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Earth II Contestants: Sir Ernest Shackleton, Kiwi Dave Wyndham, and Skip Cavendish figured as the УAngel of the Contretemps,Ф all playing a specific role and flying to the appointed rendevous. Joining in the battle were the Atlanteans, the Red Star, and the Theban Legion. Who were the Thebans? The Theban legionnaires were Christian Уmartii,Ф Witnessing-Unto-Death Martyrs, who after a most noble sacrifice of their lives for Christ were enlisted in the last great war of the Wars of Heaven and Earth. Like its Titanic counterpart, the Roman Empire had sought to assert supreme control over the natural realm, declaring its rulers gods and equal to the gods of heaven; for this act of pride and rebellion the Roman Empire destroyed itself, though some cast blame on the Christians for supposed weakening of the stateТs powers. There had never been any contest between Christians and the state, only obedience. Christian scriptures exhorted Christians to obey the state, even when unjust and cruel. The one thing they were not allowed to do was acknowledge an emperor as a god and equal to God--which would be the same thing. Roman rulers, recognizing this, were not satisfied, and though all realized that they were but mortal men, some like Nero, Marcus Aurelius, Aurelian, Decius, Diocletius and Maximian pursued the destruction of Christians because they stood, in this one instance, in the path of absolute control--the aim of imperial Rome despite all its claims to be protector of menТs rights and peaceful civilization Earth I Contestants were Lucifer and his army opposed by the 40 Martyrs, the Thundering Legionnaires. The Second Battle increased in ferocity and firepower on both sides. Earth II Contestants: The Atlanteans (and Nergul) led by Elektra the Uraeus* . The Alphabetic Champions joined in battle against the Atlanteans and the remaining star-stones. Earth I Contestants were: Lucifer, his followers, and remaining Atlanteans, aided by the Red Star and other star-stones, a seemingly invincible host arrayed against the 40 Martyrs of the Thundering Legion. Of the Atlanteans, it was written long ago: ФThou hast broken Rahab in pieces, as one that is slain; thou hast scattered thy enemies with they strong arm.Ф--Psalm 89:10 of the BOOK OF THE WARS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. 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