Chapter 1

Earth I, like its twin, undergoes continental and global reconstruction, to repair major destruction of whole regions by war, earthquake, and shifting of the magnetic pole. One super quake divides North America like an apple or a squash split through the core with a rip saw, exactly along the major fault line that follows the riverbed of the Mississipi from the Gulf of Mexico to northern Canada and even to the Arctic Circle's ice fields and glaciers.

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On Earth I, after the battle of Armageddon, in which the Anti-Christ's combined European Union armies are destroyed together with the armies of the Chinese coalition numbering 200 million, a radically new world emerges which bears little resemblance to the previous one.

The entire technological and political and governmental and economic infrastructure of the 21st century is swept away, and most of the cities are gone from the map. Many nations survive, but many (particularly the ones that bitterly persecuted the Jews) do not, and all are now subject to the scepter of Yeshua, who sits on a throne in Jerusalem, his world capital. Depending on the results of the Judgment of Nations that divided the "sheep nations" from the "goat nations," the failed goat-nations cease to exist and the sheep nations are restored and given one thousand years in which to grow and flourish in a world re-established on universal peace, justice, mercy and truth and love, all surrounded by a paradise-like environment.

For the first century or two of his 1,000 year reign, a Sabbath Rest prevails, though much healing of the earth and healing of people needs to be done before all is restored to an Eden-like state, lost since the First Parents rebelled and sin in the garden of Eden.

Preachers, teachers, evangelists, many with healing gifts, go forth to the entire world, to gather and instruct the scattered people, who had fled the worst of the destruction that had engulfed the world under the rule of the Anti-Christ.

Myrrha was one of these, along with her mother, sister, father, and, yes, brother. Aloes ahs returned with all the saints of God, alive and well, to join those who are responsible to carry out Yeshua's goverment program of restoration of the earth and restoration of humanity.

With the increased atmospheric pressure, and shift in the magnetic pole, and tropical conditions spreading across the globe, species return that have not been seen for thousands of years--such as dinosaurs and even dragons.

Many of these re-introduced species look fierce, but they are vegetarians, just as they were originally before the Fall of Adam and before the Great Mubbul (the World-Wide Flood of Noah's time).

Yet though lacking aggressiveness toward humans, they are still not exactly oversized, domesticated cats and dogs families can keep in their backyard, and only a few experts and beast lovers are able to train them for use by human beings. One such capable and experienced dragoneer is Pamela, who runs a kind of dragon rental, where she has several dragons in her keeping that she lends for special transportation for people doing the Lord's ministry of healing and preaching the Word of God.

There is no longer any need for commercial jets and the rest of the motorized transporation systems that served the world before, and horses and wind-propelled boats and ships do quite well for people now that they are no longer in a hurry to get someplace that looks just the place they left.

Yet some ministries, such as Myrrha's, requires more speed, and so Pamela's dragon service does not know much idle time. Fitted with a seat attached to the dragon's two horns, the passenger enjoys a rather breezy ride, but the dragon is dependable and never fails to deliver her safely and in a timely fashion. On the return flight, the dragon knows where to go instinctively, homing in on its roost at Pamela's mountain home with the accuracy of a dove.

Myrrha Turnbull is one who finds Pamela's dragons handy, and she uses the service to convey her to all the continents, as she is called upon to preach at countless locations, most of them rural and far from any river or coast or port. Sometimes, as in South America, she finds the Indian village people she is seeking live on a 17,000 foot mountain in a tiny village tucked away between towering cliffs of rock and perpetual ice! Here too the dragon can fly, where no aircraft could, and land safely too, right on a Jerusalem shekel (the only currency in the world).

But she gives most of her messages at the centers of gathering, called "Congregations of the Cross," or "Cities of Refuge," established by Yeshua on each continent. The Black Hills in North America, for example, is one such center--and the meeting hall is none other than an ancient stav church patterned after one built by ancient Norwegians, or Vikings. Shown to Heloise in a vision, it had been tilted by a massive quake, but since the reconstruction began another quake has set it back level on its foundations--well able to last for hundreds of years, if not the entire Millennium.

Another City of Refuge/Congregation of the Cross is located in the former Vanderbilt mansion and estate in the mountains of Carolina.

Others are located in places that are convenient for the earth's people, and Myrrha has preached at almost all of them, thanks to her wonderful flying dragons.

Here, on the lush slopes of the mountains and in the well-watered valleys, is the abundant provender that enables her to feed and care for the dragon properly until the return flight. Not that it needs to eat daily and voraciously--for the increased atmospheric pressure makes even a slight amount of food produce much energy. Four or five apples, a bushel of hay, a couple handfuls of grain--that satisfies the beast for the day! The same goes for the dinosaurs in the tropical areas that now cover the Poles, North and South--they graze only a part of the day, usually in the morning--then play the rest of the time, since there is no need to be constantly stuffing it in to keep their vast bulks alive.

None of the dinosaurs, like those before the Fall of Adam, are predatory. Their teeth, highly grooved like the Tyranosaurus's, are perfectly designed to cut and slice through the tough, fibrous foliage of every kind of palm and giant fern. More intent on its breakfast, a Carlussaganosaurus in what had been northern Ontario and the Yukon Territories placidly eyes a boy having a little fun on its phlanged back.

The pygmies of the Millennium were once the leading intellectuals and ruling elites of the former age--and they must be given the liberating truth, so that they can become functioning human beings. When the re-pressurization came, if there was no compensating or countering pressure of the spirit within a person, the individual literally shrank and was reduced to a much smaller individual! It was simply Newtonian physics at work. To help the new race of pygmies make this transformation back to former stature, Myrrha is one who teaches them the basic truths of the Gospel, which they formerly spurned as backward, bigoted, sexist, patriarchal, or merely mythological. Here she is preaching at a holistic healing conference attended by former professors and administrators of Ivy League colleges and universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale (Harvard was founded by Puritans for the propagation of the Gospel and to train young men to be pastors), who had fled inland when the Northeast coast of America was nuclear-bombed, struck by monster earthquakes, and inundated.

Her sister Cassia had a similar ministry, only it was not so much healing as prophetic. It was her gift to speak future things, some in encouragement, others in warning, lest the people fall into complacency and ingratitude and turn away from God and become evil-doers. Riding to the various towns by dragon, she dismounted a safe distance from any buildings (as no dragon was domesticated enough to be trusted within human habitations, as they tended to get nervous and destroy everything within reach). Once the dragon's appetite was provided for and it was tethered to a sufficiently large oak tree, she was free to ride the rest of the way in on a horse her hosts loaned her for as long as she was in the area.

Meanwhile, their mother was busy with her own allotted tasks. In the increased pressure, she found her health and vigor much improved, so much so she felt like a bionic woman might feel. It took her conscious choice not to go leaping thirty or forty feet into the air and performing all sorts of superhuman gymnastics just for the fun and freedom of it.

With the White Angel at the helm of the fying bubble, she was escorted to various sights as he told her how her family was doing back at Petra (they were fine, with no prospect now of the attack by the now defunct World Union).

She was taken to view the various headquarters of the dead Anti-Christ, and then a fly-over of the major battleground in the Valley of Jezreel, also called Megiddo. This was the wide valley in northern Israel where most of two hundred million soldiers of the Asian Coalition forces had perished, the survivors even now making their way on foot back to their home countries to tell their people what the Lord God had done to them in defense of Israel.

Michael Jayson dead! she thought. But he had been dead before, shot fatally by an assassin right in the left temple. Electrifying the entire world, which brought him instant recognition as a divine being, God himself many believed, he had come back to life after three days lying dead, with no vital signs whatsoever! All his prior claims of being Christ and even the Jewish Messiah now seemed irrefutable--his divinity absolutely vindicated. Who could deny his claims to deity and Messiahship then? People tore anybody apart who dared do that in public.

She recalled the startling sight of him, with the bullet wound in the forehead visible but healed, as he stepped out from the hospital in Rome to meet the cameras of the world press after his resurrection.

What brain was left, she had no idea at the time, but he spoke and seemed to think as a normal human--only his eyes seemed to be lifeless lumps of dark jetstone or ebony, without any sign of a living soul behind them. It was a horribly chilling sight for her, like seeing a cobra come back to life, but the world's people saw it differently, and adored him all the more for demonstrating his power over death itself. This time, however, would the monster stay dead? Since the assassin in the last attempt was a mere mortal, Satan his master was able to overcome M.J.'s being put out of commission and resurrect the beast, which he truly was. He was just too useful to Satan to discard and try to find another, apparently! So Satan had invaded the corpse and brought it back to life with his own spirit. He was a mere puppet on a string then, but all the more useful, with no more petty desires and whims of his own to annoy his master.

She also saw some of Hell's ferocious but now impotent demons still at large but about to be captured.

Locust-scorpions, released from the Pit of Hell to sting everybody and make life unbearable for the followers of the Anti-Christ, were wandering about dazed, and were quickly rounded up by Michael the archangel's forces and dragged away in chains to be thrown back into the Pit.

Heloise saw herself that the Anti-Christ's defeat and destruction was total. His chief installations were abandoned, with whoever was last to leave caught by a withering blast from the Almighty's war angels's laser-like swords. Ironically, the Anti-Christ had concentrated his hopes for victory over the Asian coalition in secret, unmarked stealth airborne laser aircraft--but here they sat, unused, their pilots tumbled out dead upon the ground.

Without the critical trump card of his fleet of laser aircraft, the Anti-Christ's forces had lost their technological superiority and were decimated, lacking not only a shield from the far less sophisticated but worakable Chinese arsenal of missiles but also a second line of defense against a counter-attack from the main Asian Coalition forces in the Valley of Jezreel, which would undoubtedly launch dozens of missiles toward his own empire's heartland after inflicting terrible pain on his armies.

As the White Angel informed her on the way back to the camp at Petra, she learned that his end was swift enough. What the Lord's warrior angels had not struck, the Asians wiped out with nuclear weapons. Seeing his whole cause lost, reduced to a mere man (albeit a resurrected dead man, a living corpse) Michael Jayson had fled the debacle of the battleground in a Black Hawk helicopter, seeking refuge temporarily at his high-security eagle's aerie of an estate in the mountains of Cyprus. But the Asians (badly stung by his destruction of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Jakarta, Rangoon, Bangkok, and other major centers) were searching everywhere for him, and nuclear-armed missiles overflew little Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean, destroying all the major European cities, including Rome his newly rebuilt-to-classical style, imperial capital.

Yet their turn soon came. To prevent the Asian Coalition from sending missiles across the Atlantic and Pacific to the cities and capitals of all remaining powers that might oppose their takeover of the Earth (though some were permitted through), Yeshua Himself stepped into the fray, deciding their fate. Monster tornados swept up into the heavens above the battlefield, enormous amounts of moisture were drawn into the twisting funnels, and then the rivers of water turned to ice balls that reached 100 pounds and more. Then the massive, many-colored electro-cells that spun above the funnels electrifed the giant hailstones, which then plummeted back to earth, smashing the Asian Coalition groupings of forces with electrified hailstones by the millions of tons, frying the men inside the tanks and armored vehicles while preventing them from making an escape.

Most of the two hundred millions that had not died in the Anti-Christ's attack now perished. Only a dozen or so vehicles on the fringes of each army group broke out of the ice and fire and fled, having seen that it was God Almighty who had stepped in to destroy them, though everyone on foot died.

A few thousand soldiers out of a total of 200 million survived to reach their home countries and tell them what had happened. It was the end of their gigantic, once unstoppable war machine and also their bid for supremacy over the whole Earth. They all capitulated, surrendered unconditionally. Israel, the prize sought by all these armies, both the Anti-Christ's and the Asian Coalition's, was saved, made victor by the intervention of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

Just hours before his own debacle on the valley floor of Jezreel, in the climactic battle for control of Earth I called Armageddon, Michael Jayson was visited by a special emissary appointed by the Supreme Council of the World Union, Monsignor Louis Phillippe van Schwenk-Wallenberg, Duc d' Oreans. Michael Jayson met the duke and his chief aide d'camp in the Trojan Room--where he kept a favorite holographic of the classic Fall of Troy in which a wooden horse, given to the Trojans by the besieging Achaean Greek armies as a gift, becomes the means to capture the city. Ceremonial bodyguards carrying classic Greek-like javelins stood at attention as the duke explained why he had come at this time.

"Intelligence arrived just lately that we could not ignore. Now that you have brought utter defeat upon us all in this reckless misadventure of yours in the Middle East, there will be, shortly, no World Union. When we departed Rome I knew there would be no Rome to return to, Your Majesty. For that reason we am prepared to render to you now the unamimous decision the Council has come to regarding your deposition. On the authority of the Supreme Emergency Council of the World Union, as the Council's Plenipotentiary Extraordinaire, I, Monsignor Louis-Philippe, declare that you are relieved of your position and must relinguish all your powers immediately. We bear no responsibility for your personal safety nor for your acts from this point on. From now on, you are on your own, Mr. Jayson, just as we are. As for your entourage and personal servants, even your Minister of World Religious Unity and other officials of your cabinet, they are your responsibility to inform that they are no longer in power."

The Duc d' Orleans, last of his royal Carolingian line of Charles the Great and the chief claimant for the French throne should there be another France and another monarchy, paused, as his aide brought out a document for Michael Jayson, now reduced to a commoner, was supposed to sign.

