Z-Point I and II

1. Z-Point Deferred: Battle of the Seven Stars

The Dance of the Seven Stars (by Number)

#1 moves toward #7; #1 & #7 move toward #6 & #4; then both pairs move toward #3, and #3 is joined to #1 & #7; together the trio #1, #7, #3 swirl or turn round each other in turn, and #6 & #4 go up and down, retreat, and pass, then return to each other; these move toward #5, and #5 is joined to #1, #7, #3; meanwhile, #6 & #4 move toward #5, combining as #6, #4, #5; #1, #7, #3 and #6, #4, #5 move toward #2, and join #2, making #6, #4, #5, #2. Finally, #4 and #3 change positions, so that the final numbering is #1, #7, #6, #4, #3, #5, #2.

1. “Ye Righteous” moves toward “Hiding Place”

2. “Ye Righteous” and “Hiding Place” move toward “Deliverance” and “Mercy”

3. “Ye Righteous” and “Hiding Place” with “Deliverance” and Mercy” move toward “Blessed”.

4. “Ye Righteous”, “Hiding Place,” “Blessed, and “Deliverance” and “Mercy” move toward “Rejoice”--Selah

5. “Ye Righteous,” “Hiding Place,” “Blessed,’’ with “Deliverance,” “Mercy,” “Rejoice,” move toward “Forgiven”.

6. “Mercy” changes position with “Blessed”; “Mercy” returns from the stars on the right hand (Yeshua) to the left (the Father, or Source of Mercy).

The Seven Angels of the Seven Stars did not wait the big moment, the final battle, to wage war; they were all actively involved in the war for Earth II long before the concluding conflict:

#1 Tsaddiquim “Ye Righteous” Chronicle of Eire’s Messiah

#7 Sether “Hiding Place” Chronicle of the Black Robe

#6 Pallet “Deliverance” Chronicle of the Broken Eagle Feather

#4 Chesid “Mercy” Chronicle of the Wasichu Ghost Dancer

#3 Ashre “Blessed” Chronicle of the Wasichus’

First Feast

#5 Simchu “Rejoice” Chronicle of the Diver’s Cask

#2 Nesu “Forgiven” Chronicle of the Wasichu Brothers’ War

These were only a few instances of their involvement.

They also plunged into the thick of numerous other frays, which cannot be identified, they are so many. For the most part, their performances were anonymous; they came, did their work, and departed, without any fanfare and recognition. Their names, which remain strange to the ear, will always sound strange to human ears, since they are named so rarely. Anonymity was what they most preferred. If they achieved recognition, that was for them a misfortune.

Operating almost exclusively behind the scenes, so to speak, the Seven Angels almost invited skeptical reactions. What possible connection, it might be asked, could there be with a supposed Angelic Seven and the saving of young Gouveneur Morris, the brilliant son of French Huguenot parents, who attended King’s College (later called Columbia) and was admitted to the bar at age nineteen?

Asia Minor and Israel and the budding states of American colonies (turned refuges for French Huguenots like the Morris family, driven from France by Papal forces, so that France’s loss was America’s great gain!) would seem to be poles apart. Yet they were not.

St. Paul had established Christianity in Asia Minor, which became the bastion of Eastern Orthodoxy and the Byzantine Empire for 1,000 years. Without this Christian Empire, there wouldn’t have been a transference of Greek culture and Biblical knowledge and texts to a reviving Europe after Rome’s fall in the West.

Without that transference, there would have been no Renaissance, no revival of learning, and no cultivation of human freedom to speak of. Religious freedom, too, would not have survived. As heirs of the immense learning and lore of fabulous Byzantium via the Renaissance, the Plymouth brethren consciously sought to establish a New Israel on American shores, a holy nation. To that end they wrote and signed the Plymouth Compact, the first state-founding document of the British-American colonies.

If Gouveneur Morris, youngest son of Lewis Morris II, had not survived his disastrous swim in Morisania’s lake, what would have become of the experiment? His role was critical to the endeavor. Simchu’s saving of the young Constitutionalist was absolutely necessary and opportune.

In the same way, what would have become of Ireland, a millennium before Morris’s time, if Tsaddiquim had lain down on the job and Patricius Magonus had perished somewhere along the path of his troubled life before he had turned “Messiah” and brought the Gospel to the Irish?

Without the Gospel, the Irish would have gladly continued pagan, and they would never have sent missionaries to re-barbarized England to revive Christianity and culture in a land overrun and ruined by the Saxons and Angles.

They also did the same for half of Europe—though much later on, in the post-modern era, revisionist scholars would scoff at the idea that Irish clerics were as important as all that. It goes without saying that without a re-converted Europe and England, there would have been no Pilgrims forefathers of a free American state.

And without a free, Christian England, there would have been no reestablished Israel in 1948, and in turn no United States to take up the task of political guardian and sponsor of Israel after Great Britain (losing its “Great” after World War II) passed the torch to America.

