Brief Account of the Twin Earths

Once two planets flew together around their modest-sized sun on the edge of their galaxy. Though existing in two separate Universes, the Twin Worlds were ingeniously connected by a bridge that permitted people to pass from one to the other and back again. There was constant commerce and social contact between them. On both worlds mighty civilizations built by Titans and other pre-Adamic races sprang up long before recorded human history. The Golden Age, once begun, promised to go on forever.

But a war broke out and slowly spread to the entire Universe until it reached the Twins. Called the War of Heaven, it was so deadly and inescapable that numberless worlds that would be lush gardens today, full of plants, animals, and highly intelligent human beings, are now desolate hunks of rock and ice hurtling through cold, black space.

The War struck the Twins with similar disastrous results. Civilized life was destroyed by volcanism and crustal shifts. But this was only part of the calamity. The Land Bridge and the continent of Atlantis was destroyed shortly after 10,000 B.C.

Later, Earth's twin was visited, unofficially and fatally, by a Stone of Fire. The effect was like that of a most powerful and volatile drug. Sometimes it killed outright, nipping the victim in the bud. Other times it stimulated fantastic achievements and growth. But though for a time there seemed to be unparalleled scientific and technological progress, the world was actually racing toward the abyss. After the collapse of world government, except for the findings of a lone scientist by the name of Dr. Pikkard who had assiduously researched the question of the decline and came to some startling conclusions, it appeared that nothing could stop the downward, fatal spiral. Earth II eventually lost its native Sun and Moon and had to be moved far out to the Galactic Star Cluster of 3C 295 to escape total destruction with the Solar System. The planet came to rest beside a cloud of stellar material called a Star Cloud. Unless the cloud ignited into a star, it seemed Earth II would never again know a true Sun again.

Earth II revived, climbing painfully out of holes and clefts of the mountain rocks to begin anew. As with all memory of the sister planet, and all recollection of the Sun and comings and goings between the two worlds across the bridge, were soon lost. It was a lonely struggle to achieve order and meaning in a corner of the Universe where survival was very difficult.

In spite of the severe climate, first the cold and ice, then the burning heat of the deserts and loss of many species in the plant and animal kingdoms, intelligent races fashioned a new life. Unfortunately, the Stone was responsible for the form it took (though the Stone did its work sight unseen and unknown to the victims). A second mortal blow was struck. The civilization collapsed. Except for a lone scientist by the name of Dr. Pikkard , who researched the question of the decline and came to some startling conclusions, it appeared that nothing could stop the Stone from interfering with humanity and inducing the old downward spiral that had afflicted the planet before the re-location. The decline of culture and technology seemed irreversible, even as another civilization arose, the Bronze Age cultures of Joseph IIís time.

The chronicles detail how the people of that time met the challenge of the unseen foe before and after the Re-location of the planet to 3C 295.


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