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In the late afternoon of a particularly cold, wet spring an very old, sadly decayed, former head of state sat in his favorite chair in his private library, a book on himself by a war scholar in hand that had taken him to task for the ‘colossal cynicism of Coventry’s firebombing,’ gazing down at nothing in particular with bulbous, bloodshot eyes that weeped involuntarily. What for him was so annoying about the book was how well it had drawn a distinction between his own decision regarding Coventry’s fate and that of his American counterpart’s in deciding whether Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be incinerated by an A-bomb or not for the sake of saving American casualties. In the room stood his easel and an oil in progress, whose pastels of a Tunisian landscape were nearly as fresh as the late laid courses of bricks in the new garden wall he had been raising. If he had risen from his chair, he would have observed at that moment a Robin Redbreast that hopped along the top of the wall, utterly unconcerned about the wall’s durability as its attention was attracted by a particularly noisy earthworm in the turf of the lawn below. A persistent ringing finally gained the old man’s attention and he reached for the telephone near his elbow. “Hallo? Who? Why, certainly not! So glad you did! Old Winnie is out to pasture, gone rather seedy I must say, but otherwise very fine, thank you! Yes. Yes. I am quite amused with my brick-laying hobby, and I always have my painting. Well, I was just sitting here in the library before ordering a private dinner to be set for me on a tray, you know. Clemmie had left me in peace for a time—she’s gone shopping with an old school chum friend—and—and—for some reason I was thinking, since He’s such a great figure in human events, as you would have to characterize him—Christ I mean! Jesus Christ! So I was pondering Him—his lasting greatness and the possible sustaining causes of it—and a thought flashed upon me, ‘What then must I—Winston, a sinner—do to be saved if He is truly the Christ?” I was gripped with that single provocative thought when you rang up, dear boy.” A pause as Churchill listened. A smile broke on the retired elder prime minister and statesman’s face. “You needn’t give me a public school lecture on Huxley and Spenser’s agnosticism and evolutionary philosophy, dear boy! I’ve written several splendid chapters on Darwinism somewhere in my books. We all know that the theory has some fundamental problems within the main trunk of it, yet to be resolved, that could in time rot it out and bring down the entire tree! Now what I was so taken with a few moments ago…” Churchill paused again, this time to reach for a fresh cigar in a box on the ornate, overly-gilt reading table (a gift from a Near East potentate recently assassinated by a crackpot mullah) near to hand. With a visibly feeble but brave attempt at his famous oracular manner, cigar in hand, he continued, using the cigar to gesticulate as he expanded on this theme much like a moth might circle a dying candle wick before whirling out again into the great dark. “As I was saying…what I was considering the question of greatness in certain figures of the development of Humane Civilisation…” He continued to expatiate, developing this idea, which had turned and did not again mention Christ or his near-Nicodemus type inquiry. Seemingly, the moment—odd and explicable and rare because it signified his own “salvation”—had passed, returning to Whence it had come. 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