But the World Dictator was not going to give up world power that easily and be declared redundant. "No, you don't, I will have both of you guillotined first!" he said. "Do you think I will bow to you, this ridiculous, little council of yours? Who called you to preside over me and my affairs, anyway? I have not been defeated! How dare you say that to me! YOU have been defeated!"

The duke slowly shook his head and smiled. "You are mad--and we were mad to follow you as long as we did. It was too late when we realized what a--a--force of pure evil you really are. There is no humanity in you whatsoever! You are a veritable beast, not a human being at all!"

Michael Jayson shrugged. He walked away, signalled to some troops outside the door who carried the real armament, and then shut the door when they had gone in with his instructions. There were shots, then the bodies were carried out to the garden.

Michael Jayson took the elevator up to his love toy-stuffed private apartments to think. Yes, the duke had received intelligence--things had gone badly for him and the World Union in the Jezreel war theatre. And no doubt they would send all their missiles now against his cities and capital. Should he warn his Minister of Religion? As if his supreme pontiff was on the same wave length, the screen in the bedroom flickered, and a recorded image and message flickered to life.

Supreme Pontiff of the World Union State Religion, the Vicar of Christ Michael, his golden cap crowned with the royal uraeus-cobra of Egypt and dressed in his robe with all his religious emblems and insignia of the world religions, bowed, then began: "O Divine One, we are most expectantly awaiting your return with news of your glorious victory over the forces of darkness. A state banquet is planned to celebrate your leading us and the world's people to yet higher levels of consciousness and peace and happiness. But there is one very small item of concern at present, which you may wish, O God of all the World's Peoples and their destinies, to consider in advance. There is, I am given to understand by the secret service, certain traitorous elements at work here in the capital, who are seeking to undermine your Deity's authority and rule and--"

The screen filled with smoke clouds, flashes of light and then darkness, and went dead.

Michael felt something depart at the same time.

Just now he felt a sinking, sucking sensation, as if the entity that gave him life was now withdrawing, leaving him in a kind of panic. A reddish glare, in fact, flared in the room, leaving him feeling like a sick, very old man, which he really was. Life itself was fast ebbing from his blue, collapsed veins. He staggered to the bathroom to get some emergency medicines such as heart stimulants and herbal remedies as well. Gulping down some sedatives and stimulants mixed in the same dose along with a shot of anti-oxident-rich dragon fruit juice, he sank to the tiled floor, then crawled back into the other room, lying on his face for long moments as his mind slowly turned over and over his dwindling prospects.

The duke, he had to agree, had it right: he WAS finished! Somehow, in the heat of the conflict, he had felt invincible, had believed himself invincible, had believed he was God Almighty himself! But now?

He felt like a mere human being once again! What had happened to him? He had to do something to save himself, but what? What Contingency Plan did he have? Without thinking he would ever need it, it had gone unread until these last desperate moments. Cyprus would soon be attacked, so he had to flee like a rat from a foundering ship at sea. But where? His original plan called for a rapid sea crossing from Malta (after a brief hop to the islet by plane), then a voyage out from a secret sub base, then when he made it safely out of the Mediterranean to a private airfield in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a flight to Canada, to a reclusive resort he had turned into a private estate.

But could he elude the Chinese? Were they waiting for him at any of those critical points on his itinerary? He had to try. With his entourage of forty-seven gurus, cosmeticians, aroma therapists, Sufis, and Wiccan advisers scrambling to join him in a waiting Gulfstream next to the main terminal, at the last moment he boarded a small customized Cessna XLS jet shuttle he kept on the estate's small-plane runway even as a major quake struck the island, opening huge cracks through the middle of the island, and running straight on to the Greek mainland and leveling Athens and a number of Eastern European cities in its northwestern path.

The disaster of the battle, coupled with an attack of nerves and panic, caused Michael to collapse immediately after boarding. His beloved iguana and soul-mate, Elizabeth , was already strapped in, and sedated into an iguana's tropical dreamland where enormous, fat, metallic green flies the size of wild jaqueri lit on its waiting, outstretched tongue.

Until just lately the mightiest man in the world, Michael Jayson, soon, is strapped down to his seat by his bodyguards, a sedative, mangosteen-flavored pain-killing lozenge slipped under his tongue, and the pilot takes the four-seater down the runway, wasting no time as it revs up to full power and lifts off.

So far he had eluded detection by jamming his own GPS system and lasering all the GPS satellites of the Asian Coalition, but there was one Eye that he could not elude. A missile headed for his XLS Cessna bizjet, and there was no way it could miss, since it was hurled by one of Michael's crack troops.

Within minutes of Michael Jayson's lift-off, the Gulfstream took on a capacity load of gurus, collagen experts, more Wiccans, some Gaea devotees, acuptuncturists, hairdressers, World Union paparazzi and press corps, various damage control spin doctors and PR men, and elite bodyguards, and roared down the runway. It lifted off with its exterior lights extinguished and blinds drawn on the passengers' portholes to help elude detection. The flight plan was to follow the Master to Malta, but the Gulfstream encountered a problem just as it was rapidly gaining altitude over Cyprus and heading out to sea. The captain's screens revealed something he could not understand. An UFO wielding a sword glowing like fluor spar converged with the fleeing aircraft, which the passengers paid no attention to because they were too busy breaking out the booze and drug-laced soft drinks from the self-service bar and celebrating.

With a giant sword slicing completely through the cabin, their party was rained on as the angel made short work of the big bizjet. The passengers of both downed planes were soon plummeting down through smoke clouds into a sea of eternal fire that St. John the Revelator had described most accurately two thousand years in advance. Apparently, sentencing before the Great White Throne was waived for this particular group of toadies slavishly following the Devil himself in corporeal human form. Their fiery fate proved a special surprise for the atheists and reincarnationists on board each destroyed aircraft.

Michael Jayson's chief of propaganda had been his so-called World Minister of Religious Unity, who thundered out from his barrel chest with a bass opera singer's pipes his master's praises continually to the world, but also cowed any doubt and dissent, while whipping up worship and adulation by the masses, with supernatural signs, such as calling down fire out of the sky just like the Prophet Elijah had done in the long ago. At the World Unity Prayer Conference, he was presiding when the missiles from the Asian Coalition penetrated the anti-missile system round Rome. It was a splendid conference, held in MJ's new temple, modeled after a Roman temple (Rome had to be rebuilt after the world-wide quake of several years before this leveled much of the city), but with holographs depicting MJ as a classical Greek hero performing all sorts of heroic exploits. He and his conferees were atomized just as they were praying for MJ's victory in the east.

Supreme Pontiff, Vicar of Christ Michael, the mouthpiece of the beast and the beast he served "rode the great fallen tree of the world down" into the "lake of fire," a kind of ever-burning sanitary dump set in its own dimension of space, where their Master-Mentor, the fallen archangel once called Lucifer, was to join them a thousand years hence. It made a considerable splash, indeed, when M.J. brought destruction upon the whole world with his mighty axe, but for that achievement he earned his own place in Devils Lake.

For his deserved reward for the deaths of over a billion human beings, Michael landed in the fiery place of eternal torment first reserved for Satan and his followers, fulfilling the old English nursery rhyme that foretold this great man's career.


If all the seas were one sea,

What a great sea that would be!

And if all the trees were one tree,

What a great tree that would be!

And if all the axes were one axe,

What a great axe that would be!

And if all the men were one man,

What a great man that would be!

And if that great man took the great axe,

And cut down the great tree,

What a great splash that would be!

And if that great man sail that fallen tree,

they'll sink and sink eternally!

But what about his ruling master, Lucifer the Devil, or Satan, called the Dragon? At the same time Michael was falling into the lake of fire, Lucifer was cast into the Pit, which was just as hellish and hot and inescapable. But only for a thousand years, and then he would be set free for a time on the earth, to seduce and deceive those who could be tempted to follow him, and only then would he be seized and cast into the lake of fire, to remain there, punished forever for all his crimes against human beings and rebellion against His Creator.

When Heloise arrived at Jerusalem and stepped from the White Angel's bubble-shuttle, she was met by Myrrha, Cassia, and Harry with a joyous welcome. Would Aloes be joining them? They knew he was very busy with the preparations for Yeshua's Second Coming, but they hoped he could get away for a few moments anyway so they could get a few of many questions answered. But Aloes was not in sight as events enfolded. Together they watched the beginning inauguration of the miraculously saved and delivered City of David, Jerusalem, as it was re-opened as Yeshua's own royal seat of divine world government where He sat down on the Davidic throne. Much needed to be done, however, before the Sabbath Rest of His 1,000 Year Reign over the Earth commenced--Asian coalition missiles had hit the Temple Mount and the Shrine of the Dome of the Rock was leveled and most everything around it too. MJ's embassy and other World Union towers were also still smoking rubble. Thousands of people were homeless, camping in temporary shelters in the streets and parks. Truly, the whole city needed to be rebuilt--but Yeshua, the Master Builder, who made the Universe, was in their midst! He had the master plan for rebuilding Jerusalem with him--and it would be made the most splendid city on earth!

Prophecy given thousands of years in advance foretold Yeshua's Second Coming would find Him setting his foot down first on the crest of the Mount of Olives. The Turnbulls, alerted by angels that the time was now about to be fulfilled, hurried in the darkness toward Olivet. There they saw the heaven split open, blinding light pour forth, and then Yeshua slowly descended until his foot touched the top of the mountain. Immediately, the whole earth and city shook, and the mountain split in two.

Sparkling artestian water, shining like crystal, poured out like a river, gushing from both sides of the widening crack, rushing down the rocky slopes into the channel of the little Jordan River, which then became as big as the Mississippi though clear and not full of mud. A great, wide valley spread east and west as the mountain fell down level, at the same time the river of Eden poured north and south, with the southern waters racing toward the Dead Sea, which it turned fresh and alive, and where now fish could live and thrive, whereas before the fish from the Jordan River lived only a few moments in it.

Now it was time to open the immemorial Golden Gate, located on the east side of Old Jerusalem's encircling wall, which had been sealed up for many centuries to prevent the prophecy of Yeshua's coming from being fulfilled. As the Turnbulls watched from a nearby vantage point, a warrior angel strode up to the wall and taking locks of his own electric hair, used them like blow torches and blasted away the blocking stones and cement that a Moslem ruler had put here, clearing the ancient gate for Yeshua's entrance into the city as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

This gate of destiny had guarded the site of the East Gate of the Garden of Eden, a long time past. That gate had been closed by God to prevent fallen human beings from going back into the garden to eat the fruit of immortality. Now the gate was cleared, the way open for humanity to come into the City of the Great King, Yeshua. There they could, as citizens of His kingdom, take and eat from the Tree of Life, which sprang back to life from the Hill of the Skull, Golgotha, just outside the old city wall, where Yeshua had sacrificed his life and shed His blood for them, to pay their full penalty for sin and rebellion against God.

Yeshua came to the gate, which had been cleared, and the elders of the church just beyond the gate were now utterly astonished witnesses to the procession as Lord Yeshua led forth. Along with angels, men, women, and children--all resurrected saints come down from heaven, mingled in the solemn throng of the grand procession--and all were carrying palm branches to celebrate the King of kings and the Lion of Judah as he moved between the packed ranks and passed through the gate into the hall of the church. Heloise recognized a number of prophets, and even David, who did not wear his crown now, but who had once been king of Israel, with Jerusalem his capital.

The ages had waited expectantly for this very moment, when the Anointed One would return to reclaim his royal city, Jerusalem, the Holy City of God, the City of David, and go sit on the Davidic throne and rule the whole Earth from Jerusalem.

The church doors of the adjacent sanctuary abutting the gate had been thrown open, and Yeshua continued on into his city, as singing and shouting and dancing of women with timbrels and all kinds of musical instruments erupted around him. Just as prophecy had foretold, singers and dancers went ahead, then followed the elders of the Church and the Apostles who were to represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and then came Yeshua, the Great King, riding on a white horse that befitted such a mighty conqueror and King of Kings.

Climbing up the steps to the pedestal that had once held MJ's holographic statue, one of the many depicting him as a pagan god or hero of classical times, Heloise looked about in the crowds surging through the street. Where were the Petra refugees? She saw few Jews in the thronging multitude, realizing that they were still mostly in hiding, and many at quite a distance from Jerusalem. With all former transportation systems disrupted and many never to run again, they must, she thought, be having difficulty in reaching the city. Perhapsd some did not even believe Yeshua had come--or maybe they even thought he might be another false Messiah, such as M.J. had been. The Jews had flocked to his banner, and only later, when it was too late, did they realize their terrible mistake--and then they were helpless to defend themselves, having turned over their army to his generals' control, and he used their own superb military system to try to round them up and try to exterminate them!

No wonder they were slow to return to Jerusalem, lately the scene of so many executions of Jews by the Anti-Christ, not to mention the concentration/liquidation camps where thousands had suffered unspeakably at his hands. Raped, pillaged, imprisoned, tortured, and even executed by the thousands, the Jewish people had been reduced to a remnant, and the remnant was largely in hiding, even after Yeshua's Second Coming had been shown to the survivors across the whole world.

But in the days following Yeshua's entering the city through the Golden Gate, Heloise saw Jews, one by one, sometimes in little family groups and bands, creep carefully up to the open but angel-guarded gates, enter the city fearfully when the angels allowed them to, then gaze about in utter astonishment as they saw there was absolutely nothing for them to fear--the city was in Jewish hands again--Yeshua's, in fact, which could not be better!

