was to overthrow the images of the local gods in his idolatrous community, he was said to be impious, and thus worthy of death, not honor. This is the reward of any true reformer, he will be said to be a destroyer of the good when, in truth, the \'93good\'94 everyone is so anxious about preserving is a terrible evil that is ruining the whole nation. \par ______________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Jod (or Yod) \par }{\b 73. Yadeka \lquote asuni vayekonenuni habineni v\rquote elemedah mitsotheka. \par }{Your hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding, that I may learn Your \par commandments. \par }{\b 74. Yereeka yiruni veyishemachu ki lidebareka yichalti. \par }{Those who fear You will be glad when they see me, because I have hoped in Your word. \par }{\b 75. Yada\rquote ati Jehovah ki tsedeq mishpateka veemunah \lquote anithani. \par }{I know, O Lord, that Your judgments are right and that in faithfulness You have afflicted me. \par }{\b 76. Yishi na chasadekc lenachameni k\rquote imratheka l\rquote abedeka. \par }{Let, I pray, Your merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to Your word to Your servant. \par }{\b 77. Yebouni rachameka v\rquote echyeh ki toratheka sha\rquote ashu\rquote ai. \par }{Let Your tender mercies come to me, that I may live, for Your law is my delight. \par }{\b 78. Yebshu zedim, ki sheqer \lquote ivvethuni; ani asiach bepiqudeka. \par }{Let the proud be ashamed, for they treated me wrongfully with falsehood; but I will meditate \par on Your precepts. \par }{\b 79. Yashubu li yereeka vayod\rquote ev \lquote edotheka. \par }{Let those who fear You turn to me, those who know Your testimonies. \par }{\b 80. Yehi libbi tamin bechuqqeka lema\rquote an lo ebosh.}{ \par Let my heart be blameless regarding Your statutes, that I may not be ashamed. \par _________________________ \par Verse 75. It took much pain and distress for the wayward Jona to come to the place where he \par resigned himself utterly to God\rquote s universal plan of redemption that also included the Assyrians, Jona\rquote s \par and Israel\rquote s most hated and feared enemies. Verse 77. If not for the tender mercies named here, \par Jona would have remained in belly of Peninah, but God heard his cry and delivered him. After that harrowing brush with death and hell, the chastened prophet returned to obedience and journeyed to Assyria to deliver the word of God. Reformed and sorely chastened by God\rquote s hand, Jona proved \par the bane of the Jasper. \par ________________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Caph (or Kaph) \par }{\b 81. Kaltah lithshu\rquote atheka napshi lidebareka yichalti.}{ \par My soul faints for Your salvation, but I hope in Your word. \par }{\b 82. Kalu \lquote enai l\rquote imratheka, lemor, mathai tenachaneni. \par }{My eyes fail from searching Your word, saying, \'93When will You comfort me?\'94 \par }{\b 83. Ki hayithi kenod beqitor; chuqqeka lo shakachati. \par }{For I have become like a wineskin in smoke, yet I do not forget Your statutes. \par }{\b 84. Kammah yeme \lquote abedeka mathai ta\rquote aseh berodephai mishpat. \par }{How many are the days of Your servant? When will You execute judgment on those who \par persecute me? \par }{\b 85. Karu li zedim shichoth asher lo ketoratheka. \par }{The proud have dug pits for me, which is not according to Your law. \par }{\b 86. Kal mitsotheka emunah; sheqer redaphuni; \lquote azreni. \par }{All Your commandments are faithful; they persecute me wrongfully; help me! \par }{\b 87. Kam\rquote at kalluni baarets; vaani lo \lquote azabti piqudeka. \par }{They almost made an end of me on Earth, but I did not forsake Your precepts. \par }{\b 88. Kachasedeka chaeni v\rquote eshemarah \lquote eduth pika. \par }{Revive me according to Your lovingkindness, so that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth. \par _______________________ \par \par Honorary letterman player, Duamutef the former chief priest of the Temple of Nathasta in Mizraim \par knew the art of playing rival against rival in order to promote his own temple\rquote s i nterests in the political and religious arena of his day. However, the master of power brokerage found himself caught in a complex web that even he could not fathom. For once in his life, he chose not to play the cynical game according to its rules and chose to opt, by faith alone, for the interests of an Unknown God; this fatal choice gained him assassination and a role of preacher for the Most High God in the Underworld. Duamutef, in \par choosing the Most High God even above his own chief god, Nath, allied himself against the Sardius. \par Pea of Chezib shared the letter with Duamutef, and he fought the evil Sapphire which had polluted and defiled the Earth. Like Daniyel a major contender in the Wargame, though a featherweight in physique, \par little but mighty Pea was again like Daniyel in his operating in two alphabets, the Hebrew and the alphabet of the Dubesor. \par \par ________________________ \par }{\b\fs24 Lamed \par }{\b 89. L\rquote olam Jehovah debareka nitsar bashamayim. \par }{Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. \par }{\b 90. Ledor vador emunatheka; konanta erets vata\rquote amod. \par }{Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You established the Earth, and it abides. \par }{\b 91. Lemishpateka \lquote amedu hayom ki hakol \lquote abadeka. \par }{They continue this day according to Your ordinances, for all are Your servants. \par }{\b 92. Lule toratheka sha\rquote ashu\rquote ai az abadti b\rquote ani. \par }{Unless Your law had been my delight, I would then have perished in my affliction. \par }{\b 93. L\rquote olam lo eshekach piqqudeka; ki bam chiyithani. \par }{I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have given me life. \par }{\b 94. Leka ani; hoshi\rquote eni; ki piqudeka darashti. \par }{I am Yours, save me; for I have sought Your precepts. \par }{\b 95. Li quivvu resha\rquote im l\rquote abedeni; \lquote edotheka ethebonan. \par }{The wicked wait for me to destroy me, but I will consider Your testimonies. \par }{\b 96. Lekal tiklah raithi qets; rachabah mitservatheka meod. \par }{I have seen the consummation of all perfection, but Your commandment is exceedingly broad. \par _____________________ \par \par Honorary letterwomen, champions in their own right, Asenath and Zenobia share a letter. \par Through great affliction and adversity, they plunged to victory where others would have been \par utterly dismayed and destroyed. The God they came to know and serve was greater than all of Mizraim\rquote s gods together, and it was the Most High who led them out to triumph after doing battle with the \par evil world system of the Sardius. \par ______________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 \par Mem \par }{\b 97. Mah ahabti toratheka kal hayom hi sichathi. \par }{Oh, how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day. \par }{\b 98. Meoyebai bechakemeni mitsotheka; ki l\rquote olam hi li. \par }{You, through Your commandments, make me wiser than my enemies, for they are ever with me. \par }{\b 99. Mikal melamedai hisekkalti; ki \lquote edotheka sichah li. \par }{I have more understanding than all my teachers, for for Your testimonies are my meditation. \par }{\b 100. Mizegenim ethebonan; ki piqudeka natsarti. \par }{I understand more than the ancients, because I keep Your precepts. \par }{\b 101. Mikal orach ra\rquote kaliti raglai lema\rquote an eshemor debareka. \par }{I have restrained my feet from every evil way, that I may keep Your word. \par }{\b 102. Mimishpateka lo sarti, ki attah horethani.}{ \par I have not departed from Your judgments, for You Yourself have taught me. \par }{\b 103. Mah nimletsu lechikki imratheka; midebash lephi. \par }{How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! \par }{\b 104. Mipiqudeka ethebonan, \lquote al ken sineathi kal orach shaqer. \par }{Through Your precepts I get understanding; therefore, I hate every false way. \par ____________________ \par Ruth the Moabite daughter-in-law differed from Orpah in that she learned the word of God \par through the example of her mother-in-law, whereas Orpah only perceived a Jewish \par mother-in-law doing such and so. Naomi, thus, was the living word and deed of God to \par the impressionable, young Ruth, who had only known heathenish ways until Naomi \par brought the light of Israel to Ruth\rquote s dark society. Verse 101. Through Naomi Ruth learned what was true and what was falsehood. Verses 99-100. For Ruth, all the wisdom and religion of Moab\rquote s t eachers and ancients failed wretched beside the simple, steady light shed by Naomi\rquote s life upon her household and surroundings. Naomi, for all her short-comings and grumblings, figured as the revelation of the Most High God to Ruth, and to a soul that had been sunk in Moab\rquote s cruel, depraved religious practices Naomi\rquote s truth was sweeter than honey--Verse 103. Rising to make that wonderful, holy, cleansing light her own, Ruth became a most courageous and faithful champion, saving not only herself but her beloved mother-in-law. \par She successfully combated the Diamond, which blew up, half surviving but flying off into deep space. \par ____________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Nun \par }{\b 105. Ner leragli debareka v\rquote or linethibati. \par }{Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. \par }{\b 106. Nishba\rquote ti vaaqayemah lishemor mishpete tsideqeka. \par }{I have sworn and confirmed that I will keep Your righteous judgments. \par }{\b 107. Na\rquote aneti \lquote ad meod; Jehovah chayeni kidebareka. \par }{I am afflicted very much; revive me, O Lord, according to Your word. \par }{\b 108. Nideboth pi retseh, na, Jehovah umishpateka lamedeni. \par }{Accept, I pray, the freewill offerings of my mouth, O Lord, and teach me Your judgments. \par }{\b 109. Napshi bekaphi tamid vetoratheka lo shakachti. \par }{My life is continually in my hand, yet I do not forget Your law. \par }{\b 110. Nathenu resha\rquote im pach li umipiqudeka lo ta\rquote ithi. \par }{The wicked have laid a snare for me, yet I have not strayed from Your precepts. \par }{\b 111. Nachalti \lquote edotheka l\rquote olam ki sesun libbi hemmah.