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"Front door" to Scandinavian Pioneer farm and family, the Stadems of rural Bryant, SD, from a sod house on through World War I, Depression and Drought, World War II, and tragic family deaths-- laughter, tears, struggles-- their faith in God and love for one another brought them Victory. Family Album included.


Video Library

This funny, deliberately rustic, unsophisticated Collection of several videos features a 99 year old daughter of a pioneer farmer telling her own back-on-the-old-farm animal stories, with sons sharing too, described in detail on the Video Library page. The fund-raising Heritage Center Project on the family farmstead in South Dakota is the first (and longest) video, but you can go to the other shorter videos first if you prefer.


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"Back door" to Plain View Farm's homespun treasures (including memories of the old windmill) turned golden with the rubbing of passing years and a family's sharing of cherished memories at reunions--just as the "Little House on the Prairie" of Laura Ingalls turned golden through writing down her fond remembrances of people and places known in her childhood.


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"Front porch" to the Stadems' farmhouse-- and all their doin's spread out to enjoy like an old-fashioned Scandinavian smorgasbord.




The Buffalo Mound Home Page on Geocities/Yahoo

Within a stone's throw of the edge of Plain View Farm's acreage (not far from the slough and barn), buffalo herds once circled in a ring
to protect their young from attacking wolves in wintertime, gradually molding and pushing the earth up in a mound by the pressure of their hooves and countless passings. The Stadem family circle, safe and cosy as it was,
also had to be broken (with some tears, prayers, and not a little faith and trust in God for the leave-takers), come spring thaw, in order for the young to venture forth into the wide world beyond. "May the Circle Not be Broken," an old and cherished song, expressed their hearts' desire for the Family, but, nevertheless, it must be broken, willingly, for God's plan for all their lives to reach fulfilment, one by one.



The Prairie Farm Home Page on Angelfire

A Viking-blooded farmer experienced a great, nearly crushing crisis midway in his life: his longboat was caught in a storm
it could not survive. Rescue comes (though his beloved son and son-in-law sink beneath the
waves). Amazing Grace and Blessed Assurance, like two angels, carry Alfred Stadem safely back home, where he stayed, at peace with God and man, never to wander again.


Retro Star Home Page onTripod

Two young Lakota recorders from South Dakota's Rosebud Reservation, Gabriel Tall Chief
and Horace Brave Scout, chronicle the catastrophic
attacks on a twin Earth by unknown and super-intelligent, jewellike stars, starting with the
Titanic, the "Great Canoe," in 1912.


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Center for sowing into the dreams of other
people--the kind who dream big despite
impossible odds and giant, Goliath-like handicaps.


The Emmaus Walk Home Page on Tripod

A place to explore God and faith through the Bible, the world's greatest
epic--which is centered on the world's greatest hero, Jesus Christ, who fought successfully against every obstacle and foe to gain salvation and eternal life for us.


Northwest Poetry Home Page on Tripod

Welcome to the place to go to find out why and how America and Europe are well on the way to becoming a footnote in some future book describing past civilizations doomed by political correctness.


Plain View Farm, the Musical Drama on Geocities/Yahoo

A Musical Drama of a Dakota Plains Family in Three Acts, Based on the True, Still Living Saga of the Alfred Stadems of Pioneering Norwegian Stock