╨╧рб▒с>■  EG■   D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ье┴G ┐УGbjbjО┘О┘ Vь│ь│УC      ]LLLLLLL````` l,`е╢ддддддддjllllll$[ЇO ЮРLдддддРрLLдддрррд┌LдLдj``LLLLдjрКрjLLjдШ └kм╖Ї├``~bj C H R O N I C L E O F T H E N A M ES A N D M I S S I O N O F T H E S E V E N S T A R S ( E A R T H I ) PART I, A N T E A N N O S T E L L A E 1, PART II, A N N O S T E L L A E 1, PART III, A N N O S T E L L A E 4 0 - Part I--The Magnificent Seven The Commissioning of the Seven Stars of the Seven Churches of Asia took place in this manner. Remarkable in stature, beauty, intelligence, wisdom, and many other qualities, their humility and devotion to God had been tested by LuciferТs temptations, and they had rejected his greatest offers of mighty power, splendor, riches, fame, corporeal pleasure, and rule over vast slave empires in the terrestrial sphere. Called to the Throne, the specially chosen seven angels lay before the Majesty on high, unable to raise their heads to face the glorious Light. A mighty angel, given a book, opened it to the page of the Thirty-Second Psalm where names were listed. Then a Dove of Light flew out from the midst of the Unapproachable Light. The Dove spoke to each of them. УYou are Nesu,Ф the Dove said to the first. УYou will speak СForgivenТ to those condemned by their misdeeds and transgressions and deserving of everlasting death and punishment. Now go and wait for your brethren, for you will lead the joyous dance, and end the dance that will be shown you to dance.Ф УYes, O Most High!Ф Nesu cried, his face covered with his hands, which nearly melted from the Light pouring upon Him. Nesu, amazed with his new name, rose and was ushered back from the Majesty, to stand at the head of the new order of servants being established by the Finger of God. He was a wonderful and beautiful, star-like beingЧshining pure and blue, like certain very hot stars in the heavens. He gave praise to God where he stood, worshiping his Creator. What was the wondrous, new dance he would lead and end in the precincts of heaven? He must, he had heard, wait to be shown it. The Dove hovered, its great white wings beating slowly, as He spoke to the Second. УYou are Tsaddiqim,Ф the Dove said. УYou will speak СYe RighteousТ to those garbed in filthy rags.Ф Tsaddiqim, his face covered with his astonished and worshipful expression, rolled back away from the Glory, then leaped up to stand behind Nesu. The Dove spoke to the ThirdТs prostrate form. УYou are Ashre, and you will speak СBlessedТ to those who are cursed with all manner of unhappiness and lack.Ф AshreТs tender heart seemed to melt within him, consumed with the love pouring forth from the Glory of the Father. The Third felt as if he might vanish in so much Light, but he moved to stand behind Tsaddiqim, grateful for the shielding afforded him by two brother angels. Chesid the Fourth was given his name. УYou will speak mercy to those who are helpless and driven into bondage and habitations of cruelty, suffering every kind of ill and disease and persecution for the sake of God.Ф His heart, more tender even than AshreТs, nearly turned inside out with happiness for what had been given to him to do. To the Fifth the Dove spoke, УYou are Pallet, and you will speak СDeliveranceТ to those bound in devilsТ shackles and all manner of bondage, setting them free so that they might be restored as sons of God.Ф The DoveТs wings seemed to beat more swiftly as He spoke to the Sixth. УYou are Simchu, and you will speak СRejoiceТ to the despairing, the dejected, and the rejected, because of the great things God has done for them.Ф Suddenly, the Sixth saw a visionЧa village of human beings in the terrestrial sphere, and the Glory of God shining out from a dark cloud as he, with an innumerable company of angels and sons of God, as he cried down to shepherds below, СBehold, I bring you tidings of great joyЕФ УYes, I will go unto them!Ф Simchu cried, worshiping the Most High with all his being. The Dove turned to the last of the seven. A most solemn hush fell upon them all. The great wings seemed to stop their movements, hanging still in the swirling clouds of glory that rose, layer upon layer, streaming first outwards then back inwardly like a hurricane to the Source. УYou are Sether,Ф the Dove spoke most gently to the Seventh, as if he were giving him a word of comfort in the eye of a great storm. УYou will speak СHiding PlaceТ to those who seek a Refuge, a Mighty Fortress, and a Safe Harbor in God.Ф Ushered from the Presence by archangels, the Seven went and assembled beyond the Throne in a distant valley where flowers of every hue and kind stretched to the flanks of snowy mountains all around. The Dove appeared as soon as they were ready. Guiding them in the steps of the Dance of the Seven Stars, the Dove of the Most High, the Spirit of Truth, taught them all they needed to know about their respective duties, starting with their leader. Who were the ones each was destined to help? Where were they? How would they approach them? When? They wished to know everything, of course. But all questions were answered only in the Dance taught to them, for in that way they were given only what they needed about their missions to begin them. The remainder would be shown to them in each situation when it was needed, since some things still remained a Mystery hidden in the