But then they saw his pierced hands, and his pierced feet--and the awful truth struck them, some to their knees, and some even falling face down on the ground. They began to cry out and mourn, realizing just who this grand person was--the King of Jerusalem. They wept, knowing that they had chosen many false Messiahs down through the centuries and millennia while rejecting the only true Messiah, who was the very One their forefathers and Herod and the Romans had condemned to execution on a Roman stake.

It was a most stupendous folly that any one or any people could participate in--in fact, it could not be grasped by any human mind. The most cruel, most painful and shameful death of a criminal had been given their own Messiah, their chief Hope and Deliverer, by their Jewish leaders in collusion with the cruel Romans and the even more odious King Herod the heathen, corrupt, cruel Edomite king who ruled in Galilee for the Romans! How could their forefathers and rabbis have been so wrong! But here Yeshua was, resurrected, a living, breathing Messiah, with pierced hands and pierced feet--proving that the things the Christians had always said about him was truly the case. Before the whole account of the crucifixion of Christ had meant nothing to most of them--being told them by Gentiles or Goyim, and they thought there was some motive to the story, to convert or proselytize them and make them non-Jews. For that reason most of them who had not already lost faith in Israel's God because of the Holocaust had rejected the crucified Yeshua as a false Messiah--thinking he was an imposter, fabricated by his followers the Christians. But how could they mistake him now, when He stood before them, his hands and his feet bearing the scars of Roman nails? It was impossible to see him other than what he was, truly the Messiah of the Jews, the Savior of the World, the Son of God, the lush green, fruitful Branch of Jesse that sprang miraculously from dry and barren desert sand.

Knowing that this was the Feast of Tabernacles, they tried to construct booths for the Festival as in times past, and their tears mingled with the olive branches and palm fronds they gathered to make the booths, which signified the time Israel lived in the wilderness, living in tents and following God in the towering pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of flame by night. But it was Isaiah 53 they were really celebrating, as they began, in the unique calypso-like Jewish way, to weave songs out of the magnificent Messianic scripture verses.

Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground; he hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

He is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief, and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did not esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed..."

At this point, many singers broke down, they couldn't sing any more they were weeping so uncontrollably, so others had to step in for them to finish the Prophet Isaiah's portrait of the Messiah ben Joseph, the Suffering Servant.

..."All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned very one to his own way, and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

He was taken from prison and from judgment, and who shall declare his generation? For he was cut off out of the land of the living, for the transgression of my people was he stricken.

And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief; when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand.

He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied; by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many, for he shall bear their iniquities.

Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death; and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."

Heloise would have loved to linger and listen to all the verses of many other Messianic scriptures being remembered and sung, but she was beside herself. Where on earth were the Petra refugees? What was keeping them? Had they lost all their Black Hawks in some fight with the Anti-Christ's forces? Did they know about the stupendous victory of the Lord over the Anti-Christ and all the other kings of the earth? Did they know Yeshua was now reigning in his royal city, the City of David, Jerusalem? Surely, they had seen him in the clouds--so they knew He had returned, as the scriptures had foretold his Second Coming. She missed Esther and Anna terribly, and wondered how they were getting on under the watchful eye and protective wing of General Mac. Had the chidren been reunited with Esther and their grandmother? And Asher? Was he all right too?

She still looked for Aloes too, as newcomers came pouring into the city as news spread of Yeshua's entry. Many were turned back, however, as none but believers in Yeshua were permitted along with the repenting Jewish people--lest they be found in their sins, resistant and rebellious, and judged on the spot. Nothing was allowed to defile or demean the City of the Great King any longer--and the angels kept strict watch every minute of each day--able to spot anything unholy seeking to get by them. Any evil spirit or evil person who sought to come in to cause trouble was immediately apprehended by the warrior angels and slain (the spirits cast into the lake of fire or in the lidded pit). A dread of the holiness of the resurrected City of David fell upon the whole countryside round about--and no one dared to enter the city any more with sin on their hands or hidden in their hearts, with the intent to commit some evil deed in the city if they could.

Truly, a new Day, a New Age of Righteousness, had dawned! Yeshua wielded an iron scepter, a rod of iron, administering pure and incorruptible justice. He was establishing his Reign over the Earth on the basis of justice, not the mercy and grace of the preceding age. All evil would be judged and eradicated, and every wrong thing on the Earth would now be set right immediately by Yeshua--which was not a fearsome thing, except for the evil-doers, as he would "loose the bands of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, and let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke"--just as Isaiah said.

Howso? The Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Wonderful Counsellor had come and would set up his everlasting throne in Jerusalem, and he would have the perfect answer for everything, being the embodiment of divine wisdom. Yeshua, the Second Adam, was going to restore, and not just restore, but create a paradise many times more beautiful than Eden had been under the first Adam. Glorious beyond saying would be his City, beyond anything the earth had ever seen under even the greatest rulers and kings and emperors, if all their glories could be bundled together and displayed in one city. Israel's Future and Hope had now become, in Yeshua, the whole Earth's Future and Hope--just as the ancient prophecies of the prophets and sages and seers, Isaiah, King David, Zechariah, and John the Revelator, and many others like them, had foretold.

Getting down from the pedestal of MJ's missing holographic blasphemy that had portrayed him as the Jewish Messiah, Heloise thought she might just take a peek into Yeshua's newly arrived throne room before going to Harry and the girls. The towering angel at the door seemed to recognize her on sight, and opened the hall for her, though Yeshua was not present. She peered in and saw Yeshua's angel-guarded throne, which he had brought with him from heaven, set in the middle of a giant Star of David, with ever-burning candles on the Jewish menorah. Before the throne she recognized a Tree of Life, for the healing of all the nations. And from under the throne ran streams of crystalline, healing waters.

The place had such a strong presence of Yeshua and his holiness and majesty that Heloise did not dare go in on her own without his invitation. She was about to head back to the Golden Gate to meet with Harry and the girls when she felt a tug at her sleeve. Looking down, she found a little Jewish girl with enormous dark eyes. "Please, lady, Mac says for you to come out, he is waiting to talk to him."

Heloise was astounded. Whose little girl was this? How did she know "Mac," who could only be General Mac, the renegade commander of the Gideon Task Force? Before she could ask the girl any questions, the waif sped away, and Heloise hurried after her, trying not to lose her in the crowds jamming the street.

When she reached the Golden Gate, which was now angel-guarded and covered with real gold plates, Heloise paused, gasping for breath. The girl was no where in sight. She had vanished as quickly as she had appeared. But her message was plain enough. Heloise let Harry and her girls know she was going on an errand, and they were to wait for her. She wouldn't be long, she said.

Her heart in her hand, Heloise stepped outside the City, which was the only safe place on earth for her now, even though the Great King was now present and reigning.

The way down from the gate was a chaos of broken headstones, ossuaries, and scattered rocks and mounds of dirt, blasted away by the engineer-angel. She had some difficulty finding a way through to a point where she could stop and rest and look about, hoping to catch sight of General Mac.

She couldn't recognize him, however, and wasn't too surprised, as he was known for his ingenious disguises. He had dressed in the flowing garb and veil of certain enterprising Arab women on occasion, his eyes dripping mascara as he made admiring eyes at the women-hungry guards and wriggled provocatively as he noted their number and weaponry, and no one was the wiser, as he crept about MJ's own compounds and concentration camps outside the city walls where the Jews were being "processed" in MJ's own verson of the "Final Solution." That was how he gathered such exact information on the entrances and exits, and just how heavily guarded and staffed the checkpoints and guard posts were, and all the rest of the critical data needed to mount a successful surprise raid and rescue (R & R).

But how would she find this almost invisible master of stealth that not even MJ's army of secret service men and the entire GPS satellite detection system could not track down and catch? She realized that he would have to find her instead, since that was far more likely. So she started walking, making herself as conspicuous as possible. She was a mile or so from the wall when she paused amidst some ruined houses and burned wrecks of World Union army vehicles. At that moment she heard a pebble fall. Then another, which flew right in front of her. Who was flinging pebbles at her? Some little street urchin? Yet another pebble came flying out from one of the houses.

Approaching the source, she stepped with some hesitation into the desolate ruins that typified so much of shattered, ravaged, bombed, plundered, depopulated Israel. Under the hanging, half-shattered roof, in the shadows someone was crouching. She almost cried out and fled, but the Bedouen-turbaned and robed figure moved from the deep shadows into sight, and the man's eyes--they were unmistakable.

"General!" she cried, half in shock, and half in relief.

"Bible woman, tell me one thing--is He the One?"

"You mean the Messiah, the Desire of All Nations?"

"Yes, though I don't care about the Goyim's desires!" the general spat out.

"Well, He does care for them, for me and my kind--even though he is the Messiah of the Jews first!" "I won't argue with you, Bible woman! You told me all I came to find out."

"Well, what are you going to do now, General?"

There was silence.

Heloise tried again, hoping against hope she could keep him talking.

"Where are the refugees you took to Petra, General? I have heard they are fine, but where are they? Did you bring them with you?"

"No, I had to find out first if this Messiah is real or not. Since he is, the refugees will be brought here at once. If he is truly the Messiah, He will be well able to protect them, and my job is finished!"

Heloise thought of something more, though her heart was beating rapidly at the wonderful news.

"What about you, sir? Will you remain to greet your Messiah with the other Jews of the remnant, and cry out, 'Baruch Haba Bashem Adonai!'--'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!'?"

There was silence again. Then she heard what sounded to her like weeping.

She was aghast. How could such a strong man as this one break down and weep?

"I have too much blood on my hands. He will turn me away if I go to him. I am not worthy!"

"But you were bravely defending your homeland, General! That is no crime, and certainly no sin!"

"No, you don't know. Some years ago I had been watering down the whole night in the clubs and was stopped by a dirty, unshaven fellow outside in the street who begged a smoke. I had some scented Turks, and I offered him one, and then the fool grabbed the lot from my hand, and laughed, saying I could just trot home to my tent in the desert and tend my goats, that was all the dirty, smelly Bedouen were good for!

The fool evidently did not guess, from my robe and looks, that I am a Jew, and I should have let him go even with his insult, for the loss of some cigarettes is a petty thing. But he angered me, and I let anger and rage master me. His friend came up at that moment, and he too lay words of scorn on me, even lifting his heel, after saying some things about my mother and wife I won't repeat to you. I went crazy that time, and my Swiss beauty--it flashed twice, and both fools were dead while still on their feet! Punched through the heart, and their throats slit for good measure!

I fled, and since they were low-life and known troublemakers in the area, no police came looking for me--it was during wartime anyway--and they had more important things to deal with.

So, you see, I am a murderer! How can I go into the city and greet the Messiah with their blood dripping from my hands?"

This was Heloise's grand opportunity as a Bible woman.

She promptly assured the general that all, regardless of their unworthiness or how many men he had murdered, he was most welcome to come repentant. The only unwelcome man was one who came intending evil--then Christos Pantokrator, the World Ruling, Davidic Messiah, would mete out swift justice on his head!

Which are you, sir? Are you his now, or Satan's. You cannot be both. But all you need do is believe in Yeshua as your Messiah, Lord, and Savior--and, of course, surrender yourself to him forever--as He gave his life for you, paying the full penalty for all your sins. The angel guardians will not let you go in otherwise--if your heart is still wavering between two masters."

The general answered by coming out from the ruined house. "Take me with you, if you will, please." His tone was like a most humble man, not that of a commanding general's. It was so unlike the General, she peered at him, wondering what had caused this tremendous change.

She saw his face was wet, and his eyes still running.

"Please let us go, and waste no more time. There will be a battle for control of Jerusalem in this very spot, soon. When the cat leaves the house, the mice run amok. You see, some units of Jordan's army and air force that weren't up north fighting in MJ's lost war with several other allied armies, will attack Jerusalem to take the spoils--us Jews! I was just informed by my eyes and ears planted among them they are on their way.

Horrified, Heloise looked around. "But where will our refugees from Petra and that other place you have for the children--? "Oh, Mt. Seir? I won't let my boys drop them here. It's all been arranged. They will be taken directly to the Temple Mount--which I thought would be safest, if there still happened to be snipers in the city, and then we will deal with the security problem in the way I have learned how best to handle it--door to door!"

Heloise knew he had chosen the drop site well--it was level and a large area was clear, but there were ruins good enough for sheltering the refugees if they needed to run for cover. The world quake had leveled most of the religious structures, the mosques and even the new Third Jewish Temple--as well as divided the whole city into three parts. A lot of construction had been started by MJ, rebuilding the city as a pagan-templed tribute to himself, but, of course, it did not get very far before the final battle that destroyed him.

"Let us go then," she said.

Yeshua? She had no idea where He was in the city, nor what He would do in the coming battle, yet Heloise knew they were exactly in his will, saving His people's lives and bringing them to a safe haven--or as safe as it could be in the still unsettled post-war state of the country.

Together they went back up to the Eastern Gate, also called the Golden Gate, where the angels stood guard round the clock, just as Jordanian army units drew close to the city and then paused, waiting for the air assault.

General Mac made a chilling remark, that the last remaining enemies of Israel were intending an assault on the seemingly open, undefended city in order to wipe out any surviving Jews. The Jordanians were known for this sort of thing. Make peace with your rival, when he is stronger, but bide your time until the tables are turned, then show no mercy! Always a weak predator, they waited like the cowardly jackal while the lions hunted down a prey, then when the lions were sleeping off their dinner, moved in for the leftovers. So it was with Israel--when, thanks to the treachery and betrayal of the treaty-breaking Anti-Christ, the Jews were least able to defend themselves, Jordan pounced.

