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After all, Galileo had faced burning as a heretic at the stake for his astronomical theories and defense of Copernicus who had dared place the sun, not the earth, at the center of the planetary system. Yet he could not but seek the truth and let the chips fly withersoever. УMain Categories are Climatic, Geological, Cultural. Before so-called modern man came along, there were only the first two, of course. Biological life, we know, suffered catastrophic declines and outright massive extinctions. Various causes--meteors, comets, magnetic pole shifts--may have caused these. The theories are good enough, but there is never enough hard evidence to paint a conclusive picture! We just know there occurred great reversals in climate and geology. Then when man came along to share the reversals with the animal life, we have cultural disasters added. These cultural disasters can be philosophically and religiously significant. It is not just a cultural fact that Rome fell. Christianity also underwent radical change, and the world view of Christians changed radically as well when barbarism engulfed the Western provinces of the Roman Empire and most all reins of civilization either fell slack or parted altogether in the 5th century as the horses bolted away from the cart. УOne of my favorite docent priests of the Papist religion, Teilhard de Chardin, a true mystic, observed in a letter to a close friend, Pere Auguste Valinsin, shortly before ChardinТs Le Divin Milieu was published, СI agree, fundamentally, that the completion of the world is only consummated through a death, a Сnight,Т a reversal, an ex-centration, and a quasi-depersonalization. Union with Christ presupposes essentially that we transpose the ultimate centre of our existence into him--which implies the radical sacrifice of egoism...Т He was a paleontologist in early Sino-Man, and so he had a right to speak that way using scientific language. In other words, he identified progress, particularly spiritual progress, through reversal. Reversals were not altogether bad, in his opinion. УAn anomaly among reversals is given in IsaiahТs account of the Sun Dial of Ahaz reversing (or declined) ten degrees as GodТs sign that King Hezekiah would be healed of a mortal illness and that he was given another fifteen years to live. A reversal of this kind was hard to argue with. Everyone present could see the shadow decline ten degrees, stop, then slowly creep forward to the point it had first left. The dial lost forty minutes, then eighty as the shadow returned to the Уstarting point.Ф So for eighty minutes linear time for the world and the Solar System was suspended in limbo by the hand of Almighty God! Nothing comparable occurred before or after this event. Reversals never reversed time itself, only conditions of various kinds. It is a good question whether anyone other than the invalid king and his counsellors and doctors present experienced the reversal. Were all other living creatures frozen in time, to spare them the experience and the emotional and physical trauma of being sent backwards in time and then turned and propelled forward to the lost point in order to begin again? Science might find this a fruitful study, if there is anyone who can devote himself to it. УI have a few questions to put to such a study. Why did the sun dialТs shadow decline only, or just ten degrees? Was that a critical declension? Would all life have been extinguished beyond forty minutes of time reversal? As it turned out, eighty minutes were lost before the sun dial begn to go forward again in a УnaturalФ manner. What if the shadow had declined fifteen degrees or twenty? How long can people hold their breath and live? We donТt know what happened beyond the sick room, if life went on as before during the incident, or was drastically arrested. I rather think life was arrested. All life was УstunnedФ and could not go backwards or forwards, so it was literally suspended in the act of doing something or other until such time as the shadow had advanced to its original position when the declension first began. It is OccamТs Razor operating here. Why should the Lord God unwind and rewind life, when He simply needed to suspend its activity for a certain space? What a silly spectacle it would have made, to have witnessed the reversal of all living activity! Besides, life would have been rendered extinct. It is not designed to reverse. УNow as for the occupants of the kingТs sickroom, which included the Prophet Nathan who came to announce the kingТs