You don't row your boat in real life--not for long anyway. That gentle, placid stream you start out on will turn to white water before long, and then you will need firm grasp on an oar that will be strong enough to get you through all the rocks and crashing waves in the stretches of white water. Placid streams, white water, these websites have plenty of both--a survivors' gear in which you will find anything you need on your own soul journey. Bon voyage, fellow Argonaut! Meet you in Colchis, with the Golden Fleece!

Plain View Farm Home Page on Geocities

"Front door" to Scandinavian Pioneer farm
and family, the Stadems of rural Bryant, SD, 1909 on
through World War I, Depression and Drought,
World War II, and tragic family deaths--
laughter, tears, struggles--
their faith in God and love for one another
brought them victory. Family Album included.


Stadems Saga Home Page on Geocities

"Back door" to Plain View Farm's
homespun treasures turned golden
with the rubbing of passing years
and a family's sharing of cherished
memories at reunions--just as the
"Little House on the Prairie" of
Laura Ingalls turned golden
through writing down her
fond remembrances of people and
places known in her childhood.


Plainview Farm Home Page on Angelfire

"Front porch" to the Stadems' farmhouse--
and all their doin's spread out to enjoy
like an old-fashioned Scandinavian


The Buffalo Mound Home Page

The Buffalo Mound Geocities/Yahoo
Within a stone's throw of
Plain View Farm's slough,
buffalo herds once circled in a ring
to protect their young from wolves
in wintertime. The
Stadem family circle, safe as it was,
also had to be broken, come spring,
for the young to venture forth
into the wide world beyond.


The Prairie Farm Home Page on Angelfire

A Viking-blooded farmer
experienced a crisis in life:
his boat was caught in a storm
it could not survive. Rescue
comes (though his beloved son
and son-in-law sink beneath the
waves). Amazing Grace and Blessed
Assurance, like two angels, carry
Alfred Stadem safely back home,
where he stayed, at peace with
God and man, never to wander again.


Retro Star Home Page on Tripod

Two young Lakota recorders, Gabriel Tall Chief
and Horace Brave Scout, chronicle the catastrophic
attacks on a twin Earth by unknown and supernatural
alien entities, starting with the
Titanic, the "Great Canoe," in 1912.
Earth II's only hope is a surviving
supercomputer and an electronic butterfly
called Wally. With considerable cost and
pain to himself, he leads the insurgent humans
in battle against the aliens, in a wargame
spanning over five thousand years.


Butterfly Productions Home Page on Angelfire

Center for sowing into the dreams of other
people--the kind who dream big despite
impossible odds and giant handicaps.


The Emmaus Walk Home Page on Tripod

A place to explore God and faith through the world's greatest