At the gate, the general did a very wise thing. Perhaps it signified his change of heart too. He drew out his renowned Swiss Army knife, looked at it, ran his finger ever so lightly along the razor-sharp blade, then cast it down. Defenseless, utterly vulnerable, but clean of heart! Only then did he step forward, bow, and submit himself to the scrutiny of the warrior angel serving as gatekeepers. It was like an X-ray went through him, head to foot, as he stood in their gaze. Then the guardians of the Golden Gate passed both the general and Heloise, who then were met by Harry, Myrrha, and Cassia.

"You're back! And who is this?" Harry said, eyeing General Mac in his flowing robes and Bedouen turban.

Heloise introduced the general, and he was immediately asked what had happened at the refugee camp in Argentina.

"They're safe in a better place, until I can send my boys to pick them up and bring them all here," he told them. "Besides, I have other groups I have gathered, which are also waiting their turn."

But there was no time now for fellowship and talk. Jerusalem and the remnant of Jews at Jerusalem were targeted for attack as the Jordanian airforce flew to lead the attack, followed by the armored units.

Timing is critical in deciding the outcomes of battles and wars, but this couldn't be helped, the Gideon Task Force was due at about the same time. The refugees couldn't be left at Petra and Mt. Seir any longer, and the general needed his task force. Which would reach the city first? The GTF had a long flight to Jerusalem, and jet aircraft are much, much swifter than army choppers!

Going up on the wall close by the Temple Mount for a vantage point, Heloise and the General were standing there when they saw the champions of the Jews, the GTF, come in, bearing the precious burden of the refugees from Petra and Mt. Seir.

Even before all the refugees were unloaded, the Jordanian-led attack code named "Sword of Allah" commenced with bombing and strafing by captured Israeli IDF warplanes.

The two blasts did considerable damage to the ruins of an already earthquake-ravaged mosque, as their missiles and bombs went astray and failed to reach any populated district. Suddenly, the pilots of ten planes lost their bearings, unable to read the instrumentation accurately, and they crashed in the countryside after veering sharply away from the city. None of the Jordanians knew the cause, that it was failing to correct the sophisticated gyroscopic system, as well as being untrained to take manual control.

Seeing the lead planes go down along with their Jordanian commander, the rest of the now headless squadron that had once totalled 36 planes, made only a flyby of the city's wall. The remaining pilots, frantically screaming to each other in various languages, were all believing the Jews of Jerusalem had a secret new anti-aircraft system, when actually it was pilot error and simple but fatal inexperience with the guidance systems of Israeli IDF fighter planes. Scratching their part in the the master attack plan, they turned back toward the newly-finished World Union-Jordanian base outside Amman the capital of Jordan--which they never reached.

Jerusalemites, fleet-footed boys and girls, both Jews and Arabs, running up on the wall to catch a glimpse of the victory over the enemy, could see the multiple smoke plumes in the eastern mountains where the planes all went down within a few minutes of flight. Even their seat ejection systems proved no good in the few seconds they had before they dove straight into the ground while they desperately tried to overrule the malfunctionng, on-board computer and gyroscopic system and pull their aircraft back into the air.

The total rout of the Jordanian-led air attack gave the GTF time to unload the refugees, all the hundreds of refugee, the adults from Petra and the children from Mt. Seir.

Heloise rushed to the site, but Esther came out of a Petra chopper first and immediately began searching frantically for her girls. A second helicopter from Mt. Seir was unloading near by, and two girls came out of it and then rushed toward Esther, who had seen them and screamed their names above the noise of the still whirling rotors.

Anna came slowly out, with assistance from a GTF soldier, just as Heloise arrived. Esther and her daughters were hugging, and so Heloise reached out for Anna. Anna was crying! She called to Heloise, forgetting she was a Goy, "Daughter! Daughter!" she screeched. "Let me kiss you!"

The group was so joyful they were completely oblivious to the momentous confict that was being waged around them. Hundreds of others were experiencing the same indescribable, joyful reunions, with many tears and hugs, as children were reunited with their parents and grandparents.

General Mac, his air force and crack troops freed of the burden of the refugees, began the operation against the armored units of the Jordanian-led Arab force assaulting the city from the slopes adjoining the eastern wall of the city. So intent were they to get to the enemy, they sped toward the target like an arrow released from a cross-bow.

Though surprised by the still unexplained loss of their supporting air cover and its important part in the conquest and capture of Jerusalem, the Jordanians and their allies were still very confident that they could sweep aside any resistance the few, feeble Jews left in Jerusalem might muster. The plan called for them to take the wall's ancient defenses and then pour into the city to root out and kill all the remaining survivors according to the details of their own treaties with MJ in implementing MJ's second Shoah, or his Final Solution of the Jewish People. Even the children and the sick and aged would not be spared. Jerusalem was to be ethnically cleansed, along with the whole land, from the defilement of Jews forever! As for the rumor of a new Jewish Messiah come to Jerusalem to lead the Jews out of defeat and destruction--they would take his head off and hang it from the cornerstone of the Golden Gate!

They had no doubt that they would soon have their way with Jerusalem's Jews, even without air cover, as the IDF was non-existent, and all its warplanes had been captured. As for the Gideon Task Force, if they had heard about it, it was discounted, for nothing of it had been seen for weeks, so it must have run out of fuel and disbanded, presumably.

As the hodge-podge army tried to make sense of the various commanders' orders and last instructions and moved more or less into position up to the walls, the vehicles made hash of a Jewish cemetery and a few Arab graves as well.

They hoped their air force would return after its unexplained retreat, but if not, they would do their job anyway and clean out all the Jews from Jerusalem forever! Some were not so sure, however, but wondered what had happened to the Mount of Olives. They hadn't heard of a major quake in that spot--yet the entire mountain was gone! In its place was a large, flowing stream flowing in two directions, west and south! It was a sign, but if it meant good for the Jews, it did not bode well for them! Which was it? they wondered, as they moved into position to begin firing at a chosen section of the wall they wanted to breach.

Freed of his duty toward the refugees, all General Mac's old but still serviceable fleet of Black Hawks had to do was to start Operation Mop-up, and the first armored division of the enemy force was blown to pieces with such fury and precision with GTF rockets, it knocked the fight out of the survivors. Losing all cohesion, the poorly-organized force started the retreat and stampede of the main forces back toward Amman, the attackers abandoning their vehicles and running, rather than face being annihilated in the same way.

Where had all the dreaded Israelis gunships come from? Nobody could guess--it was every man for himself, and no time was spent on foolish questioning by the fleeing, would-be conquerors of Jerusalem and Swords of Allah.

Within less than an hour, the wolves' attack on Yeshua's little flock was over, and the GFT, instead of rounding up the three thousand or so survivors, followed them far enough from the city to make sure they fully intended not to return that day. Otherwise, the enemy would have been asking for complete destruction--and they would not have been disappointed by the prompt GTF response.

As for the air base at Amman, the general knew of a secret silo containing a nuclear-armed missile he could get re-programmed to take it out. He had the expert on missile guidance systems--and the silo was only fifteen minutes by jeep from the city.

But the missile was never needed or fired from Amman's spanking new air base. This was the very last attack touching Jerusalem staged by anyone against the Jews (though more revolts would break out elswhere and be quickly crushed), just at the start of the Millennial Reign of Yeshua, resulting in the Jews' complete victory. There would be 1,000 years of peace--unlike any preceding time in the world, and so glorious it was, all the books written in the world from that point could not possibly describe its splendors and miracles and all the other wonderful things--though they tried.

As for Yeshua's not taking an active role in defending his own city, Heloise and the General soon learned his reason. She had presumed that Yeshua would act as the Lion of Judah, not the Suffering Servant, concerning this unprovoked attack, by the Jordanians who possessed the territory of Israel's ancient enemies, Ammon and Moab.

"Evil is its own undoing," Yeshua told them. "It will destroy itself, oftentimes, if left to itself. And I came to bring peace and justice and righteousness--not war and bloodshed. For this reason I held back my avenging angels. It is my desire that the Jordanians come to Me and serve me gladly, as I did not lift my hand against them now as they know they deserved."

Heloise was not entirely persuaded that the Jordanians should be let off "scot free." She understood the Lord's forebearance, but, just the same, she agreed with General Mac that it was not likely the Jordanians would take their defeat humbly and leave Jerusalem and the Jews in peace just because they had been driven off with their coattails on fire. Yet, despite their misgiving, how could they argue with Yeshua's boundless grace--they had been forgiven much, had they not? Why should the Jordanians not be forgiven, if they would only take the opportunity to enjoy peace instead of continue to pursue a policy of eye for eye and tooth for tooth?

Only a few days after this mercy and stay of judgment of Yeshua was most graciously granted, the Jordanians and their ruling king proved, sadly, that the rout they had suffered had not given them second thoughts about the wisdom of attacking the Jews once again. Showing that they had nothing but contempt for the Jews of Jerusalem and their Messiah, they sent out a raiding party of a thousand camels (their armored vehicles and planes no longer would function, whether they knew how to operate them or not!). It looked just like an ancient Ammonite war party attacking Israel, except the camels carried mortars and anti-tank missiles and SAMs strapped to their backs.

They did not get very far when an avenging angel met them, standing smack in their path.

As Yeshua said it would, this evil act brought its own terrible consequence, by their own choice they were destroyed. This time it was the roar of the Lion of Judah, not the gentle call of the Suffering Servant of man. Angels, who cannot abide treachery and guile and rebellion against God, show no mercy whatsoever to the guilty. The war party was annihilated with the angel's lightning-like sword. But the angel went to the source and did the same. Amman the ancient Jordanian capital, formerly Rabbah, was destroyed, end to end, and the destruction was so complete the city was forsaken and not inhabited again. The Prophet Jeremiah had prophesied this destruction of the Jordanians, descendants of the ancient Ammonites, thousands of years before the event:

"Concerning the Ammonites, thus saith the Lord; Hath Israel no sons? hath he no heir? why then doth their king inherit Gad, and his people dwell in his cities?

Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will cause an alarm of war to be heard in Rabbah of the Ammonites, and it shall be a desolate heap, and her daughters shall be burned with fire; then shall Israel be heir unto them that were his heirs, saith the Lord.

Howl, O Heshbon!...for their king shall go into captivity, and his priests and his princes together...behold, I will bring a fear upon thee, saith the Lord God of hosts..."

King David also foretold their calamity in a psalm as he described the end of wicked people:

"They are brought into desolation, as in a moment, they are consumed with terrors."

This unmistakable fulfilment of the ancient prophecy of Jeremiah, called the Weeping Prophet, for he suffered continual torment watching his people and nation going to destruction and disregarding all his warnings, caused the fear of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to descend on all the surviving Jordanian (Ammonite) people from that time on.

More peace-loving of Arab peoples, the Jordanians changed their attitudes and generational hatred of the Jews to humility, and they became teachable and able to learn a new and better way of peace, fulfilling the Prophet Jeremiah's word of hope and restoration that would extend to them too, the moment they ceased fighting Abraham's God and His descendants, the Jews, through Isaac his son:

...And afterward I will bring again the captivity of the children of Ammon, saith the Lord."

And of Israel's miraculous restoration and the return of the scattered remnant of Jews to Jerusalem and the land about, Isaiah the Prophet had had this to say, which Heloise related to all those around her in her well-attended, daily Bible classes held on the Temple Mount:

"For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land, and the strangers will be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob..."

These and many other ancient prophesies were all being accomplished and implemented, right before their very eyes! It was a glorious thing, and the Jewish people were continuously rejoicing, having seen the fulfillment that had been promised to their forefathers since ages in the past--for which countless Jewish hearts through the long ages had yearned and their eyes had wept rivers, while serving brutal taskmasters in slavery and bondage and oppression of all kinds inflicted on them for thousands of years. Many had given up hope, but always saintly individuals believed God despite the hopeless look of their present conditions. They knew that someday, even if their eyes did not see it, their children, or their children's children might see it--the glorious land was first promised them, beginning with God Almighty's everlasting Covenant with Father Abraham and all his descendants through his son Isaac.

Finally, these most comforting of prophetic words came to Heloise's mind, from Asaph the Jewish psalmist, describing this very time in its entire, glorious, unfolding reality when all the kings and rulers and presidents of the earth came, one by one in humility, to Jerusalem, each year at the Feast of the Tabernacles, to present the Lord Yeshua and His People special, beautiful gifts worthy of the reigning, all-wise-and-just Lord of all the Earth:

"...When God arose to judgment, to save all the meek of the earth. Selah. Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee, the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain. Vow, and pay unto the Lord your God, let all that be round about him bring presents unto him that ought to be feared..."

Yet as the days passed and work was begun on the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and still no sight of Aloes, Heloise grew impatient, and she went to Yeshua about it. At least she intended to speak to him, and then someone stepped up to her, a noble-looking, princely youth she had not seen before, wearing the distinctive golden diadem she had seen on angelic messengers from time to time. What order of angels were they? she had wondered. She had no idea, only the emblem at the crest was clearly tree-like, with golden leaves. Could it signify the Tree of Life?

"I am Sigal," the youth informed her, bowing low to her. "I have been sent to cheer you, with words concerning your beloved son Aloes."

