Chronicles Seven to Nine--What's In Them?

A top solar project at Duck Run on the banks of Lake Erie has been funded to study the neutrino output of the Sun. Unfortunately for Earth II, none were detected by the very expensive facility and involved scientists are very concerned, since that could possibly--even probably--mean the Sun has somehow "shut down"--that is, its nuclear engine is no longer operating. Even then, already produced solar energy will continue to flow out from the Sun for a while yet, but no one knows what will happen--perhaps the Sun will explode in a nova first, or send hurricane-like storms of particles that can take out, say, an orbiting Skylab. Serious problems develop elsewhere too. A mysterious flash of red near the O-rings during take-off of the Challenger shuttle is followed by the explosion of the craft a minute or so later. It is the British-backed space agency's worst nightmare come true. What happened to cause it? Who is responsible? Video camera footage tells the true story, but no one will present the President with the cold, hard truth.

But there is more to come. Disasters snowball for the world from an unexplained source that no one can logically put together. Astronomers detect, however, a "Mystery Red Spot" almost by accident in their photographs of a certain constellation here stars are exploding mysteriously. But the discovery is suppressed, for the good reason no one in the scientific community would believe their findings that the "Mystery Red Spot" is headed toward Earth after exploding certain galaxes and that by the projected speed it should have reached Earth early in 1912, despite the fact the explosions occurred 160,000 years before. Skylab II is destroyed by an unexpected Solar Flare of gigantic proportions.

Sea life is also in upheaval. The tiny animal called the Gleba, which swims the Gulf Stream northward, has been found by ocean biologists to be turning right around and fleeing south! The biologists wonder if it senses that the world is in for a real Ice Age, despite the global warning once promised by climatologists and environmentalists. Or perhaps the Gleba is trying to get clear of an area that is volcanically proving the most unstable and explosive on Earth--the Mid-Atlantic. By this time anyway, few scientists take Global Warning seriously. Already, productive farms have moved south as the glaciers grow and march down from the north in Asia, North America, and Europe. Nags Head oceanographers studying the sea bottom encounter a reddish entity in an area that shows volcanic activity of unprecedented scale, and it proves fatal to their deep sea diving craft, MINNIE MOUSE--itself a sign when added to the others that the world is coming apart.

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