On Earth I and II, these realities remained substantially the same. Only on Earth II did the United States find a weaker role to play, after the disastrous, prolonged war and Pyrrhic victory over Imperial Japan.

On Earth II, in addition, Britain operated as the puppeteer who pulled the strings of world diplomacy and statecraft—while the nations supposedly in the forefront unwittingly did its bidding. This was no conspiracy, it was simply the case, purposely planned and carried out by an ingenius “Pentocracy,” a clique of five masterminds—whoever they were at any particular time.

They hadn’t any idea, however, they were puppets in turn of a greater master—one whom the Seven Angels knew as “Light-Bringer,” or Lucifer. Atheists and secular humanists, they couldn’t possibly have accepted the existence of any such supernatural being as Lucifer.

The Seven worked to evangelize Ireland to re-convert a neo-pagan Britain, which would produce the Plymouth Brethren ultimately who would create a free American state. Without America, Britain would have been submerged in Nazi Europe, and Israel would have been a lost cause forever. But with the salvation of Britain there emerged a new Israel—and events pulled every nation into orbit round the Middle East once Israel was founded.

While whole nations and empires worked to exterminate the Jews and Israel, the Four Guardians of Israel succeeded with an opposing plan that preserved Israel against overwhelming odds.

World events centered upon this tiny piece of real estate, not because of any intrinsic value, but because the Almighty Himself had placed supreme value upon it as the site of his First and later his Second Coming and the establishment of his Millennial Kingdom.

Christ was born in Israel, in the days of King Herod, and then the state was no longer needed until the events such as the In-Gathering or Aliyah of the Jews, leading up to the Second Coming. If Lucifer could only have wiped out Israel before the birth of Christ, he would have done it.

Failing that, he sought to do it again as events raced toward the climax, with the enthronement of Michael Jayson on Earth I in the 21st century world government of the Europe-based World Union.

On Earth II, the process was delayed and protracted somewhat.

Jayson’s counterpart, Lord Chillingsworth, would not appear until the 22nd Century. And though Lucifer was not present on Earth II at that time, his counterpart—the star-stone of the Sardius—certainly was, proving well able to act in his behalf.

So, in these and other diverse ways, the battle was fought—“engaged”—well before the opposing were drawn up on the front lines.

Where were the front lines? The Gateway—-Orion—-where past and future met, and not only met but necessarily joined, unless the whole of the previous progress of light against darkness was to be lost. Angels, men, devils, star-stones, Atlanteans and their cohorts—all were engaged in battle on two planets, and in two Universes as the Light-Bringer sought to roll back the victory of the Cross and recoup his losses with a conquest or utter destruction of Orion and its contents.

But what were the specific contents of Orion? Lucifer himself had not seen them—being prevented by their loyalist guardians. He only knew that they were held very important by the Enemy—and that was justification enough to seek to destroy them with every means at his disposal. The harder the Enemy resisted, the more he was assured he was on track.

He had truly found the Enemy’s treasure—whatever it was. And he sensed that if he could get to it somehow, and destroy it or at the least spoil and contaminate it, he might reverse his doom and secure a reasonable degree of future comfort and free rein for himself. It mattered not in the least whether any of the billions of his followers and demons survived—only one being mattered in the Universes, and he was that being.

Wasn’t that chance of self-preservation worth any sacrifice and effort on his part? Seeing the chance, he fought with all his ferocity and strength and cunning—and made sure everyone subordinate to him followed suit.

To break through into Orion, of course, he needed to defeat the “Magnificent Seven.”

These, he discovered, were seven in number because they were tied to the Seven Churches, which he subverted as much as he could, he found that several of the churches could not be made to compromise, so he shifted his attack to one of appeasement and conciliation and acceptance: Christianity was a granted legal status in the Roman Empire, then toleration was followed by adoption of Christianity as the official state religion.

That nearly succeeded in snuffing out the life of Christianity, whereas persecution had made it flourish. Just as Christianity was falling to pieces, the barbarians swept in upon the Empire, upsetting Lucifer’s plan. All the chess pieces of the game had to be recast—along with the rules of the game.

A new Europe emerged, with battle lines drawn in many different places and for many different reasons.

He nearly succeeded in liquidating Christianity under the worst of the Popes, but always the Enemy raised up a great Reformer. The greatest of these was, of course, Dr. Martin Luther. How Lucifer hated that scholarly, vituperative, German creature! How dare a mere monk throw an inkwell at him! Worse than that, the things he wrote exposing the Devil!

So many evils followed in the wake of that one busybody, Lucifer had a devil of a time trying to stamp them out before they spread to the whole world. The Papacy’s own Counter-Reformation succeeded admirably, and Protestantism was almost extinguished, except that Lucifer’s Enemy raised up Gustavus Adolphus the King of Sweden, who happened to have Europe’s best army, and who saw that Germany was about to fall to the Papal forces and stepped in and saved half of Germany, and with Germany, much of Northern Europe. In that part, at least, religious freedom and liberties gained ground, until Britain emerged as a free country with a parliament of representative government that supplanted the king’s divine right and autocratic rule.