heart of the Father for ageless eternities and had yet to be revealed to heaven and earth. Only when the Father revealed the time to the Dove, would the Dove fly forth and the Dance would begin. Part IIЧTidings of Great Joy When the Seven were given word to depart for the terrestrial sphere, they flew at once to the skies over Bethlehem in Ephratah of JudahЧa birthplace of David the King in times past but only a small town that supplied paschal lambs for the Passover in Jerusalem, four miles distant to the north. They arrived, wondering what such a place could hold for them. They had yet to discover the reason. How dark it was too! Everyone but a few shepherds out in the fields watching their sheep were fast asleep in the nearby town. In the very dead, drear depth of night the Dove gave the signal to Simchu, and then he knew what to say to the shepherds. Appearing to them, he spoke kindly to the terrified shepherds, УFear not, for, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign to you, you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.Ф All of a sudden, heaven opened and a vast gathering of angels and sons of God appeared, filling the night sky with splendor from east to west, all rejoicing with Simchu and his brethren, praising God and saying, УGlory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men.Ф Part IIIЧThe Seven Churches of Asia After the announcement of the nativity of Christ, the Seven were sent to guard the Churches of Asia founded by the disciples and apostles after the death, resurrection, and ascension of the Savior into heaven. Each church held a golden lampstand of the Dove-Spirit of God, which could only be seen from heavenТs side. The churches were located in cities of the Roman-ruled province of Asia and were seven in number. Taking their battle stations, the Seven Star-Guardians waited. Thyratira, Sardis, Laodicea, Philadelphia, Smyrna, Ephesus, PergamosЧthese were great cities, except for Philadelphia. Sardis had been the capital of Lydia, a wealthy kingdom renowned for the Cayster, a river flowing with gold The metropolis of Ephesus was the third in size and wealth in the Roman EmpireЧits Temple of Diana was a Wonder of the World. Thyratira was rich too, in the trade of royal purple dye. Smyrna was a palm-ringed port city made great by Alexander the Great and in its agora flowed a stream of magical renown. Pergamos on its high, temple-crowned mountain was splendid marble and shining with statuary of the highest artistry, with a vast shrine of Aesclepius lying below the mount to which the whole Roman world flocked for cures. It also boasted the great state temples to the deified Emperor and to Jupiter, the chief god of the Greeks and Romans. It was not long before the Seven discovered why these cities, renowned as centers of paganism, had been chosen. It was not for the greatness and wealth of the cities but for the churchesТ sakes that they had been sent. Standing at their posts, the Seven held the Gates of Asia against all comers. Asia and surrounding territories comprised the heartland of the Christian empire that was ruled from the City of ConstantineЧand supplied the food and troops that sustained the empire for hundreds of years. Lucifer, beginning his Counter-Reformation in the fifth decade after Christ, attacked the Seven Churches and their Guardians. With overwhelming force he set upon a mere seven angels who served his enemy, Almighty God. What purpose did he have in attempting to drive them away? What would he do with Asia Minor anyway? He already had Roma, and Roma ruled Asia MinorЧso, technically, it was his. Undaunted, the Seven stood, struggling to fend off every thunderbolt Lucifer could unleash with his great power. Along with thunderbolts, he sent forth innumerable devils of every descriptionЧfallen angels who had listened to his offers and preferred them above serving the Almighty. This was in A. S. 50. The saints in the churches being contested by Lucifer himself scarcely knew what was going on over their headsЧif they had, they might have furnished their Guardians more support in the spirit with fervent prayer. No one but the angels themselves could say how hard and difficult the battle was for them. They were not warriors as Michael and his legions wereЧtheir mission was quite different, acting as vigilant watchman, helpers, comforters, rather than fighting angels. Hard-pressed to hold their posts against so many, it seemed they might be overwhelmed. Nesu, their leader, began to despair. It was going bad for them at Laodicea, Sardis, Pergamos, even Ephesus. Just in time the mother church at Antioch, alerted by the Spirit-Dove, fell to fervent prayer in their behalf. The thunderbolts turned back in mid-trajectory and showered fire and havoc among the ranks of the attacking Luciferan army. This was seemingly the beginning of the rout of Lucifer. Seeing his thunderbolts flying harmlessly wide of mark, or driven back upon his own army, Lucifer finally turned away from the battle. With their leader gone, his army lost heart and beat a fast retreat in the van of his departing war-chariot. It was a moment the Seven almost despaired of seeing! They had been a mere seven against a vast host from hell. But the seeming impossibleЧvictory--had happened. They cheered the greatness of God. Meanwhile, LuciferТs main forces were