Chronicle One--What's In It

Early in the second decade of the 20th Century, the Twin Earth encounters the Alien Entity, more powerful than anything on Earth and something of a hybrid, comprising a star and a red Carnelian jewel, that is drawn in by a distress call emitted by the MGY radio frequency of a recently murdered man, Marty Yeager, an impoverished Irish Catholic plumber and handyman whose body was dumped into the forepeak of the world's newest and biggest luxury liner--none other than R.M.S. TITANIC, whose radio call letters happen to be MGY. The year is 1912. The world will never be the same after MGY the ship and the Alien Entity converge in the North Atlantic on the ship's maiden voyage to New York. Since this is not a mercy mission for the Alien, even though it is answering Marty Yeager's distress call, nothing good can result. But before this can happen, the Alien Entity encounters a curious Inuk on Greenland's Humboldt Glacier, but he gets in the way of the Alien Entity and ends up squashed like a bug on the iceberg that the Alien carves out of the two mile high glacier. After the Alien sinks "MGY" off the coast of Newfoundland, it turns back north for a time, destroying a pursuing vessel and its skipper, Captain MacAdoo, a retired oilman who liked to study strange phenomena of the sea, then heads for the British Isles. It investigates a peculiar species of tiny creatures that inhabits the area, and one of them, Virginia Cuthbertson, fatally converges with the Alien Entity in its jewel form. After her comes Germany's turn at the end of World War I, when an Austrian corporal in the trenches is contacted and is so inspired by the Alien Entity he rises to become the founder of the catastrophic and short-lived "Third Reich" which he boasted would last a thousand years. The world heaves a great sigh of collective relief when he is dead and his armies defeated, but little do people know that his schemes for the world's reorganization under Nazi power do not utterly perish with him in the ruins of Berlin. On the contrary, one of his secret missions succeeds, and the super-civilization he believed existed within the hollow Earth is contacted, with perhaps grim repercussions in the future of Earth.


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