}{ \par Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart. \par }{\b 112. Natithi libbi la\rquote asoth chuqqeka l\rquote olam \lquote eqeb. \par }{I have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes, to the very end. \par ____________________ \par Honorary but integral letter champions, Bildad and Kezia thrust the Scythe of Almighty God into the \par grassy field of Earth and reaped the fall of the most powerful heathen kingdoms and empires of the Sardius. It was a highly dangerous road for them to tread, to bring the valley of decision to each ruling power, but they risked all hazard s and fulfilled their mission. \par ____________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Samech (or Semech) \par }{\b 113. Se\rquote aphim sanethi vetoratheka ahabti.}{ \par I hate the double-minded, but I love Your law. \par }{\b 114. Sitheri umaggeni attah; tedebareka yichalti.}{ \par You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word. \par }{\b 115. Suru mimmenni mere\rquote im v\rquote etserah mitsoth Elohai. \par }{Depart from me, you evildoers, for I will keep the commandments of my God! \par }{\b 116. Samekeni k\rquote imratheka v\rquote echyeh v\rquote al tebisheni misibri. \par }{Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope. \par }{\b 117. S\rquote adeni v\rquote ivvashe\rquote ah v\rquote eshe\rquote ah bechuqqeka tamid. \par }{Hold me up, and I shall be safe, and I shall observe Your statutes continually. \par }{\b 118. Salitha kal shogim mechuqqeka, ki sheqer taremitham. \par }{You reject all those who stray from Your statutes, for their deceit is falsehood. \par }{\b 119. Sigim hishebbata kal rish\rquote e arets; laken ahabti \lquote edotheka. \par }{You put away all the wicked of the Earth like dross; therefore, I love Your testimonies. \par }{\b 120. Samar mipachedeka besariumimishpateka yareti. \par }{My flesh trembles for fear of You, and I am afraid of Your judgments. \par ____________________ \par \par Though his acts are recorded only in a Lost Chronicle, Elhanan, known to posterity as David, meant every word he wrote because he lived, most of his life, amidst great dangers and God his Refuge was his only means countless times whereby to save himself from his enemies. Words did not come cheaply, they came with blood, sweat, and tears. Though a righteous man, very righteous according to the prevailing standards, he was also a man who could fall prey to passion and pride, and he did fall on occasio n into gross sin. But he was also a man after God\rquote s own heart, who knew the lovingkindness and mercy of the Most High God, not just His awesomeness and power. To this God David, caught in his sin, turned in repentence, and he found forgiveness and did n ot repeat his disastrous mistakes. There was one Bathsheba, not two. One dead Uriah, not two. One census based on pride and presumption, not two. But because he had sinned, there were consequences that God levied upon David\rquote s kingdom and royal line. His own sons rose up to seize his throne out from under him. \par Murder, plots, rebellions, and untimely deaths of his sons were deadly fruit of David\rquote s indiscretions and wrong judgements. Verse 120. Therefore, knowing both the goodness and severity of God, David trembled. It was again the Topaz, emerging briefly, that this letterman fought. \par __________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Ain \par }{\b 121.}{ }{\b \lquote Asithi mishpat vatsedeq; bal tanicheni l\rquote shqai.}{ \par I have done justice and righteousness; do not leave me to my oppressors. \par }{\b 122. \lquote Arob \lquote abedeka letob; al ya\rquote asheqeni zedim.}{ \par Be surety for Your servant for good; do not let the proud oppress me. \par }{\b 123.}{ }{\b \lquote Enai kalu lishu\rquote atheka ulimeroth tsideqeka. \par }{My eyes fail from seeking Your salvation and Your righteous word. \par }{\b 124.}{ }{\b \lquote Aseh \lquote im \lquote abedeka kechasedeka; vechuqqeka lamedeni. \par }{Deal with your servant according to Your mercy, and teach me Your statutes. \par }{\b 125}{. }{\b \lquote Abedeka ani; habineni v\rquote ed\rquote ah \lquote edotheka. \par }{I am Your servant; give me understanding, that I may know Your testimonies. \par }{\b 126.}{ }{\b \lquote Eth la\rquote asoth laJehovah; haperu taratheka}{. \par It is time for You to act, O Lord, for they have regarded Your law as void. \par }{\b 127.}{ }{\b \lquote Al ken ahabti mitsotheka mizahab umpiaz. \par }{Therefore, I love Your commandments more than gold, yea, more than fine gold! \par }{\b 128.}{ }{\b \lquote Al ken kal piqude kol yisarti kal orach sheqer sanethi. \par }{Therefore, all Your precepts concerning all things I consider to be right; I hate every false way. \par __________________ \par \par Honorary, this letterman did not begin well, but he learned from his disastrous mistakes \par and sins to choose life rather than death, the Most High God over his own gods and passions. \par In the process Daedalus was transformed from a self-seeking princeling of a vanquished kingdom to \par a champion of righteousness who could penetrate hell itself and escape. He too fought the Sardius. \par _________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Pe \par }{\b 129. Pelaoth \lquote edotheka, \lquote al ken nitsarathem napshi. \par }{Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore, my soul keeps them. \par }{\b 130. Petach debarka yair mebim petayim. \par }{The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. \par }{\b 131. Pi pa\rquote arti vaeshaphah ki lemitsotheka yaabti. \par }{I opened my mouth and panted, for I longed for Your commandments. \par }{\b 132. Peneh elai vechanneni kimishpat l\rquote ohabe shemka. \par }{Look upon me and be merciful to me, as Your custom is toward those who love Your name. \par }{\b 133. P\rquote anai haken b\rquote imratheka v\rquote al tashelet bi kal aven. \par }{Direct my steps by Your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over me. \par }{\b 134. Pedeni me\rquote asheq adam v\rquote eshemrah piqudeka. \par }{Redeem me from the oppression of man, that I may keep Your precepts. \par }{\b 135. Paneka haer b\rquote abedeka velamedeni eth chuqqeka. \par }{Make Your face shine upon Your servant, and teach me Your statutes. \par }{\b 136. Palne mayim yaredu \lquote eni \lquote al lo shamaru toratheka. \par }{Rivers of water run down from my eyes, because men do not keep Your law. \par __________________ \par Verse 130. The deeper the darkness, the more wonderful the light appears to the delivered one. \par Basemath, native of Shechem, a Samaritan, was such a one, and she joined forces with other \par champions to fight the Sardius. \par __________________ \par \par Tzaddi (or Tsadde) \par }{\b 137. Tsadiq attah Jehovah veyashar mishpateka. \par }{Righteous are You, O Lord, and upright are Your judgments. \par }{\b 138. Tsivvitha tesedeq \lquote edotheka veemunah meod. \par }{Your testimonies, which You have commanded, are righteous and very faithful. \par }{\b 139. Tsimmethatheni qinathi ki shakechu dabareka tsarai. \par }{My zeal has consumed me, because my enemies have forgotten Your words. \par }{\b 140. Tseruphah imratheka meod ve\rquote abedeka ahebahh. \par }{Your word is very pure; therefore Your servant loves it. \par }{\b 141. Tsa\rquote ir anoki venibzeh piqudeka lo shakachti. \par }{I am small and despised, yet do I not forget Your precepts. \par }{\b 142. Tsidepatheka tsedeq l\rquote olam vetoratheka emeth. \par }{Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and Your law is truth. \par }{\b 143. Tsar vimitsoq metsauni mitsotheka sha\rquote ashu\rquote ai. \par }{Trouble and anguish have overtaken me, yet Your commandments are my delights. \par }{\b 144. Tsedeq \lquote edotheka l\rquote olam; habineni vaecheeh.