imminent death, then followed that with the LordТs healing and the miracle of the shadow of the sun dialТs declension, they were treated specially. What would have killed them instantly was rendered harmless by biological adjustments, multitudinous and finely tuned, that only the Almighty who had designed the human organism could perform perfectly in proper sequence, to reverse, and then to forward. I donТt think they felt a thing as this miracle took place inside their physiognomies. Theirs was, indeed, a charmed circle for eighty minutes, and if anyone had stepped outside the pale, it might have gone badly for him unless the AlmightyТs sustaining power went along. УNow what exactly occurred to the Solar alignment to produce the shadowТs declension? It was, surely, not necessary to produce this effect to engage the Sun, to reverse its orbit, that is. The world, however, must have been reversed in orbit. This presents a wide range of problems for the scientist. Reversed in orbit, its revolutions were necessarily reversed as well. It the world had continued its normal revolutions while reversing, there is hardly any chance life would have survived. A better way was to reverse the revolutions just enough to keep gravitational attraction constant, and then as the planet moved back in its orbit around the Sun the revolutions were carefully modified until they could be turned forwards once again. Backing a wagon up is simply better if the wheels turn backwards along with the frame, then if you kept the wheels going in a forward motion while pulling the wagon back with superior force. Imagine the wear on the system if that force had been exerted against the normal system of revolution. It might well have heated the entire world up to an explosion in eighty minutes! УThe EarthТs УwagonФ backed up, then went forward once again. No one in the wagon felt any discomfort, since they were suspended in a kind of dream-state while the process went on. When they returned to the starting point, then they awoke as from a dream, but without any memory of it. Only the king and his people in the sickroom knew the world, and time, had reversed. УWhat man of science would not have given anything to have witnessed the event from, say, the vantage of another terrestrial body? Yet another striking feature is the human. Why should the Almighty have reversed the world and the on-going process of time in order to furnish a sign to a dying king that he would be healed of his illness? WasnТt another sign more reasonable? Why was so great a thing done for this second-rate king? УTo find the possible answer to this question, there is Teihard de ChardinТs observation. The Сworld consummated by a night of reversal,Т and Сex-centration,Т a Сquasi-depersonalizationТ--so that Сunion with Christ presupposes, С is dependent on Сradical sacrifice of egoismТ--so that all of man is centered on GodТs life. IsnТt that what occurred in the the kingТs sickroom? When everything was over, and time was ticking onward, so to speak, in its former channel, the king was no longer the same person. He had been essentially reversed in his life, spirit, heart, mind, and whole outlook, then, like a butterfly in the chrysalis or pupa stage, he was reformed, transformed, finally set free of the clinging, old shell of his dying life, and reborn into an utterly new life. The old egoism of the royal monarch had been shed, extinguished. He was a newborn individual, carrying some of the trappings of his old self, of course, but essentially transfigured. From then on he was centered on GodТs life, not his own. At least that was the opportunity given him. What he did with that opportunity, we know, fell somewhat short of GodТs will and desire for him. He sinned when he showed his treasures to the visiting envoys from a powerful Babelite kingdom. But, nevertheless, God performed the transfiguration of dying, old Hezekiah anyway, granting him fifteen years of fresh, new life. IsnТt that just like invincible and measureless Grace? Such Grace spends itself on unworthy subjects in an almost foolish fashion. Otherwise, it would not be divine Grace.Ф Э§¶’÷Ю Ѓ ш())ыхыспл5БCJ`>*5БCJ( 5Б6БCJ45БCJ4 !"DА•¶І®©™Ђђ≠Ѓѓ∞±≤≥іµґЈЄєЇїЉљээээээыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыы)юљЊњјЅ¬џ№Ћћ№ F Ѓ  ЉРх§аEЂЏЯs“|е$ээээээыщыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыыы$UЉЏ @!¶"}#Њ$Я%&p&№&C'ђ'ш(щ(ъ(ы(ь(э(ю(€()))ээээээээээээээээээээээээ∞–/ ∞а=!∞"∞#Р†$Р†%∞ [$@с€$NormalmH :`: Heading 1$@&5Б6БCJ(nH <A@т€°<Default Paragraph Font.B`т. 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