occupied elsewhere, far, far off in Orion. How could the Seven know this. If they had, they might not have cheered so loudlyЧfor the battle, seemingly won along their trenches, wasnТt but a skirmish, used as a feint to distract attention from the main thrust in Orion. Yet, succeeding at least temporarily, the Seven could now afford to lower their swords and rest a bit. Decay, however, set quickly in, as soon as the end of the first century. By the time of JohnТs receiving and writing the Revelation in exile on the island of Patmos, the churches, problems had already developedЧparticularly in Laodicea, Sardis, Pergamos, and Ephesus, had grown lax in their love for God and careless in regard for His truth. They were no longer so receptive to the various kinds of aid their Guardians could giveЧsince they had grown self-sufficient and prayerless even as their religious ceremonies abounded in complexity of ritual and splendor of church edifices and clerical garb. By the 7th Century, the churches, and the cities and regions round them, were laid open to attack and destructionЧwhich came in the movement of many fierce tribes and nations into the province. Centuries passed, and in the 11th century the land passed entirely from Christian control to the followers of Mohammed, the prophetic warlord of Medina and Mecca in Arabia who founded a new religion opposing both Christians and Jews, Christianity and Judaism. With the churches swept away, and the remaining Christians fleeing into caves cut into CappadociaТs limestone dolomites , the Golden Lampstands signifying the Spirit of God were removed from their places by the Spirit. For a few centuries more the City of Constantine clung to its almost impregnable position in the north on the BosporusЧbut her fate was certain, capture by the Moslem power under the Ottoman Turks. Assigned to new stations, the Seven took up their positions round Britain. As faith waned on the islands of Britain, the hands of the Guarding Seven were tied increasingly until they stood by helplessly as enemies swept in and ravaged the land and drove out the inhabitants who had utterly forsaken God. Restored to faith, or converted to the true faith, the Britons enjoyed times of renewed peace and plenty after God enabled them to drive off their attackers. But again and again fickle-hearted Christians threw away their riches in Christ, and destruction followed. Rising to greatness after yet another revival, Great Britain allowed the establishment of a Jewish enclave in the Palestine Mandate, and later took under her wing the fledgling nation of a revived Israel in 1948Чwhich was the ancestral, God-granted domain of the Chosen People. Poised to receive GodТs favor for this, Britain turned with overweening pride in her accomplishmentsЧthe resounding defeat of the Axis Powers in Europe with U.S. help, thus rescuing the cause of democratic government in the worldЧand began to shut the door on Israel, turning back ships full of refugees from the former Nazi death camps. As Britain tragically shut the door of her once great heart against Israel, the Seven were reassigned to America, BritainТs grown daughter, across the Atlantic. America, founded upon the holy covenant the Pilgrims made with the Almighty, also founded upon precedents of government depicted in the Bible, stood in BritainТs place and took Israel under her wing and rose to the greatness that would have gone to Britain. To America the Almighty said, in binding covenant: УBecause you have made the Lord, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your borders, for I will give My angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent you shall trample under foot. Because you have set your love upon Me, therefore I will deliver you, I will set you on high, because you have known my name. You will call upon Me, and I will answer you; I will be with you in trouble, I will deliver you and honor you. With long life I will satisfy you, and show you My salvation.Ф As America rose a queen among the nations, Britain sank in proportion. Yet America too, taking its greatness too much to heart, highhandedly dealt with Israel, placing IsraelТs interests below AmericaТs and even IsraelТs enemies. Again, the Seven felt their hands grown powerless to ward off destructionЧand destruction came to America. These events were much the same on the Twin Earths, where two sets of angels operated in the same fashion, only with the difference that destruction came a bit later on Earth I. Sooner or later as the case might be, doomsday inevitably dawned for both Americas, and both Earths. On each world a nation-saving moral lesson was lostЧthat the ships constituted a microcosm of the world speeding toward destruction just as a luxurious, stupendous Titanic sped across seas to her doom in the North Atlantic. Each giant vessel came equipped with everything science and technology and wealth could give her, yet neither possessed sufficient lifeboats or could be turned quick enough to avert catastrophe. Earth I, fought over by Lucifer and his forces, Earth II beset by the equally malignant Stones of FireЧit proved much the same kind of war with much the same results. So few were saved, and so many more were lost than savedЧsuch was the fate of both proud ships and both proud worlds! 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