}{ \par The righteousness of Your testimonies is everlasting; give me understanding, and I shall live. \par ___________________ \par \par Verse 137. Having suffered the deaths of two sons and, as a further consequence, his wife, Judah \par knew the full payment of his sins against God and the Covenant. Having married into the enemy \par people of the heathen, Judah broke the Covenant God had made with Abraham and reaffirmed \par with Isaac and Jacob. Going down to Chezib relatively rich, he thrived for a time, but his affluence was misleading, for it was stripped from him suddenly in a day, and he was left on the public road, impoverished and beaten to an inch of his life. He was, indeed, made small and despised at the hands \par of former friends and neighbors. Granted mercy, Judah was carried home which he had left years before in anger and given a a father\rquote s forgiveness. Verse 143. Trouble and anguish had overwhelmed him, but \par his father\rquote s love saved Judah from death and disgrace, and, learning from this experience, he went on to prove himself worthy of the love and grace showered upon him when he was so undeserving. He \par also warred against the Sardius. \par ________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Qoph \par }{\b 145. Qarathi bekal leb; \lquote aneni, Jehovah; chuqqeka etsorah. \par }{I cry out with my whole heart; hear me, O Lord! I will keep Your statutes. \par }{\b 146. Qeratheka; hoshi\rquote eni v\rquote eshisemrah \lquote edotheka. \par }{I cry out to You; save me, and I will keep Your testimonies. \par }{\b 147. Qidamti banesheph vaashavve\rquote ah; lidebareka yichalti. \par }{I rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; I hope in Your word. \par }{\b 148. Qidemu \lquote enai ashemuroth lasiach b\rquote imratheka. \par }{My eyes are awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word. \par }{\b 149. Qoli shim\rquote ah kechasedeka, Jehovah; kimishpateka chaeni. \par }{Hear my voice according to Your lovingkindess; O Lord, revive me according to Your justice. \par }{\b 150. Qarebu rodephe zummah, mitoratheka rachaqu. \par }{They draw near who follow after wickedness; they are far from Your law. \par }{\b 151. Qarob attah Jehovah; vekal mitsotheka emeth. \par }{You are near, O Lord, and all Your commandments are truth. \par }{\b 152. Qedem yada\rquote ti me\rquote edotheka, ki l\rquote olam yesadetam. \par }{Concerning Your testimonies, I have known of old that You have founded them forever. \par __________________ \par Verse 145. Jo bab the righteous Edomite lived this verse his entire life. He prayed and sacrificed for his sons and daughters, lest they sin and fall short of living it. He kept the statutes of the Lord and was blameless before God and man. Yet great, sudden ad v ersity befell this righteous man. All his wealth and family was swept away in a matter of hours. He was left with a bitter, faithless wife and even his health was gone. How was he to regard this calamity? Was it the just judgment of Almighty God upon a sinner? Jobab knew that his heart was right, and he had been doubly careful not to sin against the Lord. Why then was he being afflicted so terribly? Friends came and sat with him for a time, then explained the matter fully to him. \par \'93Friend Jobab,\'94 they said, \'93you are a craven, shameless sinner, and it is obvious that God has punished you. Your sin may be secret and not apparent to the eyes, but God has seen it. You have been able to fool us, but you haven\rquote t fooled God, who is El Roi, and can see the depths of the human heart.\'94 They were utterly wrong in judging righteous Jobab, and God appeared and personally vindicated His suffering servant. What agony he had suffered, afflicted with terrible losses and sickness, unable to pierce the darkness of his ignorance as to why God had allowed such to happen to him. Jobab not only saw Almighty God appear in a great whirlwind, he heard God challenge him to answer to the question, \'93Where were you when I created all things?\'94 Reduced to utmost humility, Jobab could only fall down and worship the Creator of heaven and Earth, and his former perplexity and spiritual }{\i angst}{ paled to utter insignificance before the all-glorious revelation of God. His wisdom, gained from much suffering, \par was gathered together in a minstrel\rquote s epic poem called \'93The Woes of Jobab\'94--attributed to Bildad \par the Shuhite, formerly one of Jobab\rquote s false counselors. Jobab was a notable warrior in the world-wide, \par ages-old struggle against the Sardius. \par ____________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Resh \par }{\b 153. R\rquote eh \lquote anyi vechalletsemi ki toratheka lo skachti. \par }{Consider my affliction and deliver me, for I do not forget Your law. \par }{\b 154. Ribah ribi ugaleni; l\rquote imratheka chayeni. \par }{Plead my cause and redeem me; revive me according to Your word. \par }{\b 155. Rachoq meresha\rquote im yeshu\rquote ah ki chuqqeka lo darashu. \par }{Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek Your statutes. \par }{\b 156. Rachameka rabbim, Jehovah; kemishpateka chayeni. \par }{Great are Your tender mercies, O Lord; revive me according to Your word. \par }{\b 157. Rabbim rodephai vetsarai; me\rquote edotheka lo natithi. \par }{Many are my persecutors and my enemies, yet I do not turn from Your testimonies. \par }{\b 158. Raiti bogedim vaetheqoteatah, asher imratheka lo shamar. \par }{I see the treacherous, and am disgusted, because they do not keep Your word. \par }{\b 159. R\rquote eh ki piquedeka ahabti, Jehovah, bechasadeka chayeni. \par }{Consider how I love Your precepts, revive me, O Lord, according to Your lovingkindness. \par }{\b 160. Rosh debareka emeth, ul\rquote olam kal mishpat tsideqeka. \par }{The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. \par _________________ \par Tamar the lion-hearted daughter-in-law of Judah knew the laws of her people, the Hittites, and \par those that were closely akin shared by the Hebrews--namely the levirite law and custom. By that \par law a widow of the first son was entitled to marry the second son and bear offspring and posterity in the name of the deceased first son; this provided for the widow and ensured her honor in the community. \par Done for this reason, the union was not reckoned as incestuous or wrong. Without this law she was a prey to very hard circumstances. Knowing this law, Tamar pressed it for her full rights, even when her father-in-law\rquote s second son died. Unwilling to lose a third, Shelah, the father, Judah, procrastinated until the desperate Tamar was driven to enforcing the law, with Judah as the unwitting Shelah-surrogate. Within her rights, she was righteous, whereas Judah was not. Fleeing her village, Chezib, when it was attacked by the Philistines, Tamar was taken in by the Hebrews, but the brethren of Judah, who were also by marriage her brethren, drew back from her. Tamar persisted, however, and two sons were born to her of the levirite union which not only brought her honor but a posterity to both Er her husband and Judah. Good was, thus produced, from Judah\rquote s evil by the hand of God and the courage of a sorely abused young woman. For this Tamar became a warrior against the Sardius and bore a holy letter. \par }{\b\fs24 ________________ \par \par \par \par Schin \par }{\b 161. Sarim redaphuni chinnam; umidebareka pechad libbi. \par }{Princes persecute me without a cause, but my heart stands in awe of Your word. \par }{\b 162. Sas anoki \lquote al imratheka; kemotse shalal rab. \par }{I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure. \par }{\b 163. Sheqer saneathi vaath\rquote ebah; taratheka ahabti. \par }{I hate and abhor lying, but I love Your law. \par }{\b 164. Sheba\rquote bayom hillaltika \lquote al mishpete tsideqeka. \par }{Seven times a day I praise You, because of Your righteous judgments. \par }{\b 165. Shalom rab l\rquote ohabe toratheka; v\rquote en lamo mikeshol. \par }{Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble. \par }{\b 166. Sibbarti lishu\rquote atheka Jehovah; umitsotheka \lquote asithi. \par }{Lord, I hope for Your salvation, and I do Your commandments. \par }{\b 167. Shamrah napshi \lquote edotheka, v\rquote ohab meod. \par }{My soul keeps Your testimonies, and I love them exceedingly. \par }{\b 168. Shamarti piqudeka ve\rquote edotheka, ki kal derakai negedeka. \par }{I keep Your precepts and Your testimonies, for all my ways are before You. \par ___________________ \par Meshullam the trader and caravaneer was cunning in the ways of the world, yet he always maintained his integrity before the Most High God as God\rquote s servant. Fo r this he was persecuted (or thought strange in his ways) by his own people, some of them high in position. Yet Meshullam esteemed the favor and word of the Lord as a greater treasure than anything the world could offer. His youngest brother, Abdull ah, was initially more taken with worldly treasure and learned through hardship and committed sin there was a better path, the one that, like his eldest brother\rquote s, led him to esteem God\rquote s ways. Both brothers were of one heart, however, and together they served to combat the Sardius. \par __________________ \par \par }{\b\fs24 Tau \par }{\b 169. Tigerab rinnathi lepaneka Jehovah kidebareka habineni. \par }{Let My cry come before You, O Lord; give Me understanding according to Your word. \par }{\b 170. Tabo tehinnathi lepaneka, k\rquote imratheka hatseleni. \par }{Let My supplication come before You; deliver Me according to Your word. \par }{\b 171. Taba\rquote enah sephathai tehillah, ki telemadeni chuqqeka. \par }{My lips shall utter praise, for You teach Me Your statutes. \par }{\b 172. Ta\rquote an leshoni imratheka ki kal mitsotheka tesedeq. \par }{My tongue shall speak of Your word, for all Your commandments are righteousness. \par }{\b 173. Tehi yadeka l\rquote azreni ki piqudeka bacharti. \par }{Let Your hand become My help, for I have chosen Your precepts. \par }{\b 174. Ta\rquote abti lishu\rquote atheka Jehovah, vetoratheka sha\rquote asu\rquote ai. \par }{I long for Your salvation, O Lord, and Your law is My delight. \par }{\b 175. Techi napshi uthehaleleka; umishpateka ya\rquote azeruni. \par }{Let My soul live, and it shalll praise You, and let Your judgments help Me. \par }{\b 176. Ta\rquote ithi k\rquote eseh obed; baqesh \lquote abedeka; ki mitsotheka lo shakachti.