Heloise was so overwhelmed, she sat down. "Is he all right?" she pleaded. "How come I haven't seen or heard from him before this?" The youth bowed as deeply as before and smiled. "Daughter of Zion and great lady, he is fine, and sends you word that he is a man under authority, and must continue the duties assigned to him at present, for there are many under his command, and I--he has been pleased to appoint me his messenger to you."

The youth's manner was so courteous and kind that Heloise felt completely open with him. She began to cry, then wiped her tears, and said as bravely as she could, "Thank you for coming then, Sigal, but what does he wish to tell me? I don't wish to keep you from whatever business you have."

He smiled and bowed again. "No, no, this is the greatest honor, Lady Heloise. I am at your service! We all wanted to go to you, but--but it fell to me. I have something to tell you now, concerning the Aloes plant. Do you know the plant?"

"Yes, I do, but what does it have to do with my son?"

"A great deal, Lady Heloise! This is how a wise man once described it..." And then he began to sing verses gracefully and quaintly like a trained court minstrel of the Middle Ages, accompanied by soft flute music and instruments she did not know, though Heloise could see no instruments anywhere near them where she sat on the Temple Mount.

"Have you heard the tale of the Aloe plant

away in the sunny clime?

By humble growth of a hundred years

it renders its blooming time;

And then a wondrous bud at its crown

breaks into a thousand flowers;

this floral King, in its blooming seen

is the pride of the tropical bowers.

But the plant to the flower is sacrifice

for it blooms but once, and it dies...

Heloise's eyes dropped at this point, remembering Aloes's death while trying to rescue the captive Jews in a concentration camp once located not far from where she was now seated.

The youth continued, singing in a softer manner than before, as Heloise shut her eyes and let the song and the words and the music minister to her its comfort.

"Have you heard of the Aloe plant

that grows in the sunny climb?

How every one of its thousand flowers,

as they drop in the blooming time,

is an infant plant where it falls to the ground,

And as fast as they drop from the dying stem,

grow lively and lovely around!

By dying it liveth a thousand-fold,

in the young that spring from the death of the old."

The Tree of Life-crowned messenger stepped back, bowing, and she raised her eyes, and saw that he was waiting on her response.

"That was--that was helpful. And I thank you! It was a lovely song and--"

Suddenly, she smelled something wonderful, as if the wind had wafted the fragrance of a gorgeous flower to her from over the wall of some hidden royal garden! She looked about, but there was no such garden visible--so where was the aroma coming from?

Sigal smiled, and answered, "It is the Aloe plant fragrance, which is used in the sacred anointing oil of the Lord, as you know."

Fragrances have great healing properties, and this fragrance, now, sank deep into her soul, and she felt healed and restored, the loss of Aloes so suddenly and cruelly was completely done away, and in it place was peace and happiness.

She could let him go now too--and though she ached to see him, she could wait. She rose up and gazed at Sigal.

"That was lovely! Everything you did for me was beautiful--I cannot thank you enough."

Sigal smiled, or, rather, grinned. He was obviously very pleased that his song and music had accomplished the most he had hoped for, the healing of a mother's heart grief.

She paused, then spoke out what was on her mind. "Could you tell me a couple things before you go? What is that diadem of yours? What is the meaning?"

"It is the Tree of Life, and Aloes is our commander as we serve the Lord's command to take healing to the nations--which begins with the separation of all the nations into sheep and goats."

Heloise gasped. "Oh! So there is going to be a judgment of the nations! I was beginning to wonder if I had misunderstood the scriptures concerning it. And Aloes is your commander? Where--what?"

He smiled at her many questions that poured forth, but he was not allowed to tell her everything at this point. "I can tell you this much, Lady Heloise, that the Great Separation begins soon, and that is why Aloes cannot come to you at this moment. He is leading us in this duty. Healing must start with separation from the sickness, or the Healing of the Nations will be delayed or even reversed. The goat nations must be removed from the earth, along with the wicked leaders who have chosen to pull the people back into hatred, war, and strife. This is the Age of Yeshua's Peace, and they will not be allowed to return the earth to Satan's kingdom. The Earth is the Lord's kingdom now!"

Even as Aloes's messenger was explaining this to Heloise, Yeshua was comforting a little girl who had lost her mother.

The little girl was one of those whose mothers did not survive the concentration camps the Anti-Christ had set up round Jerusalem to process and get rid of the last of the Jews. She had been rescued, but her mother had not lived to be reunited with her, when General Mac fetched the children from Mt. Seir to join their parents from Petra.

Even while Yeshua was comforting each of the motherless or orphaned children, he was also, as Lord of the Universe, correcting the flaws that had caused so much havoc, suffering, and death on the Earth since the Fall of Man in the Garden, and even before that during the time of Lucifer's rebellion and rampage through Universes--until he was confined to Earth I, that is.

The tilt of Earth I was dealt with, taking the harshness out of the seasons, so that they would no longer be extreme in climate, so cold in winter or so hot in summer. The air pressure was also gradually increased, restoring energy and strength to all created things. Heavy loads or hard tasks that formerly took much effort and caused so much weariness, now could be done with little effort and in far less time. Machines were thus made redundant, useless--as human hands and backs could easily do what only machines could do before.

The planet was even moved a million miles closer to the sun, so that it could receive 2% more sunshine and energy, which it had lost when it was moved away from the sun in the catastrophic disturbances of Lucifer's Rebellion, the Fall of Adam, and the Noahic Flood.

Even as he held the little girl, and her tears dried, the whole earth was experiencing a universal rebirth and healing--warmth was spreading into the cold and frozen areas of the globe, seeds in deserts or polar regions were opening where they could never have germinated before, and the range of palms and tropical orchids and fruits was vastly extended north and south, east and west.

The whole earth was in the process of becoming a gigantic, indescribably beautiful and productive garden, blossoming and greening up to become a second, but much bigger, Garden of Eden--a paradise where everyone could live in peace and plenty, without fear of war or fear of sinful and violent men.

Even the animals were changing their violent, aggressive natures. The predators, like the lions, tigers, and other carnivores, were starting to eat grass and plants, and no longer attacked other animals for meat. The snakes' venom turned harmless, and they no longer presented any danger to people, as they became totally peaceful and did not even try to bite with the teeth they still had.

Now little children could play harmlessly in a nest of snakes, with the mothers' having no fear of them being hurt, or climb on a lion's back and roll off, and the lion would even let its mane be pulled and not growl!

Heloise had to tell Harry and her family, and asked Sigal if he could sing the same song to them, but he declined. "They have already been ministered to, you see."

She wasn't quick to believe it, but he smiled and bowed. "Go and see!"

Heloise caught Sigal's sleeve as he turned to go. "One last question, if I may. Are you an angel?"

His already large, light violet eyes widened a bit. "No, lady. Though they serve us when needed, we are not angels. We are men, not angels, but resurrected from the dead, having all been killed during the time of Jacob's Trouble, when we refused to take the sign of the beast and instead proclaimed the Saving Name of Yeshua."

Heloise was stunned and thrilled at the same time. Sigal, then was one of the 144,000 martyrs, first tortured then guillotined, slain, during the Tribulation by the Anti-Christ! John the Revelator had described them. A glorious troop, they were all virgins, having never given themselves to the lust and harlotry of the dying, sick world. And her son was their commander! Could there be a greater honor than that? No wonder Sigal had seemed so noble in his manner, and so full of kindness and courtesy--a true prince of a young man!

The words of the Apostle John himself spoke to her:

"Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him was one hundred and forty-four thousand, having the Father's name written on their foreheads.

And I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and like the voice of loud thunder, and I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps.

They sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders,

and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth.

These are the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

These were redeemed from among men, being first-fruits to God and to the Lamb.

And in their mouth was found no deceit, for they are without fault before the throne of God."

When Sigal had departed, vanishing as quickly as he had come, Heloise hurried to find Harry and the girls. It was as Sigal had promised her. Each had an account for her--a special message from Aloes-- and none was the same. Each message, though, was precisely what each family member needed to hear.

Meanwhile the preparations for the great Bema of the Nations were completed. The avenging angels had wiped out millions of wicked and perverse people who had no intention of ever stopping their criminal and immoral acts. One angel alone could kill a million such criminals in a day, though the work was done at night, so that they were caught in their beds and plucked out to face a descending sword.

At a special off-Terran site chosen for its isolated location, a gigantic bowl in the landscape was hollowed out and made ready to receive the nations, to which all the people of the existing nations on Earth that had survived the Tribulation would be transported in vastly expanded bubble-cars.

Teams of the largest angels were kept busy picking up the stupendous shield-like containers that safely held millions of human beings, entire nations all travelling together in what looked to them like arenas, only incomprehensible in size.

One of the first nations gathered together, a project which Aloes' 144,000 had supervised, was Russia. The number of people was huge, and Aloes and his men of valor had their hands full. 70 million men, women, and children had survived the Tribulation, and these were now brought safely to the Bema site by the transporting bubble-car.

After Russia is judged, America's turn is next. Set in a convenient site, the angel's shield, lined with grooves for seating, takes on the entire population, with thousands of Aloes's army serving as fully armed ushers and security to make sure everyone stays.

Once everyone is seated, given food and water and whatever they need for the journey, the bubble settles down over the shield, and away they go to the great Bema.

Arrived at the now dreaded site of the Bema, or Judgment of the Nations, with the Americans assembled in the circular canyon before the Judge, Yeshua, the case is reviewed by recording angels as the entire Millennium population of the United States of America and their leaders listen, their feet shifting uncomfortably in the sand of the canyon floor. At one point, the narrative pauses, so that Sodom and Gomorrah's representatives can be brought in to testify their outrage for being judged so severely while millions upon millions of Americans were guilty of the same crimes of immorality and perversion and murdering of children in the womb. Other cities and nations too were brought in to testify, how they had been destroyed long in the past for just such crimes, while America continued to be blessed with every blessing, even while committing the same crimes that had damned them to hell and the lake of fire forever.

The nation was judged as a nation, but according to its parts as well. The Presidency, Congress, Judiciary (particular the Supreme Court judges and chief justices), military, the state governors and legislatures, and even the heads of the churches and seminaries, and the administrators of the schools, colleges, and universities of the educational system, not to mention the chief people in the entertainment industry, and media, and the corporations, all had to face the One who was presiding over their case, whether they would be declared a Sheep Nation or a Goat Nation.

Many books double and triple the size of Shakespearean folios were brought out by the recording angels who maintained the archives of heaven, and they began reading them. Time literally stood still as the acts of the people and nation of America were read out for examination and judgment. When the last book was finished with, there was silence. The evidence was so comprehensive and complete, there was no one present who could quibble with one thing that had been revealed from the books.

Overwhelmed, stunned, and now terribly dismayed, the Americans waited to hear what the Judge, Yeshua, would say and feared what his decision might be.

Yeshua's bailiff-angel called for the judges and chief justices of America's highest courts, as well as Americas lawyers and attorneys and prosecutors, to come forward.

When they were all assembled before Him, Yeshua spoke.

"Why did you err and declare good, evil, and evil, good? You had my holy law since before the foundation of your country and all your courts-- that made everything clear from the beginning. The Ten Commandments were inscribed in the stone and marble of your chief buildings and government edifices--but you still denied they had anything to do with you and the governance of your nation. You even directed the society to accept evil by your own arbitrary decrees. In everything you enacted, you chose flawed human reason and judgment over my perfect laws--and you led your nation and people into destruction. You refused to seek My counsel and chose your own--which was vile and self-serving. You corrupted yourselves and your people and nation with your own unjust laws. Furthermore, you oppressed the poor and persecuted My Church. What do you say for yourselves?"

The judges and chief justices could not deny the truth coming from He who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Their spokesman stepped forward, his knees buckling as he tried to stand. "We have done all that was recorded in the books, Your Honor."

"How do you plead?"

"Guilty, Your Honor!"

As the totally shamed and discredited judiciary and its minions were led away by Aloes's martyr-band, the court bailiff-angel called for the President and Vice President and White House staff, the Cabinet, and the appointed chiefs of the government departments, including the Vice President, and also former former presidents and vice presidents still alive, to come forward for trial. Their armies of lawyers and attorneys and counsellors and advisers were also brought along with them. It was a very big gathering, much larger than the judiciary's and its legions of lawyers.

The books were read out regarding the acts of the Presidency and all its offices high to low, including delegated authorities. The account started out admirably, with only a bad impression regarding the Founding Fathers when the first Constitutional Government of the newly formed United States of America failed to emancipate the slaves and set them up as free men and equals to all other men, regardless of color. Even the freed black men were not enfranchised--and so they could be seized and their property and freedom taken, if they so much as tried to visit relatives in the slave-holding south of the country. This impossible situation led directly to the Civil War, of course, for a divided nation cannot stand or hold together. The bloodiest war the nation ever fought and would ever fought was waged--and the price was paid for the folly of not doing away with slavery when they knew they should--and it was a stiff price, indeed. The festering of the wound continued for generations thereafter.

But the books' account did not dwell so much on slavery as it did on oppression. The Indian peoples, who were not enslaved, were oppressed people from the beginning, and their land was taken when the treaties were broken by the white signatories and the U.S. president and government. This oppression of the Indian peoples continued right up to the time of the holding of the Bema, and now remained for Yeshua to set right.

The court bailiff signed for the recording angels to pause, and then he called the Indian peoples of America to come forward and stand together in one place opposite the other Americans.