}{ \par I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek Your servant, for I do not forget Your commandments. \par ___________________ \par \par Yeshua is the First and the Last, the Aleph and the Tau. Though the Word of God, He, nevertheless, \par was obliged to learn God\rquote s word during His earthly sojourn. Much of the anguish and suffering of the Cross is expressed in these verses, which was a struggle unto death. Concluding verse. For mankind\rquote s sake, Yeshua bore the fatal, sheeplike waywardness of the whole human race upon his own shoulders along with all human sin, so that he might bear all of it in his sinless body and soul and, thus, become in death the perfect sacrifice making atonement with God for everyone who believed on His name for salvation. All praise be given to Yeshua, First and Last, Aleph and Tau, for his great Victory on the \par Cross! By this Victory a Bridge of Atonement was cast across the di viding abyss separating an absolutely righteous, just, and holy God from a mortally contaminated, unholy race of human beings who were totally unable to bridge the gulf with their own stained and soiled goodness--which in the word is described as nothin g but \'93filthy rags.\'94 \par ____________________ \par Psalm 119 Hebrew verses taken from }{\i Two Thousand Hours in the Psalms}{ by Dr. Marion McH. Hull ( John A. Dickson Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois, 1934); Psalm 119 English verses from The Gideons Internatio nal New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (the Gideons International, Nashville, Tennessee) \par \par \par \par Table C \par \par Eight Synonyms of the Empowering Word of God \par Used in the Acrostic Psalm of David* \par \par 1. Law }{\i **Tora}{ God making his truth known by personal verbal \par communication, just as a teacher or parent \par 2. Word }{\i Dabar}{, Same as Tora \par or }{\i \lquote Imra \par }{3. Testimonies }{\i \lquote Edot}{ Stresses content; God has testified of Himself and His \par requirements \par \par 4. Statutes }{\i Haqquim }{ Unchangeable rules (from root meaning, to engrave) \par (root: h-q-q) \par 5. Judgments }{\i Mispatim}{ Judgments or ordinances; decisions God has made \par 6. Precepts }{\i Piqqudim}{ Precepts authoritatively imposed \par 7. Commandments }{\i Miswot}{ Commandments expecting obedience, all issuing in: \par 8. Way }{\i Derek}{ Habitual modes of life and thought \par _________________ \par \par *}{\i Two Thousand Hours in the Psalms}{ by Dr. Marion McH. Hull, John A. Dickson Publishing Company, Chicago, IL, 1934. \par **Curiously tragic, the word also means \'93attack\'94 in Japanese (Nipponese language), and was \par used by the commander pilot ordering the aerial attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1942, \par which ignited the war that ended in the defeat and destruction of the Japanese Empire. How \par like a fateful word of power, to mean life on one hand given by God to those who fear him, and \par death to others who mistakenly follow a false god of war. Finding the God of the Christian \par Bible, the commander converted to Him later and served in the final defense of the Blue \par Bridge. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Remarks from the Memorial Address of \par Bishop V. F. Osgood Harris, April 23, 1912, \par at the Memorial Service for TITANIC victims, \par Washington National Cathedral; with Note \par by Dr. A. Pikkard \par \par \'93Dear f riends, honored guests of the Cathedral, and attendant guardian angels of those lost at sea! We stand here garbed dolefully in dark crepe and mourning sable before the great West Rose Window which someday a generation shall see finished in all its inte n ded glory. We commemorate, before Providence and the Nation, the tragedy occurring just last week, in which a great ship met an untimely end on her maiden voyage. There was, we know, loss of many, many lives, something in excess of Two Thousands. W e are assured, however, every effort was made by the valiant captain and crew to see that women and children were taken off and put in lifeboats before any of the men. There does not appear to have been enough lifeboats, but, then, who could have foreseen such a dire emergency? \par \'93But why has this auspicious thing happened? This question is like the one that many people ultimately press on the clergyman\rquote s ear, to wit, \lquote Why is there pain and suffering in this world?\rquote I wish I could do justice to it in the time I have for this service. Not artful Cassandra rubbing fatal charms \par between her fingers, not the wise Sybil tending her sacred books, not even suffering-purified Job, I fear, would willingly take up the task of defining a suitable answer. \par \'93 Ladies and Gentlemen, one thing we can assure ourselves today, as we seek to digest this disaster and set it in its proper frame, is that there was, beyond doubt, no foul play involved. That should be a comfort, however slim. Rather, cold brute Nature is the culprit. Blind and cruel as she can sometimes be, she dealt the fatal blow to the ship that took so many lives in sinking. \par \'93But what about the mighty captains of modern industry and naval commerce--among them Mr. Morgan, Lord Bruce Ismay, Mr. Andrews, and others? Are they not responsible in part? I think I hear this cry coming forth even from my own bosom. Yet we cannot blame the great shipping companies that carry the burden of trade and travel between the great pow e rs, nor the men who built the ship. They did everything humanly possible to make this particular vessel a paragon of safety and comfort--in fact, unsinkable. Indeed, it was unsinkable, but for circumstances beyond control. If we think blame is due such men, then we are being unfair. With this sad event in mind, surely they will work all the harder to render sea travel so innocuous a thing we shall never again find occasion to grieve as we are doing today. \par \'93Rather than blame frail human agency, we should take courage from the fact these tears we shed will be our very last. How do I know that? Why, marvelous advances are being made every day in the thriving yards and factoria of our great cities. Someday soon sea travel will be made safe as crossing a street in New York or Chicago or San Francisco. If there is the slightest doubt entertained in your mind, go to any of the Great Expositions. See with your own eyes what Industry and Science are planning for our generation! Truly , you will walk away with a vision of , in Shakespeare\rquote s divine words, a \'93brave new world.\'94 Though we be frail dust, look what mighty engines work immortality and titanic greatness \par for us and future generations! \par \'93I stand, because of this, not with the easy doubters and gainsayers, who think and say we should never again trust Modern Science and Industry with our lives and material goods. On the contrary, my confidence remains strong as ever. Wavering not, I believe with all my heart in mankind\rquote s ability to overcome these temporary setbacks and hindrances. I know with every fiber of my being that when I set foot on any of our modern steamers I shall suffer not the slightest mishap and, when the voyage ends, I shall arrive safe and ref reshed in body and spirit thousands of miles distant from my original point of embarkation. That is something we all can do, for the steamships are worthy of our trust. They are built and staffed by eminently trustworthy men. So, while we go to lay rose wreaths on the memorial cenotaph of our grief, and the fatherless maiden amongst us sheds a precious golden tear in remembrance of her lost loved one, like a drop of precious amber enclosing forever a flower of old--encapsulating in the \par drop of sentiment a dear father, or an uncle, perhaps--let us at the same time reaffirm our faith and plant our feet firmly in the golden sands of this robust and manly New Century that is upon us. Blow the clarion trumpets, sound the tower bells of this the Nation\rquote s most noble edifice! For there is every indication we shall witness unparalleled advancement in all the arts and sciences, as mankind marches upwards on the engines of unstoppable manufactures to blest heights Olympian...