The two groups gazed at each other, one with chagrin, the other with resignation and pity and even forgiveness. There was some anger in some Indians, but still far less than there was anger in the group of those who were the oppressors.

If that wasn't bad enough, the kings and queens of judged, destroyed nations and kingdoms of the ancient world were brought forth from hell, given their royal robes and jewelry to stand witness, and they protested against mercy being accorded America. "They did worse! They had your holy Book, telling of your righteousness and deity, and yet they disregarded and threw it away on the dung-heap, preferring their own rotten counsels and their own worthless advise and crooked ways to Yours, O Judge of the Nations!"

In this group stood the kings and queeens of Tyre, Assyria, Rome, Greece, even Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities of the plain, that had been destroyed with divine fire and brimstone, not merely barbarians and enemy armies. All these had been cast into hell, and their nations with them--so they protested mercy being accorded America, who enjoyed far greater advantages, the Bible, the prophets, the holy teachers who taught the true way for all men to obey and follow. Their testimony was recorded, as part of the judgement against the nation of America, for it was a true testimony. They had, indeed, far less light to be judged by than America, which had been flooded with the truth of the Word of God since the first hours of its inception on the shores of Cape Cod and Virginia Beach.

How could the oppressors now deny what they had done? They were made to look on all those they had oppressed with bad laws, broken treaties, outright exploitation, seizure of tribal property for various projects that benefited the national economy though it ruined the Indian people's heritage and community life...and their arrogance and contempt and, worse, cold indifference toward Indians, it was unmasked for what it really was. Tellingly, the administrators of the B.I.A. did not stand with the Indians but stood in the ranks of the oppressors.

It soon grew painfully apparent to all who heard the reading of the books that corruption in high places, abuse of powers, falsehood, anti-Semitism, policies to deliberately deceive the people, and sheer, unrestrained envy, greed, and immorality eventually riddled and ruined the entire government, subverting and changing it so much that the Constitution was gutted and rendered a hollow shell, and everything that was done by the Presidency served only to mock its principles and guidelines and articles. From servant to autocratic ruler, from limited power to absolute power, from humility to arrogance, from thrift to self-indulgment and luxury--the Presidency descended, with everyone involved turning into a beast that was the worst the Founding Fathers could envision and try to hold back with the reins of law, but, ultimately, could not prevent taking shape once the people relaxed their vigilance and failed to revolt.

The Judge's bailiff now called for the U.S. State Department to stand clear, and they did so. Consuls, diplomats, advisers, the Secretary of State, the Ambassador to the United Nations, along with the other ambassadors, all had to stand for trial. And since the Presidents were involved, the several who had lived into the Millennium, along with their vice presidents, were called to stand with the State Department.

The specific acts of the State Department were read out by the recording angels. It was revealed to be anti-Semitic since before the Second World War.

It was very clear as they read that their anti-Semitism had skewed every decision to the side of the wrong as they committed blunder after blunder--the tally of disasters was unspeakable, yet it was spoken now by the angels, who did not fear men but feared God who had power to cast a soul into hell and the lake of fire. The reading turned to the particular foreign policy blunder dealing with Israel and God's Chosen People, the Jews, with whom He had made an everlasting covenant when He covenanted with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Patriarchs and Founding Fathers of the Israelite people and nation.

The account detailed how Israel, America's loyal ally, had been forced by America, since Israel's declaring its existence as a state in 1948, to give up Covenanted land for peace with hostile Arabs inhabiting the area, even though they had previously been low, contemptible, impoverished subjects of the Ottoman Turkish sultan with no special standing or claim to a nation and capital of their own. Yet when they saw that the Jews quickly developed a nation of their own, with bright promise showing in the new farms and factories and growing cities, the Arabs of the area hotly demanded the same for themselves, though they had not worked for it as the Jews had done. Instead, they chose to take it by force, and so they fled, many of them, out of Israel, counting on their Arab brothers in surrounding nations to send victorious armies to wipe out the Jews and leave them the spoils. It did not happen. The five invading Arab nations were all defeated by a tiny, newly born state of Israel, a miracle declaring the glory and power of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the ignominy of Allah, the god of the Arabs.

But the Arabs did not cease hostility and acknowedge their wrong path, but continued on it with the greatest gusto, as the account revealed. The Arab "Palestinian" refugees became wretched, highly usable pawns for the neighboring Arab dictatorships and tyrants, and they remained poor, hated, and hating--blaming their plight completely on the Jews, when actually it was a result of their doing and also the doing of their Arab brothers in neighboring countries such as Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

The account did not go into this guilt of the Arabs any more at this point, for there was more than ample guilt gathered for judgment, but returned to the State Department's unrighteous, strong-armed treatment of Israel, focusing on the policy of "land for peace,' which denied the Covenant's existence while breaking it, and thus calling God, the divine promulgator and chief signatory, a liar, after the written Word of God in the Bible recorded that He declared it an everlasting agreement that would never end or be changed by His hand.

The current secretary of state and his people were called to the dock as the reading by the recording angel continued, giving the acts of the former secretaries of state going back to Kissenger, Schultz, Baker, Reno, Albright, and Rice, and concluding with the present holder of the office, who had signed infamous treaties with the Anti-Christ himself that turned the Jews of America over to his extermination squads for certain advantages in the new world order.

Now none of these people were consciously or deliberately evil, they had done these evil things ignorantly, in the understanding they were serving mankind's highest good, and promoting democracy and the rule of law and justice, and, best of all, establishing world peace. Henry Kissenger, though an Austrian Jew, had no love or regard for Israel or the Jews, and when Golda Meir, her nation attacked on the greatest holy day of the Jews, the Day of Atonement called Yom Kippur when all the armed forces were off-duty attending services, called the White House, pleading for America's help, H. Kissenger demurred, saying, "Let the Jews bleed a little."

Yet the President, Richard Milhous Nixon, whom everyone, friend or foe, knew was a virulent anti-Semite, sitting in his gilded cage of the White House almost powerless after the debacle of Watergate, received Israel's Prime Minister Golda Meir's next frantic call. She was about to commit suicide, but called again and got Nixon on the red phone's hot line. She pleaded again for help, and Nixon agreed to send aid immediately, everything Israel wanted. Why had he changed his policy now after his own Secretary of State had turned Israel down? Why would he disregard Congress's instruction to do nothing in foreign policy or he would be impeached? When he sat on the edge of the presidential bed and listened to Golda Meir's voice pleading with him, his old mother's voice then came to mind. He remembered his mother reading the Bible to him when he was a boy sitting on her knee, then stopping to tell him, "Richard, some day you will be in a position of great power and be able to help the Jews, and then you must do everything you can to save them!"

After his resignation, commenting on the single act that signed the death warrant for his presidency, Nixon said, "Then I knew why I had come to be president!"

Despite all it cost him, he obeyed his devout Quaker mother's long-ago instruction, helped the Jews, and they were, indeed, plucked right out of the closing jaws of the lion, and their enemies were all defeated, thanks to the massive airlifts of U.S. military equipment sent to the Israelis.

Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, who had already chanted tasted certain victory over the Jews, were soon tasting something very salty and bitter, something not sweet at all: their sudden, catastrophic defeat, as they ran from their tanks and armored cars, fleeing to their own countries, many of them barefooted and buck naked, leaving their fire-scorched uniforms behind in their haste to get away.

The Israelis could have easily captured them (and seized Cairo and Damascus and Amman, the capitals of their defeated enemies, as well!), but let their foes escape, preferring to let them return home and tell the true story to their countrymen, which was completely the opposite of their victory-claiming governments and leaders.

The despised, Watergated president had courageously helped the Jews, but sealed his own fate doing it--for an infuriated, double-crossed Congress moved to impeach him as quickly as a lumbering, gigantic bureaucracy like that could be made to move, and Nixon chose to resign rather than suffer the total disgrace of impeachment.

Then came, after a time, the review of Ms. J. Reno's and W. Christopher's and M. Albright's crimes and imbecilic, politically correct but morally disastrous policies. A champion of compassion in big government, Reno administered a massacre of religious extremists in Waco, Texas, in which dozens of children and their mothers were burned to death in the cult's walled compound. The cult leader could have been picked up anytime as he routinely went jogging in the country lanes of the suburbs, but instead he and his whole following were besieged by the Treasury Department's expert hit squad, the ATF armored force, and in the standoff the inevitable happened, the compound buildings of the leader Koresh's cult center burst into fire and the whole cult was exterminated. With her hands dripping with the blood of innocent children, Reno retired with many honors and millions in her investment portfolio and went home to live with herself, as no man would marry a mannish woman like her with so much blood on her hands as she had to look at in the early hours after spending sleepless nights.

Madame Secretary Albright's turn came. Though revealed during her time of office to have had Jewish parents from Czechoslovakia, who raised her as a Catholic in Britain, not telling her that her grandparents perished in the Holocaust, she showed she could not have cared less for her maligned and persecuted people the Jews and Arab-besieged, democratic Israel's welfare as well as she acted like a stooge and puppet for her self-serving President in forcing Israel to give up land to Israel's arch-enemy, the international terrorist leader, Yassir Arafat--officially, for the sake of peace between the Palestinians (a people who had never before existed as a nation and a nationality, recognized by other nations) and the Jews of Israel. She had no pity for the black African Christians being massacred and enslaved by the hundreds of thousands in southern Sudan by Sudan's Moslem government-back militias, saying when pressed on the issue, "No, I could never sell helping them to the American people."

Unlike Albright who had served her master cynically and amorally, winking at his depravities in the Oval Office that made even the secret servicemen present blush, C. Rice had been an unwitting idealist believing in man and society's perfectibility, serving reason and progressive human philosophy, not the word and will of God for an innately depraved, fallen humanity. The Jews, inevitably, had come to be regarded as the main problem with the world, the main impediment to world peace, and so they had to be sacrificed for the good of the world, lest the whole world come to grief over the festering, world-threatening schism between Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Judaism, in the Middle East. The solution the State Department settled upon had been their opinion for a long, long time, which was the very one the Muslims had demanded from the start--the total extermination of the Jews, with eradication of the state of Israel, and appropriation of the whole land and the capital Jerusalem by the Arabs and Muslims.

Yeshua's gavil sounded like a crack of thunder, ending the reading. He spoke for the first time to the assembly, directing his words first at the State Department heads and all connected with them.

"You all scorned my written Word, you ridiculed my Covenant and broke it, as if it were a trivial thing and of no account, though I signed it with My friend, Abraham, and reaffirmed it with his son Isaac, and his son Jacob. They are living still, and can testify."

Yeshua paused, and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Patriarchs of the Hebrew people of Israel, came forward and each spoke, telling about the Covenant forged with them. When they finished, Abraham beckoned to the State Department heads. "You naysayers! Do you have a word to challenge us with? What say you now?"

The State Department, not usually tongue-tied, had nothing to say.

Yeshua then continued. "David spoke of my everlasting covenant, and I again reaffirmed it with him, setting the sun and moon as witnesses that it would never end. All this was in My Word, which you ignored and rejected. Because you scorned my Covenant, you really were mocking Me and My Deity and rule over you and the nations. You then committed many blunders, as I let you freely do, since You refused all counsel and wisdom from Me or my brethren and my shepherds of the flock of God living among you. You divided the glorious land, and gave it to strangers and the enemies of My People, the people of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

You forced my People to divide and give up their land, which I gave to them forever as their possession! When you did these things, you made yourself blasphemers of My glory and my holy Covenants, persecutors of My Chosen People, and even joined the long line of their murderers and oppressors.

That being so,

how do you then plead?"

There was not much of a pause, as the evidence was so clear and unarguable.

"Guilty, Your Honor!" the present (and last) Secretary of State replied, for he had no choice but to admit the truth, which was made absolutely plain to everyone present in the complete record of the recording angels.

The trial, as it proceeded, did not promise to end in America being declared a Sheep Nation, for it had clearly turned Goat years before the Battle of Armageddon and the collapse of the Anti-Christ's rule.

Would America's people be stripped of their nation, after such a promising start? Would they become a people without a country, stateless, ruled over by others?

It seemed to be not only possible, and not only probable, but inescapable. The people stood, all hope draining away from them, as they listened to the concluding portions of their case read out from the books.

But what would Americans be without America? Obviously, nothing! Without the nation, which was a dream in origin, there would be no American people. They were unlike any other previous nation, in that they had come into being as more an idea, more a glorious, burning dream of brotherhood and equality, more a vision of refuge and liberty for the oppressed, more an aspiration and yearning for happiness and opportunity in the heart of man, than anything concrete and real--since the whole world was not like that in the least way. Denying that great original dream, denying the unique heritage of the people of God who founded the nation, denying the Word of God that provided America its templates for government and individual liberties, its presidents, judiciary (with Supreme court justices such as O'Connor, Stewart, Brennan, and the infamous Warren at the head for long years of radical, unconstitutional reconstruction of the laws, culture, and nation), and legislators turned violent barbarians and vandals and senselessly destroyed the foundation of their own house and pulled its walls and roof down on their very heads and the heads of their wives and children.

That is the way of fools in their folly--self-destruction, despite every possible warning given them to cease their foolishness and choose life and wisdom.

Yeshua wept for America as he declared his judgment. "You began very well with your righteous Founders who revered and respected my laws (even writing them into their government charters), but you turned off the path of life and liberty my prophets and preachers made known to you since the start of your new nation. You were my fond and righteous sheep for several generations, but after they passed, you forgot Me and my laws and your Founders' faith and made yourself a stinking goat of iniquity. You defamed Me and My Name. You chose the false gods of Islam and Buddhism and other pagan, idolatrous religions, and let their priests pray in your chief seats of government, while forbidding my ministers to even speak My name Yeshua, which is above all other names, in those same places. You cursed my people, Israel, so you are cursed, just as My Word was written. I would have blessed you richly as before, when you gave aid to Israel and helped save her when her enemies attacked her viciously again and again without cause. Did I not bless you richly--making you the richest nation on earth? But you turned proud and hard of heart and changed treacherously toward Me and you then changed treacherously toward Israel, and ended up rejecting us both. For all these wrongs and crimes and injustices, America must go and join the nations that inhabit the halls of infamy. Depart from Me, America!"

With the decision of the Desire of All Nations now rendered and duly recorded by the angels in the book, there was nothing left but to obey the court order, and leave.

The Americans, their coxcombs of pride and assurance and power utterly crushed, filed out by the millions to the shield of the angel that had conveyed them to the Bema, and they were returned to North America, but not to their former places or ranks, as the nation had ceased to exist. Like the pasture grass, they had been mown down--even scythed below the roots, so that they would never grow again as one people and one nation that had once been proud to claim itself a nation under God, with justice and liberty for all.

Despite their many sins, all these Ethan Allens of lost America were favored as individuals in that they were not already judged wicked, incurably so--such as pornographers, perverts, corrupt rulers, murderers, politicians, violent seditionists and rebels of all kinds, abusers of children and women, thieves, immoralists, blaspheming theologians and God-hated atheists, social parasites refusing to work, self-indulging sensualists, addicts--too hardened in heart to repent and change for the better. Choice damned them, as those who were still undecideds were each allotted a hundred years of life to make up their minds.

These self-damned by their own damn choice were gathered up by the millions in the night by the reaping angels, frozen instantly into immense ice blocks they could not escape in transit, then transported and hurled into the lake of fire.

One consignment, typically, had been plucked out of a brothel in full swing.

While the reaping and separating of the goats from the sheep was going on, Esther was looking for Anna, who had left their shared apartment and gone without leaving word about where she was going or when she planned to be back.

Worried, Esther found Heloise, and together they went in search.

They asked everyone they met in the streets, and finally someone said they had seen an old lady who answered to their description--though it wasn't one that couldn't be filled by hundreds her age and feeble physical condition.

Going to the Holocaust (Shoah) Children's Memorial, which had been desecrated just like all the Jewish sites and shrines in the city, they found Anna. Esther was just about to rush forward to take Anna's arm and demand why she had worried her so when Heloise, sensing something, caught her arm. Hushing her, Heloise had Esther wait, as the old woman hummed and swept, hummed and swept with some gardener's old thatch broom she had picked up somewhere in the empty, desolate, tumbled-down and burnt houses along the way to the shrine.

Esther and Heloise watched as the old one, still unaware she was being observed, tidied the little court of the desecrated shrine as best she could.

Esther moved again to go to Anna, but Heloise again caught her arm. "Let her be, Esther! Can't you see she is working something out? She doesn't need us right now!"

Esther's eyes filled with instant tears, and she nodded. "Yes, I understand you now," she said, whispering to Heloise. Together they waited for Anna, as the old woman tried to repair some of the damage and clear away bits of the litter left by the Moslem allies of the Anti-Christ and his own soldiery who were rampaging through the city, hunting out all the Jews and wrecking their houses, businesses, and even burning their synogogues and shrines and holy places.

The attackers could not even spare a Jewish Shoah shrine for children abused and murdered in the death camps. It was here of all places that Anna was volunteering her efforts, pitiful and weak as they were. She was no longer humming some old yiddish wake or song sung for the dead, Esther and Heloise could tell, but, her eyes closed, weeping as she leaned over on her broom for support, as she slowly rocked her old, broken body back and forth.

Heloise was afraid Anna might topple over and break her brittle bones, but somehow she did not, though it was all Heloise and Esther could do to keep from rushing out and taking hold of Anna to steady her.

Then the rocking stopped abruptly. They saw Anna's eyes bolt open, look slowly around, and then a look that seemed as if she was assured all things had been put right spread across her wide features.

Heloise and Esther were amazed. "I've never seen her look so at peace--what has happened?" whispered Esther. Heloise shook her head, for she had no idea.

Not once looking their way, Anna set the broom against a low rock wall as if she intended to return soon, and then shuffled away, but with a more sprightly walk than she had had for a long, long time. Her back had also straightened, and she looked as if she could spit the world in its eye--yet without the old venom and vindictiveness of spirit she had always had since she had left the death camps as a gang rape victim.

Instead her face shone with a sweetness that is so beautiful on the faces of some old people--and she truly looked like a grandmother, even a matriarch now of a clan--dignified, but full of acceptance, peace, and friendliness. In fact, she did not look like the bitter, complaining, old Anna at all. She was an entirely new Anna!

Heloise and Esther had to shake themselves, for they could hardly believe the transformation they had just witnessed. They hurried after Anna, who was not dragging her feet heavily as she had before, with little or no hope in her step that showed she cared where she was going or what she would meet.

Heloise, and Esther as well, had a thousand questions, but when they caught up to Anna, they couldn't just come out with all of them--it was, after all, best to let Anna explain what had happened to her back at the Children's Memorial, in her own time and way.

But they did not have to wait. Anna, as soon as she found her daughters taking her arms, smiled all the more. "It is a beautiful day, my daughters! I have just spoken to the Messiah, Y'shua!"

Astonished, Esther burst out, "But He is not here! What did he say to you, mother?"

Anna chuckled. "Oh, He is here all right! I have him right here!" She thumped her broad chest. She continued speaking. "And He called me by my name, and said I was his daughter, and said other such nice things--but it's nothing you would want to know."

Esther almost screamed. "What do you mean, mother! Of course, I want to know everything! Imagine, the Messiah singling you out and speaking to you, my own mother! He hasn't done that to me! Why should He favor you like that?"

Anna stopped and turned to face Esther. "Well, He will speak to you, if you will just call to Him and trust yourself to Him. That's what I did back there, and He answered me immediately. It was wonderful, wonderful, just me and Him, and that's all I'm going to say about it."

Esther and Heloise exchanged a glance, for by now they both knew the tone in her voice meant exactly that--she wasn't going to tell them one thing more, and hell could freeze over before she would break her silence.

So sighing, Esther and Heloise accompanied Anna back to their apartment, where the Esther's daughters waited for them.

When they came through the door, Anna's granddaughters hung back, as if they didn't recognize their grandmother.

Esther went and chided them, "What's wrong with you! How can you treat your Grandmama like that? She's no stranger to you! Go and kiss her, girls! Right now, do you hear me?"

Still they hung back, shyly. Annoyed, Esther tried to push the eldest forward to render due respect to the Grandmother, but she protested. "But look at her, Mama! Her face is shining! It's shining!"

Heloise and Esther looked again at Anna. Anna by now was sitting, but her eyes were closed, as if she were dozing, only her face was, as the girls said, shining visibly in the dim light of the apartment. Truly, here was proof she had been speaking with her Messiah--for some of his splendor and glory had rubbed off on Anna's face, and the girls had been afraid to approach her, seeing it!

Later, after Anna had rested and awoke, Esther had coached her girls to go and kiss their grandmama and ask what Y'shua had said to her, hoping that she would reveal what it was to children.

Esther had guessed right, for Anna had no resistance to her granddaughters.

Anna's eyes filled with tears, though not tears for herself, as she put her big arms around her granddaughters and drew them close.

"Yes, it was good what He told me. He said, my children, that He was standing with me when I was a little girl in the camps, even while the big men were hurting me so bad, He was there at my side, and did not leave me alone. He never left me, He said. Never! He was waiting for me all that time to call to Him, but I never did--so He could not speak to me without my permission, and He wanted to comfort me so badly but couldn't. Then I became bitter for a long, long time, and He still was standing with me, waiting for me to call to Him, but I wouldn't. Finally, finally I did, at the place where the little children at the camps are remembered. I will take you there as soon as I can so you can see it yourselves. There! Your grandmama is tired, and I want to go and lie down. Would you let me do that, girls?"

Both solemnly nodded, and Anna rose and went to her bed in the other room, and Heloise and Anna sat, staring at each other, not knowing what to say as each thought about Anna's explanation to the girls.

There came a knock at the door, and Esther went, gave a cry, then hurried back, leaving the door ajar.

Heloise turned to her, then saw someone looking in that was unmistakable. Aloes! She screamed and ran out, and it was a long-awaited reunion, with hugs, tears, and many questions from the mother to her son.

When Heloise had calmed somewhat, Aloes gripped her shoulders and told her what she needed to hear.

"Mom, you and Dad are called to go to the Lord and hear his instructions. He has some special things for you to do. He'll tell you what they are. I am free to tell you, though, that you will go out and see to the healing of our people who once were called Americans and Dad will oversee the setting up of the divided North Americas' new countries and governments, which will be under kings of righteous character whom Lord Yeshua first approves, not parliaments and legislatures."

So far, Harry Turnbull was one of the special ingredients of the Anointing Oil that had been reserved--but the time had come at last for him to be poured out!

Book III,

The Seventh Day,

Chapter 2

Yeshua had not forgotten his promise to the people of Russia, when he judged the nation as a goat nation, but told the Russians that he would remember them because of their great suffering under a host of cruel and unjust rulers in the past, and make them a new nation that would not walk in the evil and crooked ways of the former one. He would also appoint them a new and noble king to rule over them, who would be a just and kind man, establishing a centuries-long era of great peace and plenty and happiness for them such as they had never known before. Who would not want this? The Russian peoples were overjoyed at the news--and they were not going to be disappointed, for Yeshua himself would see to it that they received all He had promised them.

Yeshua also said he would send his servant to choose a king out from their noble young men, one who would be most suited for such high responsiblity and would not become proud, luxurious in his tastes, oppressive in his laws and taxes, cruel, vengeful and immoral--which was what their former rulers were.

Harry Turnbull, appointed as Yeshua's special envoy to go to Russia to help in the healing and restoration of that long-oppressed people and nation, arrived at the proper time for the choosing of a new king.

Actually, the young man he selected was Yeshua's prior choice--his name given him back in the conference he and Heloise had with the Lord in Jerusalem.

So it was not a difficult task. He merely had to find the appointed man. Arriving in Russia, at a place where many people had gathered and re-established some thriving cities, towns, and villages, with many outlying farms and hamlets, Harry found the people had already set up elders and wise men and were under a limited government of their own, so that lawlessness would not prevail while they waited for the particulars of Yeshua's government to be made known to them.

The elders had the civil power to try any breaker of the law, such as the Ten Commandments, which were now the law of the whole land, as well as the law of the world. The Decalogue, the Ten Commandments, the eternal law of God first given by God to man through Moses on Mount Horeb in Arabia, were again the basis for all law on earth, so they were more than sufficient to start an equitable society, after being suspended by the World Union dictator and his anti-God laws. Thus there was peace and justice already established when Harry arrived to do his initial inspections of the various populated and repopulating Russian provinces .

His duties included the inspection as well as the choice and installation of a king.

He would remain as long as he thought it necessary, to see that the new king was functioning properly and whether the people had accepted him and his rule.

Since it would be a first time that a ruler chosen by God had ruled them (even though prior kings had claimed divine appointment and right), the Russian people would need some time to adjust, of course, but there was plenty of time, and no need to hurry the process, Harry thought.

The chief trait he admired most about the Russians was their seeking the uncompromised truth. That impressed him most, though it did not make people, who desired less than the truth, comfortable. He also enjoyed the Russian people for their boundless hospitality, rolicking good humor, and unpretentious ways, and loved their lands' unparalled beauty and vastness, and now the climate was much improved as well. They could grow crops year round if they liked, the temperatures were so mild that winter was only a fading memory. Snow and ice were banished by the global change in weather, thanks to Yeshua, so they would never again suffer the starvation and rigors of the long Russian winter that had caused such hardship, suffering, and loss of life for uncountable Russians in the past.

The Russians were very good at cultivating the rich, black chernozen soil, and they grew abundant crops, and were soon quite well to do. Their surpluses they traded for things they wanted from neighboring countries and peoples. But they also developed their own crafts, and had little need of luxuries except to dispose of grain, hides, cattle, timber, and metal ore surpluses that might go to waste otherwise.

The wide-ranging arts of the Russians flourished again, and embroidery and weaving and making of beautiful clothes spread throughout Russia. They all had fine clothes to wear now, and they wore them even at work, as they did not need to dress poorly, as they had so many changes of clothes and did not have to save their best for the main festivals and work in rags the rest of the year--the practice in the former old Russia.

The vulgar and immodest styles of the Great Tribulation were now universally abhorred. Dignity and grace and modesty were again valued--though that did not exclude striking patterns and colors. The people returned to long-lost clothing designs from previous ages, and these were much favored, as they were brightly colored, and the patterns were challenges to the tailors and weavers and women expert with the needle. They were also natural, and composed of local materials they could raise or create or make themselves, without requiring massive factories and enormous expenditures of electric power and polluting and disturbing the earth to dig out the raw materials that went through very complicated changes until they came out as finished products people could wear.

Synthetics were not needed or liked. Sheep were raised for wool, and the wool went into clothing and tapestries and fine rugs. The homes were filled with beautiful woven things, and the people were soon well-dressed, even in the farmsteads!