\'94 \par \par Comment---Fool! What simpering, unctuous twaddle that old windbag put out! It is a wonder General B-T recorded it. No doubt she included it in her war memoirs to teach succeeding generations how not to address important events in public! Get Pieter to see if there were any meteor showers on that date. Hopefully, he\rquote ll be able to find newspapers on or about that date. \par ___________________ \par *Paper from the Miscellany that accompanied the CASUS BELLUS II of Dr. Pikkard \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Dr. Pikkard\rquote s Notes on a Book of \par Captain B. H. Lidell Hart\rquote s lectures before \par the Royal United Service Institution of \par Great Britain on his \'93Man-in-the-Dark\'94 \par Theory of Infantry Tactics, \par February, ANNO 1921 \par \par I \'93Man-in-Dark\'94 ( M.I.D.) versus \'93Man-in-Dark\'94 (M.I.D.) is a situation of conflict where two combatants engage in hand-to-hand combat in a dark room . This is, Lidell Hart maintains, the same situation he found on the battlefields of the First World War. \par According to the Captain, M.I.D. offensive-defensive strategy for each combatant consists of : \par (1) crouching, tensing, \par (2) raising an arm defensively, and \par (3) extending a hand for reconnaissance. \par The purposes of this posture is: \par (1) to find the enemy (reconnaissance), \par (2) avoid a surprise attack, and \par (3) grasping, or \'93fixing\'94 the enemy. \par II The primary fallacies I can identify in this approach are: \par (1) It is most unlikely that the combatants know nothing about each other; in any reasonable situation, they would have some prior knowledge of each other\rquote s capabilities for fighting, and so they are not \'93in the dark\'94 to the extent the analogy dictates. Lidell Hart would have to acknowledge this fact, if pressed. He knew quite a bit about the enemy forces he faced in war and acted accordingly on the battlefield. A nd the enemy knew quite a bit about his side as well. Neither were completely \'93in the dark.\'94 Now this oversimplification lends itself nicely to theorizing, but the it is of little use in a practical sense--and war is made in a practical setting, where real things count dearly. \par (2) Though Captain Lidell Hart\rquote s working analogy breaks down immediately for the above reason, there are other serious difficulties that together cripple the effect he is trying to achieve. \par a. The closed continuum of the dark room--it cannot exist in nature. It is a theoretical construct, \par nice on paper, but impossible to find on any actual battlefield. \par b. The immediate reactions of the combatants are not likely, even given the highly improbable situation. Crouching, tensing, arm and hand movements, they are logically drawn by what men are thought to do in dark rooms, perhaps, but what are the conditions that produced them? One factor, not included, would render them all non-existent or superfluous. For instance, what if the one combatant, who supposedly could not see the other combatant, HEARD the other man. That would change everything in an instant! Wouldn\rquote t that tell one man where the other man was located in th e dark room? Or, given that both were keeping absolutely motionless and quiet (and that is hard to grant, since even clothing can produce sounds that can carry for considerable distances, or perhaps a belly will rumble, or some such thing happen) if o ne was cunning and threw a stick or piece of equipment across the room, striking a spot close by the other combatant, wouldn\rquote t that cause the man to strike out at an antagonist who wasn\rquote t where he assumed he was--thereby giving away position, so that the other man could then move swiftly in to make a strike? \par c. Since ordinary sound cannot reasonably be excluded (though it seems to have been overlooked), the two M.I.D.\rquote s are actually equipped with the means to locate one another in the dark. They need not go through the Lidell Hart sequence of crouching, tensing, arm and hand movements necessary to the analogy. \par III Conclusion \par So typical of military thinking, it has not been well thought out. Captain Lidell Hart\rquote s analysis i s simply not worth serious consideration. As I have indicated, there are just too many varying circumstances and items not accounted for in the working analogy. Actually, the analogy is most useful in the breaking down. Since mutual darkness and \'93ignorant armies clashing by night,\'94 cannot be on this crowded Earth (save in poetic fancy of Matthew van Arnold), the only way the analogy works is if one combatant is in the dark about the other, while the other is \'93in the light,\'94 so to speak. Then t he whole complexion of the game alters significantly and is worth discussing. That, for the M.I.D., is extremely perilous! Sunk by his own gross ignorance of his opponent, his chances of surviving the contest are nil, unless he use his time well and i s able to quickly discover enough facts about his antagonist so that he--or his successors--can stand a fighting chance. Of course, this is not likely, since the given is that the M.I.D. does not know that the M.I.L. even exists. If the M.I.D. does n o t suspect his antagonist exists, how, then, can he be expected to do the necessary information gathering? This appears to me to be the situation we face today in the world. I find it impossible to convince anyone there is an Antagonist, a hostile M. I.L. facing the whole of mankind and civilization. But that is, alas, my task: locating this M.I.L. from a position of utter darkness, then convincing those who refuse to even look at my research findings! Who would exchange places with me? \par Really, my primary and fundamental objection is the best: these authorities greatly err when they do not account for God and God\rquote s word on these very subjects and points of military strategy. Scripture knows all about \'93 M.I.L. versus M.I.D.\'94--\'94The wicked watches the righteous and seeks to slay him. [But] His God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.\'94--Psalm 37: 30, 31. Then there\rquote s the whole of Psalm 35. And Ps. 37: 34-40. And Psalm 34: 7 speaks of an angel of the Lord coming to a M.I.D.\rquote s defense. On and on the references go, and I could cite hundreds. By true wisdom and true knowledge, tested in real life and on real battlefields again and again and proven absolutely true, the entire basis for the usual human military strat egizing of which Lindell Hart is a proponent is rendered foolish and absurd, by not taking into the equation the Almighty God, who, as Lord God Sabaoth, is Lord of Hosts and ought to know something about war-making ever since his leading archangel revo lted in Heaven, enlisting one third of the angelic hosts (which are said to exist in the \'93myriads,\'94 a term designating unthinkably large numbers). \par \par __________________ \par \par *Another paper of the Miscellany accompanying the professor\rquote s CASUS BELLUS II. Affixed by \par someone to this paper was a fragment dealing with Major Wicklow, but only a tiny portion survived the Re-Location: \'93...excellent! This man had a grasp of fundamental Biblical principles and truths and would have been a bear to wrestle with, and-- \'94 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Spirit-Forms or Genii of the Corrupted Star-Stones \par \par }{\ul Star-Stone}{ }{\ul Spirit-Form}{ }{\ul Opposing Champion(s)}{ \par 1. Carnelian worm-electric eel* Joseph II \par 2. Topaz scorpion Mosheh, Miryam, Aaron/ \par Homer, One-Legged \par 3. Beryl asp Debora, Jael \par 4. Diamond dung beetle Ruth \par 5. Onyx plesiosaur-giant squid* Hanna \par 6. Jasper tarantula Jona \par 7. Goldstone poison centipede Daniyel**** \par 8. Sapphire poison frog Molu \par 9. Emerald vulture-lizard */ ** Homer, One-Legged \par 10. Carbuncle vampire bat Hanna, Daniyel, Cybernauts*** \par _________________ \par *Spirit-forms can combine two or more species and primary characteristics; the spirit-form is the \par corrupted genius of the Stone of Fire, taking a form that is opposed and hostile to its former created essence. The giant squid was also called the kraken by the Scandinavian voyagers, who encountered \par it with their knarrs, Viking merchant ships, on the high seas. The zeuglodon, a primitive toothed whale, is comparable to the spirit-form of the Onyx, though the plesiosaur mentioned is most probably an elasmosaur. \par **in this case, a doubled species joining fanaticism and myopia with zenophobia and opinionatedness \par ***the White Ship\rquote s players of a VR game, }{\i Quest of the Arkstone}{ (Chronicle Sixty-One) \par ****Daniyel was the light in a very dark culture and time, doing battle with both the Goldstone and \par the Carbuncle. He did not destroy them, but his life left indelible strokes on both, which the Divine \par Hand drove deep, to the point where the Goldstone was destroyed and the Carbuncle fled for its existence, \par never daring to show itself in public , so that it had to be sought out in its hiding place lest it reappear and \par do irreparable damage.