Harry was amazed at the splendor of the Russians, who had an eye for beautiful things and the ability to create them.

He thought he looked quite shabby in their country, coming to them in a simple Middle Eastern or Arab-style robe. But the Russians were polite, and they gave not the slightest indication they thought he was not as well dressed as he might be for being Yeshua's royal envoy sent from Jerusalem to choose them a king.

The excitement bubbling away in the people was evident to Harry as he travelled about the new cities, town, villages and farms. He was invited everywhere to stay, but he could not stay long at any one place, for he had much to do to inspect so great acountry in size. 70 million Russians were no small amount to deal with! He wanted to make sure that everyone was getting on as he or she ought, under Yeshua's rule, which demanded justice and peace and prosperity for everyone on earth.

Having seen the whole country after months of travel transported on several of Pamela's dragons, Harry then took residence in one of the largest cities, and waited. He was sure the man would find him first, as the word had gone out, that whoever had heard from Yeshua should come and present himself as a candidate.

Harry soon heard from several different young men, but Harry knew in an instant that they were not, each of them, chosen by Yeshua. Something was not quite right, even though they looked regal enough in looks and stature and bearing.

Yeshua was looking for a measure of humility, he sensed, as he sent the men away and continued waiting.

Finally, after turning away a dozen other wannabe kings, Harry was beginning to wonder if the man would ever show up. What was keeping him? he wondered? Was he too busy in his business or farm or family? Had he just married and could not bear to leave his bride alone? There was some good reason, no doubt, for few men would ignore the chance to become a king. Or was he thinking he was too unworthy for such an exalted position with such huge responsibilities?

Perhaps he saw himself as too small a man for so great a task? There was such a thing, Harry knew, as too much humility--for the question was not whether he were worthy (for no man was worthy!) but was he obedient? Was he going to obey the Lord's summons and appointment? That was the real question. In the Bible account Saul, before Samuel anointed him king over Israel, was overly humble and self-effacing, running away from the calling of king, but later as king he became overly proud and even arrogant and too full of himself--humility, for him, was not accompanied with any saving measure of obedience to God. Disbeying God's commands, he destroyed himself and also his sons and dynasty. Obedience, then, is fundamental to a good king, even before humility, as seen in Saul's tragic case.

Yet, for such a task, haste was not a wise thing in the candidate--and a man who knew the Lord's calling on his life was not obliged to rush to seize the mantle of kingship. He could think it over a while, and take the time to count the cost. He would surely need to reflect on the changes that kingship would necessarily bring, and come to some sort of peace with the changes, and also the demands and challenges that kingship and the throne would inevitably bring.

A wise man, then, would take a little time to think it over first before coming forward--but not too long a time! If he was a delayer, arrived tardily, that would be forgivable, but it was not a gracious first act of a king to keep the Lord's envoy waiting beyond an acceptable time.

A day dawned when Harry was wondering if the man would ever appear. He was just about to be annoyed with whomever it was, when the people of the house where he was given rooms brought a visitor to him. He is the Lord's choise, they told him. And he has brought his pet bear with him! Harry smiled, and let them know that he wanted to be alone with the candidate, to see if he agreed!

The man came in to Harry's room, a she-bear trundling slowly in with him attached to a leash, and his two aides, both nephews of his, were with him too, standing like two squires with a knight as in the Middle Ages.

Their eyes met, and Harry nodded, indicating that he wished for the gentleman to proceed. The moment the young nobleman came and bent his knee, extending his hand to the older man in greeting, Harry knew--yes! This is the one, indeed!

Taking a flask of pure and fragrant anointing oil he carried with him from Jerusalem, he touched the king's forehead and hair, anointing and sealing the office of the king upon the young man's head and brow.

"What is your name?" Harry asked as he slipped the anointing oil back inside his robe. "No, don't tell me. It no longer is your name. The Lord said you are to be called Vladimir, to redeem that good name from the past--will you accept the name given you by the Lord?

The spanking new Vladimir the First of New Russia (though the country's new name was to be given later) blinked with surprise, nodded slowly, and stared at Harry.

"Then you shall be crowned Vladimir king of the Russians! Let your companions inform the others, and I shall remain here to see that you will do well by your people, Vladimir, ah, Your Majesty! You will need a Council and a company of wise men gathered round you to see that you steer the ship of state in a right and good and wise way, so as not to abuse your powers or oppress the people in any way that would serve your interest above theirs. I will be here as long as it takes to find these worthy men and bring them here to serve at your side."

Harry rose, then waved his hand for the new king to come and sit in his chair.

Vladimir momentarily looked as if he were embarrassed and might protest (for he was a truly humble young man who respected elders), but Harry's stern glance quickly checked that impulse, and he went and took the offered chair, sitting down and with his attendants stepping forward to stand at his side. As for the pet she-bear, Alexandra, the king let her curl up on a rug, where she settled down comfortably.

The whole household, which knew (as Russians do) all that was going on behind the closed door of the room, could not be held back a moment more, and they burst in. Harry smiled, and gestured, indicating the new king in his makeshift but sturdy throne fashioned from a single piece of golden oak.

The family was suddenly abashed, seeing a real king sitting on a chair in their own house! It left them breathless! With shock in their faces and bewilderment, they did not know what to do, but the youngest, a little girl of four, went forward first, without any fear, and put her hand in the king's.

He smiled at her, and she beamed, then hopped up to his lap. Of course, there was no further ice or formality after this--but that wasn't a problem, Harry felt. Their former kings had been autocrats, ruling far from any contact with the common people in the exalted splendor of their palaces while the Russian people subsisted like beasts in unheated, squalid huts--it was not to happen again! The new Russian king would be one to mingle with the people, as one of them, yet a ruler too, who would decide the most important matters of state in terms of truth, justice, and righteousness, and also lead a delegation from the Russian provinces of his kingdom each year up to Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles.

It was a brand-new day, a time to celebrate with singing, dancing, banquets, and all sorts of games, music, tests of agility or strength, and merriment that the Russians, who invented the year-round festival, were adept at--the start of a glorious epoch of achievement and happiness for the Russians, and a new kind of king was now in their midst to guide them--one who rules to help them, not hurt and exploit them as their past czars and kings had done. There were also, to be sure, some tears, as the older ones recalled the bad times Russia had known under cruel leaders--men like Peter the Great, Lenin, Stalin, and the lesser fry, like Vladimir Putin, who emulated the great monsters, their megalomaniacal lust for power, vices, and over-all venality. Then the almost constant wars had taken so many, many lives--they were uncountable--which meant nothing to them in general numbers, as they could only recall lost love ones--sons, husbands, fathers-- swallowed up in the last catastrophic conflicts of the old world order.

But now they could rejoice in this: never again would there be an unjust ruler over them, an autocrat holding himself aloof from the people like a cruel and unreachable emperor (or Czar, as the former Russians had called their Caesars), touching their lives only to oppress them and tax them into povery or throw them into a prison or mine in Siberia the rest of their days for resisting his unrighteous and tyrannical rule, the new king would be approachable, intimate with the lot of the people he ruled, a genuine "first among equals." Harry would see to it that everything went well in the beginning stage, even if there were absolutely no precedent in Russia for what Yeshua had inaugurated.

On Harry's return to Jerusalem, Yeshua called him to his throne and instructed him on the new world order of righteousness that would completely replace the old order Satan had ruled. Many nations would no longer exist, as they had been Israel's worst enemies, and hurt her most--this could not be forgiven, and so they vanished as entities--and no one wept for them either.

The world, Harry learned, was first to be divided into nine Eden-like "gardens" or "congregations." These were Love, Joy, Peace, Forebearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control--named after the Fruits of the Spirit, in which each was centered. Geopolitics, the play of force and deceit and outright aggression, which had raged out of control and produced discord, havoc, and war since the time of Adam, no longer applied to the nations. Peace treaties would no longer be signed and then broken by the signatories, who were all the time they were in conference and even when signing were nothing but treacherous cynics planning further aggressions. Pax Romana, even though last about five centuries, had been temporary, enforced by brute force of invincible Roman legions. Pax Christos, with Yeshua as Pantokrator, was to last unbroken for 1,000 years--all founded on Almighty God's omnipotence. And how much better too!

War (civil and between states or peoples) was abolished in all these spiritual zones among the nations, for they were no longer rivals or competitors. Despite the huge swaths of devastation and nuclear contamination and ruin of earthquakes--the people simply moved to the good areas that were left while the bad areas were recovering, and the climate was so much improved round the earth, north and south, they found no difficulty growing more food than they needed and restarting their societies. From Jerusalem there flowed troops of Yeshua's emissaries, who went out to the nations like the Turnbulls, to help, guide, and restore them. Healers too went about the worst areas too, dealing with those still suffering from nuclear blasts. These were given leaves from the Tree of Life in Jerusalem, which cured them instantly, just as it cured any disease instantly.

Despite Yeshua's ordering of the overall structures, there was a vast area of freedom to rebuild, organize, and beautify the world as the nations' peoples took advantage of the wonderful climate and the astounding growth of their crops and herds. People were so full of health and vitality, that few tasks were thought too difficult for them--as a young man could carry a whole tree, and a child could carry a big log. It was truly the rise of superhumans--only they were now back to the levels of intelligence and strength enjoyed by the antediluvians, the long-lived race before Noah's time and the Worldwide Flood--except the difference was that they were living righteously, not abusing their wonderful bodies with immorality, violence, and fighting one another.

Called back to Yeshua's throne, the members of the Turnbull family assembled from the far quarters of the earth to hear what the Lord had next for them to do. They were surprised to hear what He told them. He said they had been sent separately, to learn each his or her special gifting, but now that was accomlished, and it was time for them to be sent as "one indivisible oil" to anoint the nations in the way He had in his heart to do. This anointing, this oil, would cause a most thorough, deep, and transforming change to spread over the whole earth, not just one nation here, and one nation there, with all sorts of neediness and lack of growth in between to keep people from going forward together. No, Yeshua had ordained that the whole earth should grow as one into the stature of the fulness of Himself, the Head of all the nations. That is the way the body grows, in unison, not with one foot growing at a different pace than the other foot, nor one arm faster than the other, and so on. That was the way of the old world, which had been a grab-bag of all sorts of wealth and poverty, hitech and lowtech, and great nations and small nations, powerful and weak--making for much resentment, envy, fear, insecurity, aggression, greed, and of course, war. All such divisions and short-comings and inequalities would be done away with, once and for all. Wicked men seeking power over nations to do them harm and do their neighbors harm them had always learned to exploit such things--but now there would be no soil for them to plant their evil intentions in. There would be harmony among the nations, and that meant growing together, simultaneously, in all areas of life, corporate and individual. Harmony had been an age-old ideal, but nobody, not even the most intellectual and wise, nor had the most powerful emperors and world-conquering military men such as Alexander the Great, had been able to achieve harmony. Harmony had been brought by force, but it was gone in a short time, blown apart by other forces that did not like being imposed upon. Now harmony was to be a natural growth, within the true and genuine peace established by The Lord, Yeshua. A universal Utopia had arrived that was not going to exist only in the pages of a dreaming philosopher's book--it was to be a living reality!

How could this be done? No one knew, except the Lord Yeshua, King over all the earth.

But first the Lord of Heaven had something for His Son--a new name hinted of by the prophet--and this Name was so holy it came down from heaven, attended by the rejoicing of billions of angels. The whole earth saw the angels, and there was not room enough for them on the earth, so they filled the skies instead, as everyone one earth watched the proceedings in Jerusalem.

Scoflaws had once laughed when a man of God once described seeing a 900 foot angel. Now there was no smiling and laughing. Two angels of greater than unimaginable stature flew down and stood upon the earth, each holding a shimmering silver mirror. One reflected the proceedings to the other, who then turned it upwards.

Everyone could now see the great Name-Giving Ceremony and Celebration in Jerusalem--all without the former, old world's expensive, complex system and network of satellites and uplinks and cameras and studios utilized by television.

Yeshua was not the Lord's only Name, as the earth now discovered. How amazed they were! Yeshua meant "The God Who Saves." That was common knowledge to men of all ages who knew the Jews and the Bible. But now everyone learned this great Name of all names was only given him for a time and season. Now for the Millennium when He ruled as King of kings and Lord of lords, His true name, hidden until now by the Father and the Spirit, was made known to all, including the angels, who were just as astonished as any human beings witnessing the event.

The instant the Name of names descended upon the Son of God--a splendor, a Shekinah glory, broke forth from the face of Yeshua that was so unspeakably bright no one could look at it. Itt was if the sun itself was eclipsed, He became so bright. And what was His Name? It was Hebrew, Yahweh the Lord of Righteousness.

At long last, Earth I looked upon Righteousness as He really appeared, in his full glory, and it was as if One brighter than the sun he created were standing there on the earth in the midst of his holy temple in Jerusalem.

Only then did it become apparent why he remained in his temple. His brightness was so great now that he could not go about as before--always eclipsing the sun and too bright for people to look upon directly. Instead, as Moses long before went forth to the Shekinah Glory on Mt. Horeb, sparing the people a near withering exposure to the full brightness of Jehovah, so his messengers bore His expressed will to the world. He sent forth his emissaries and servants out of His glory, such as the Turnbulls and the 144,000. He had no need to leave the temple anyway, as he had all these ambassadores, and, of course, uncountable angels and their chariots that now were fully visible to all living on the earths--invisibility no longer necessary.

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