}{\b\f137\fs28 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par }{ \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par A Minute on Some Reported Near-Earth Crossings Reported \par at a Chiron Flyby Conference, ANNO 1996 \par \par RECORDER: JWB, Lt. Col., 1st Div, DARPAO \par \par I Category: Meteorites/Asteroids \par \par \par 1. Time Coordinate: 65 Million Years B.C. Locus: Yucatan Peninsula. A meterorite is believed to have struck the SW Mexico region. Blast produced ten billion times the energy of the Hiroshima A-bomb. I t wiped out two thirds of species on Earth, including the dinosaurs. \par \par 2. An asteroid one fourth mile in diameter crossed Earth\rquote s orbit, passing at 280,000 miles out, \par one May 19, 1996, approximately the moon\rquote s distance from Earth. If the object had struck the moon, \par the Earth would have been sprayed with lethal detritus, enough to cause massive extinctions of life on Earth, possibly ending 20th Century-level civilization. If the Earth had been struck, the result would have been somewhat worse--massi ve extinctions and a setting back of civilization two centuries or more in technology and economy. \par \par \par II Category: Cometary Earth-Crossings \par \par Overview: Clare Babbitt Hennison, lead investigator of NEAT Task force on Chiron reported, \'93We can wit h present tracking capabilities get a fix on only one to three percent of the Earth-crossers that can do global damage. Comets can exceed 150 miles in diameter. Most are about ten miles across or smaller. A comet large enough to cause global insult n e eds to be one fourth to one half mile across. For example, a comet only 1600 feet across, or approximately one third mile in diameter, creates an impact crater three miles wide, destroying 4,000 square miles of taxable property and crippling forty per c ent of the U.S. economy and infrastructure for at least a generation. NYC, sustaining such an impact, would cease to exist, and 25 million people would die in the Greater New York metroplex. Larger objects, bigger than a mile in diameter, would cre ate global and catastrophic results. (Boy, is she long-winded!) World civilization could not survive these insults.\'94 \par \par Lemme out of here! Coffee break!! \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par The Kiowa Nation Calendar of Anko and Poolaw and the \par Succeeding Keepers of the Sacred Bull Hide, \par ANNO 1892 to Re-Location and Beyond \par \par \par Toward the middle of the 20th Century, the Kiowan recorders discontinued traditional animal hide (it was too expensive), and used telephone cable spools on which they rolled paper they had carefully laminated with plastic by hand after entering events with enam e l paints for a long-lasting and colorful effect. Empty White Bars indicate no entries of significance for those months. Many earth-shakers (large events that caused much trouble for tribes and relatives-like) were deemed insignificant if they did no t originate with the Kiowans. Sometimes this policy could not be followed, particularly when the events could not be ignored. Other times the events were too well-known to be considered for inclusion. But every event that directly affected the Kiowan Nation was recorded faithfully. \par \par \par \par \par Table A \par \par _____________________________________________________________________________ \par 1 1 1 \par 8 8 8 \par 9 9 9 \par 2 3 4 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par ________________________________________________________________________________ \par \par \par \par \par Table B \par \par \par _______________________________________________________________________________ \par \par \par 1 1 1 \par 9 9 9 \par 1 1 1 \par 1 2 3 \par \par \par ________________________________________________________________________________ \par * The Great Canoe, \'93Titanic,\'94 sinking in the North Atlantic; though a non-Kiowan event and well-known, was recor ded, along with the Red Star thought to be responsible, according to the Elders. Another canoe, tribal, was celebrated by the Duwamish Tribe of Washington State, a portion of a nation that existed during the time of the first Great Troubles, circa l a te 19th Century and for two centuries following until absorption in the economical-political reorganization of North America. The Duwamish spirit-canoe figures in a yearly winter ceremony in which relatives of the recently deceased seek to recapture souls that might have become lost enroute to the spirit world. \par \par \par Table C \par \par \par \par _______________________________________________________________________________ \par \par 2 2 2 \par 4 4 4 \par 5 5 5 \par 6 7 8 \par \par \par \par ________________________________________________________________________________ \par *Major event here is the Earth, attacked by flying \'93sky-hatchets,\'94 being transported by \'93Sky Canoe\'94 to other parts of the sky, while the Sun is exchanged for a cloud campfire, very hot and bright, and winter \par eats up spring, summer, and fall. The lack of entries, other than the major removal of Earth to a new home, points to long-term cultural and demographic dec line, possibly compounded by apathy or starvation and disease. Recovery was slow, but Kiowans gained much long-lost ground by the time of One-Legged, while the white-dominated areas shrank accordingly. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par The Atlantean Hegemonic Model for the Co-Prosperity \par Sphere Governing Earth II after the }{\i Donation of Iskander \par \par }{ Her Majesty Elektra--claimant Empress of the Five Lands of the White Crown, \par Red Crown, Yellow Crown, Blue Crown, and Black Crown, Invincible \par Sovereign of the Realm and Subject Tributaries, Bearer of the Scepter \par of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Orion Stars, Defender of the \par Sacred Order of the Chimaera, Etc. Etc. \par Royal Court: Lords and Ladies of Atlantis \par (the oligarchic, golden ruling Head) \par -------------------- \par \par Algol East-West Rom \par (Two Serpentine Pillars of the World State) \par ------------------------------------------------------------- \par \par Human or part-human races, not \par including client Romany \par (Base: the World Tortoise: subjects, forced labor, plasma source \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Towers of Earth II \par \par 1. Nimrod\rquote s Tower, Tower of Babel \par The first Internet, or World Unification System. \'93Nimrod\rquote s Folly\'94 also called the Tongue Tower, the Borsippa; located in ancient Babelen. Begun after the World Flood by the world-ruler, Nimrod the Mighty Hunter, it was never finished though it reached close to the clouds of heaven. Almighty God, seeing that hum ans intended to stay in this one location and by the means of the Tower preserve their name and glory for all generations, for which this would be the one supreme cultural, political, and religious center of Nimrod\rquote s unified world, thereby insuring that they would be \'93as lasting and immortal as gods,\'94 struck Nimrod\rquote s army of workmen with \'93confusion of tongues,\'94 in which every man started speaking a language different from other men. Nothing more could be done in concert on the Tower project without u nderstanding of what was being said by the supervisors and the workmen, so the project ended in chaos, everyone running off the site and scattering throughtout the Earth--the forced start of the multitude of different nations and peoples. \par \par 2. Trump Tower in the Big Apple \par Just another exercise in vainglory by a New York City tycoon in the fading days of U.S. republican government before absorption in the }{\i Novus Ordo Seclorum}{ (New World Order). Later, the enterprising \par Dutch used the premises to raise chickens, the best that could be done with a crumbling ruin. \par \par 3. Post-Modern Tower of Babel \par The hitech, elitist world network of the late 1990\rquote s and Century XXI. Its quintessence was the Second Internet and an immediate interchange and access for users called the World-Wide Web. Not a civilization, though it was cultural, religious, and political, the artificially unified construct was composed chiefly of top-level government agencies, bureauracies, secret forces, secret agencies, secret program s , while incorportating the software industries, top managements of the electronic field, internationalist diplomatic corps, international banking syndicates, national and global foundations, mainline religious bodies and national and world councils o f churches, multi-national or global corporations. Effectively in control of police and armies and governments of all nations, in control of banking systems, in control of electronic providers and systems, in control of world communications and media, in control of even judicial and educational bodies, administrations, and review boards, this Tower effectively directed the course of the World, disregarding the voting publics and circumventing their wishes. Elitest in every sense of the wor d, the Tower jealously guarded its perogatives and incarcerated, disgraced, even put to death opposition of any kind. Media and the entertainment industries reflected the Tower\rquote s values with an aggressive, never-ending barrage of products that kept the public confused and pliable. Anyone who was a part of the Tower was indulging the \'93god-presumption,\'94 for the relativistic, anthropocentric philosophy and attitude that comprised the software of a Tower exalted the human race to the level of a sup reme god, while denying existence of any other Absolute, including the Almighty God of the Judaeo-Christian scriptures and tradition. The incident with Eve at the fatal Tree had progressed to its logical expression--mankind was now God--a genderle ss, Supreme Being, answerable to no one, not even to itself. \par \par 4. The Great Sharru, Second Golden Image \par Qualifying as another attempt at the world-unifying Colossus of Nimrod, the infamous \'93hunter\'94 king who first expressed the Tower-syndrome, this towering Image too was religious, cultural (including economic), and political. No one could buy or sell in the economy without its mark on his forehead. If anyone opposed it for religious reasons, he or she was thrown in a furnace. Politically, it was suicide to oppose. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Saggitarian A West Black Hole; the Bottomless Pits \par \par Ultimately appointed the Bottomless Pit, this Black Hole is the companion to the lake of fire and hell described in the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ by St. John the Divine. To this cosmic vacuum cleaner and ever-burning refuse dump of Gehenna are consigned all the rebel angels for a time, whereas the lake of fire receives all th e pre-Adamic races and their spirits, and fallen rebel angels, as well as the human souls who chose to reject Eternal Life as revealed by God the Father in His Son. \par The first Bottomless Pit engulfed the rebel archangel Lucifer, the Light-Bringer, when he was cast out of heaven by the agency of Gabriel and Lucifer\rquote s own precipitous action in striking the floor of heaven with his heel. He followed his own henchmen, a third of heaven\rquote s angels who rebelled and were cast out. He would have fallen with them forever, but he was given a choice, and he chose to enter the fourth terrestrial heaven with certain circumscribed powers; this exile amounted to a quarantine to one of two twin Universes, and eventually, after much fighting and disruption on his part, exclusively to Earth I. Cast out with him, the fatally warped Stones of Fire, the Royal Crown Jewels, were separated from him as he chose to enter Universe I. The Stones of Fire were allowed into Universe II. It is his undying plan and \par objective to regain the Fiery Stones in order to increase his powers. To regain them he knows he must \par fight a way through the closed gate into the Second Universe or find some other means. For this reason Orion\rquote s secret holds his gaze and attention, and if he cannot capture the Bridge being constructed \par there, a Bridge he suspects the Almighty will use to link the two severed Universes and Twin \par Earths, he aims to destroy it. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Table A \par Some Rock Carvings from Holland America II \par Found by Mink in his Wanderings* \par \par A windmill on land is worth two in the canal, but not if the foundation is sand. \par \par A bust in the market is the mortgage company\rquote s joy and the poor man\rquote s misery. \par \par A dike in time saves nine burgs downriver from yours. \par \par He who perseveres, wins what nobody else wants. \par \par A girl who likes her daily schlempen is the door to bankruptcy. \par \par A smile from a girl in another man\rquote s polder\rquote s may be sweeter, but she wears skin klompfen \par and ties wild garlics in her braids. \par \par Pretty One, lock up your heart and station a stickpin at the door; marry, and \par you\rquote ll surely die destitute. \par \par Wind that blows in your face is harder than the one at your banker\rquote s back \par when he\rquote s coming to foreclose. \par \par Build a barn with two parts--the groundfloor for the cows, the loft for bankers \par and thieves. \par \par Let your Jack Dutch mother-in-law slip in the back door with her big ladle dangling from her \par swollen belt and a wolf will march in the front. \par \par My son, marry the ugly one with the beaked nose; she\rquote ll hook you blankets on your \par bed, buttered bread twice a day, and the banker\rquote s undying enmity. \par \par A wolf in the larder, a fox in the hen coop, a worm in the spuds, a pretty wife with a missing \par marble--these three things break a poor man\rquote s back. \par \par Save that half-penny if you can, it will buy the sack shroud for your child\rquote s face. \par \par The last apple is sour--leave it on the tree. \par \par God made hellfire for the banker, but it\rquote s never hot enough. \par \par Seven years of bad luck put Dutch Babies on the banker\rquote s windowsill. \par \par Jack Dutch daughters are the banker\rquote s delight, when they\rquote re yours. \par \par Your friendly banker gives you good advice, after you\rquote ve lost cow and klompfen to him. \par \par Clouds rain on an honest man, but it\rquote s always sunny for bankers, politicians, and thieves. \par \par Don\rquote t worry, Dirk. You won\rquote t be left out in the cold, the last tombstone is free. \par \par \par _____________________ \par *Carvings left behind by the \'93Beaked Nose People,\'94 also known as the \'93Wooden Moccasin People\'94 \par _____________________ \par \par \par \par Table B \par \par Some Holland American Glyphs Found by Mink on his Journeys \par \par Door of a Dutch cottage and knocking wolf in banker\rquote s top hat and tails \par \par Tombstone with \'93Van--\'94 \par \par Seven Dutch Babies pastries on a windowsill, and top-hatted, banker-wolf \par \par Windmill with chain and lock and foreclosure sign \par \par A top-hatted Nieuw Amsterdam banker in hell flames, and ragged cripple in Van Abraham\rquote s bosom \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par Dr. Pikkard\rquote s Note on Dodgson\rquote s }{\i Mathematical Croquet \par Mathematical Golf, Mathematical Cricket, Etc. \par \par }{Clever fellow! Too bad he was a confounded Englishman born too soon! He might have cut quite a figure for himself outside his }{\i Alice }{and a professorship in mathematics if he had only found himself a nice, little Cray! \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par Dr. Pikkard\rquote s Note on Chaos Theory \par \par \par Interesting! Can\rquote t see how it really works out, however. A butterfly flaps its wings in Sumatra and \par eventually a hurri cane strikes the Caribbean? Could everything be so inter-connected? Might a butterfly once upon a time have sipped at a tiny pool of rain water, making just enough run of water to cause a rivulet, that eventually led forth the mighty Atlantic into a dry Mediterranean basin? If so, then the scraping of this pen of mine on paper is carving out subterranean canyons on Pluto! Maybe this isn\rquote t such a bad idea after all. I\rquote ll have to do some calculations on it as soon as I find time. It makes me wonder if not, say, a fly gobbled by a bird in Eurasia can even bring forth a chain of events that change the whole world order? \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par \par Mammaw Higgins\rquote Nine-Bean Fruits of the Spirit Soup* \par \par \par 1. Pearly Barley--Love \par 2. Split Peas--Joy \par 3. Black Beans--Peace \par 4. Red Beans--Patience \par 5. Pinto Beans--Kindness \par 6. Navy Beans--Goodness \par 7. Lentils--Gentleness \par 8. Vanilla Bean--Faithfulness \par 9. Black-Eyed Peas--Self-control \par _______________________ \par *This dish could only be concocted by an oppressed people, for it is the fruit \par of long bondage and distress under hard taskmasters. Look how good became \par the enslaved ones, and how terrible and inhuman the enslavers! It is all in the \par diet! Letting their iron chains work virtue into their souls, the oppressed reaped \par great spiritual blessings far more valuable than anything their oppressors possessed. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Volume VI \par Appendix \par \par Some Alphabetic Numberings from Palmoni\rquote s Divine Algebra* \par \par \par Table A \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par _________________________________________________________________________ \par 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 \par \par \par \par Table B \par \'93You will recover all\'94--ROSEBUD/DUBESOR Heraldic Motto \par \par \par \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\b\fs24 You will \par }{ \par \par \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\b\fs24 recover \par }{ \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\b\fs24 all \par \par }{ \par \par \par Table C \par \par }{\b\fs24 Rosebud}{ \par \par \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par }{\b\fs24 \par Dubesor}{ \par \par \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par Note: When the Rosebud score pattern is reversed, the end score is significantly improved. \par \par \par \par \par Table D \par Potential Champion Number Values \par According to Name and Letter \par \par \par }{\ul 18 15 19 5 19 21 4 \par R O S E B U D \par One-Legged Homer Mink Brun Molu Pea Daniyel \par \par 4 21 19 5 19 15 18 \par D U B E S O R \par Daniyel** Pea Molu Brun Mink Homer One-Legged \par \par ________________ \par Rosebud Champions: Strong start, very weak finish \par Dubesor Champions: Very weak start, strong finish \par }{ \par *No alphabet, oral or written, forms by blind, random chance; it is an intrinsic part of the cosmic order, deliberately developed and designed, the highest form of verbal ized mathematics human minds can devise to communicate complex truth and reality, meaning and feeling. Languages are Notre Dames of the mind and spirit. The first cathedral was Divine Speech. The Creator God had need of no fork-lift, no steel foundry, not even a word pr o cessor and computer. He spoke the Universes into being. The cathedrals of language that followed were angelic, and then man was created and built on these foundations. Alphabetized speech remains the most powerful force on earth. It will remain so until the end of time, and so the Dubesor battles were fought by living letters of this most powerful force known to men \par and angels. With language even imagined states of being can be created and made more influential than what presently exists. Moreover, unique patterns were woven into the lettermen\rquote s performances, though it required a certain skill of interpretation that was best shown by Palmoni, the Wonderful Numberer. \'93A,\'94 can also be a numeral \'931\'94, \'93B\'94 can be \'932,\'94 and so on. Pragmat ic Romans utilized a Latinate alphabet as their numbering system, and it was efficient up to a point, and is still in general use today long after Rome itself was destroyed and only a few pedagogues can still speak the dead language of Latin. The conne ction between language and mathematics is so close as to constitute a wedding: the children of this union being \par practically everything seen, as well as many things yet unperceived. \par **Daniyel: the start of the series, is a battle-worn, old veteran of God\rquote s army, who is not allowed to fade away like an old soldier, however. His wisdom and experience are required to train the champion lettermen, and his scores will reflect success or failure in the performances of his trainees, as his career \par is bound up with theirs. \par \par \par \par Table E \par Dubesor Letterman D \par \par }{\b\fs24 Daniyel \par }{ \par }{\ul \par }{ \par a b c c e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par }{\b\fs24 leyinaD \par \par }{ \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par }{\ul \par }{ \par }{\ul D a n i y e l \par 4 1 14 9 25 5 12 \par l e y i n a D \par 12 5 25 9 14 1 4 \par \par }{Note: Daniyel\rquote s scoring, Reversed, is most uneven, a series of highs and precipitate lows. \par That, however, coincides with the over-all performances of the Dubesor champions in the \par Dire Night, when in many extremely delicate and perilous instances, they were just as apt to destroy themselves as achieve a triumph. \par \par \par \par Table F \par Dubesor Letterman U \par \par }{\b\fs24 Pea \par }{ \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par }{\b\fs24 eaP \par \par }{a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par }{\ul P e a \par 16 5 1 \par e a P \par 5 1 l6 \par }{\b\fs24\ul \par }{ \par Note: Reversed, a poor start, a disastrous career, climaxed with a burst of glory. \par \par \par Table G \par Dubesor Lettermen B and E; \par Paired Champions--Molu and Brun \par \par \par \par }{\b\fs24 Molu \par }{ \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\b\fs24 \par B r u n \par }{ \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par \par \par \par 1. Forward \par \par \par }{\ul B r u n \par 2 18 21 14 \par M o l u \par 13 15 12 21 \par Total: 15 33 33 35 \par \par }{ \par \par \par \par \par 2. Reversed \par \par }{\ul n u r B}{ \par }{\ul 14 21 18 2 \par u l o M \par 21 12 15 13 \par Total: 35 33 33 15 \par }{ \par \par Note: Reversed, Brun somehow failed to live up to his potential, which was expressed strongly \par in the first three quarters. What element was lacking can only be identified by what he might have \par done, given the opportunity. Molu, too, declined significantly at the end. Yet together their \par score, Reversed, is a fine one. \par \par Table H \par Dubesor Letterman S \par \par }{\b\fs24 Mink}{ \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z}{\ul \par \par \par }{\b\fs24 kniM \par }{\ul \par \par }{a b c d e f g h i j k k m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\ul \par }{ }{\ul M i n k \par 13 9 14 11 \par k n i M \par 11 14 9 13 \par \par }{Note: Mink\rquote s Reversed score is obviously better, though toward the end it was cast in grave doubt. \par \par \par \par \par \par Table I \par Dubesor Letterman O \par \par }{\b\fs24 Homer}{\b\fs24\ul \par }{\ul \par \par }{ \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\ul \par }{ \par }{\b\fs24 remoH}{ \par \par \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par }{\ul \par \par }{ }{\ul H o m e r \par 8 15 13 5 18 \par r e m o H \par 18 5 13 15 8 \par \par \par }{Note: Homer\rquote s final score, Reversed, needs no comment except that his strong start held forth \par a much greater promise than he was able to achieve--another instance of a champion being overtaken \par by certain unwise choices until he was mastered by negative forces in his composition, in his case, his Atlantean ancestry. . \par \par \par }{\ul \par }{Table J}{\ul \par }{Dubesor Letterman R \par \par }{\b\fs24 One-Legged}{\ul \par \par \par \par }{ \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par }{\ul \par }{ }{\b\fs24 deggel-enO \par \par }{ \par \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par \par \par }{\ul O n e - L e g g e d \par 15 14 5 12 5 7 7 5 4 \par d e g g e l -e n O \par 4 5 7 7 5 12 5 14 15 \par }{ \par \par \par Note: Starting with little show of making a notable contribution, his proved good, strong finish, Reversed. Perseverance, then, brought him through his own short-comings and difficulties \par to the prized goal. The weak start and the strong finish typify the Dubesor champion, of which \par One-Legged is the epitome of the whole squadron. \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Table K \par Honorary Dubesor Champions \par 1. \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par }{\ul W a l l y \par }{________________}{\ul 23 1 12 12 25 \par y a l l W \par 25 1 12 12 23 \par \par }{Note: Nearly symmetrical, forward and reversed, which shows the over-all steady \par contribution of this champion to the war effort. Reversed, a good beginning, \par a bad flop, a good recovery, a sustained recovery, and an excellent wrap-up. Total \par Forward/Reversed is 48, a magnificent score. \par \par \par 2. \par \par a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z \par \par \par \par }{\ul C h i r o n \par 3 8 9 18 15 14 \par n o r i h C}{ \par }{\ul 14 15 18 9 8 3 }{ \par \par \par Note: Another mentor-trainer ends poorly, reverse, thanks to Mink\rquote s initial performance. \par Yet given a total from Forward/Reversed his final score is a respectable 17 (two numbers, \par which added together, make 8, a more than respectable number signifying the Messiah, \par the One who suffered the stripping of all glory and honor so that His Father in heaven might \par be given all honor and glory). \par \par \par \par Table L \par End-Note \par \par Mankind can be divided into those who habitually perceive reality according to fixed \par modes, and those who consciously break through the modes to perception of things beyond \par that do not fit preconceptions. Pythagoras recognized that mathematics form the stuff of life, and \par divine music was the outer expression of this mathematical reality of all things. Let us go further \par and state that mathematical patterns and mathematical values form the stuff of life and reality, \par the vital fluid in which all Creation swims and has its being. The patterns are not fixed but fluid, as \par the new combinations are always possible and do constantly form, as in a kaleidoscope the bits of colore d glass, when shook or moved, form ever new patterns, though the individual glass pieces remain the same in size, color, shape, and number. The Creation, then, is continually composing a mathematical \par symphony composed of innumerable individual themes and melodies--all expressing praise and \par honor to the Creator. Joy arises whenever, in each case, the individual pattern and melody synchronize harmoniously with the whole symphony, adding some rare note or development of a them, perhaps, along with p erfect timing and pitch. Strangely enough, this may occur at the very moment the participating \par music-maker feels most discordant and out of tune with life. When, for instance, Christ cried out, \'93M