This was not progress, in Lucifer’s view! Earth II, which had nearly fallen like a ripe fruit into his hands, eluded his grasp once again, as Britain spread its libertarian ideas along with its colonial empire all over the globe. America, too, grew up as a colossus of individual liberty and freedom of religion. Totalitarianisms, as quickly as Lucifer could grow them, were stamped out by the forces of freedom.

If Lucifer could not at first succeed politically, he could do much better culturally, he found.

He waged war in the media, in schools, in courts, in entertainment, in literature, in philosophy, in Biblical criticism, in social theory, in psychology, in science, in the economy, in sports, in every aspect of society, Eventually the government was forced to recognize what he had achieved, and reflect it. By this round about means, he achieved his political ends.

As for Earth II, he could only guess what was going on there, and just continue working at his end of things until he could devise a means to bring the two worlds together in one fell swoop of some kind. For him, he knew it had to be Orion where the whole contest was to be decided. He had to reverse Calvary at all costs. Only Orion—he surmised—could do it.

If he could penetrate into Earth II and its Universe, that would not be enough. He would be thrown back by its guardians, no doubt, unable to hold his ground if he could not take Orion. Orion, he sensed, was the essential key to universal power. How else could it be explained, why the Enemy had obviously invested so much time and effort in the secret depths of Orion I and II. If only he could force entrance into Orion I, he knew he could gain Orion II as well. Nothing then was beyond his grasp.

What exactly lay in both Orions that was so valuable to the Opposing Player? He did not know, yet he knew with absolute certainty that the reason for the Enemy’s stiff resistance was Orion’s prime, strategic importance.

The whole scenario seemed so strange at times it could not be rational—yet the world was pulled by the strongest of the warriors, this way and that, across the borders wherever the battle lines were drawn at the moment.

The faces of the Enemy’s warriors were almost constantly changing, while Lucifer’s remained—if hidden or masked—the same. Two worlds, divided, were slowly coming back together despite all the efforts of Lucifer to impose his rule. Oh, he wanted to bring them together into a union, but it had to be under his scepter alone.

Yet despite his best efforts to achieve that reunion, time and again his best plans were blasted apart—yet, slowly, he seemed to be gaining his objective. Despite losing such promising puppets as Sennacerib, Nebuchadrezzar, Alexander, Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, Julian the Apostate, the Borgia Popes, Napoleon, and so on, he gained vast cultural victories to the point where the governments capitulated to his social programs—he didn’t really need petty dictators any more when he had vast numbers of NGO’s and world bodies such as the United Nations and the EU supporting his ideas of how humanity was to be governed and human life was to be organized and lived.

As the final battle was about to be waged for control of Orion I (and Orion II in turn), it appeared he had all but succeeded in wresting Earth I away from the Enemy. Were the Twin Worlds to be unified under his rule or the Enemy’s? Again, Orion was figuring as the key. And who held the key? The Seven Star Angels or the so-called Four Guardians of Israel, or all eleven! Well, Seven or Four or Eleven—they were all playing for the Enemy!

To war then!

Lucifer, having identified his major antagonists, cut his losses in Ireland, Britain, and America, and, temporarily, in Western Europe. His fortunes restored culturally, he moved quickly to the offensive, in stamping out Christianity and human liberty with secular humanism and socialism once he had resumed control of the governments.

Having beaten the Enemy’s forces into isolated pockets of the war theatre, he “demonized” them and branded them as antisocial, regressive “enemies of the people.” With all the concepts involved in law and government and philosophy and even in mainstream Christianity substantially rewritten according to his views, he could not be stopped from taking additional ground. Satanism, worship of his person as God, was the fastest growing religion, outstripping Christianity.

But he was not to be satisfied with taking Earth I back—which he had, at least spiritually, lost at Calvary. He had to press his advantage to the taking of Orion, which lay somehow at the crux of the whole contest with the Enemy. So what if Christ had died on the Cross, if nobody followed up on the Enemy’s victory?

So what if grace and salvation were won for all men, if they remained or were won back to his control? He could make the Cross a mockery if he could gain Orion, he knew.

Orion! He simply must have it!

Meanwhile, as Lucifer sought to press his advantage, the Seven continued their strange and beautiful dance of numbers through their complex interactions with particular people and events on earth. They went on from 1, 7, 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, to other configurations, yet none proved so important as 1,7,6,3,4, 5 and 2.

How important was Dance anyway? The Almighty had always made it a point to take the foolish or weak things of the earth to confound the wise and powerful. Likewise, Dance, as the Indian tribes knew, was more important than the actual warfare, for it was the spiritual war being fought to a successful conclusion before the physical war was actually waged.

The northern tribes did not dance long enough, and went to war against the Wasichu with their brute firepower—and lost.

Only in defeat did the wise return to the dance of the spirit (while others refused to dance and were vanquished by despair)—and these wise ones slowly gained back strength and health for their defeated Indian peoples and nations.

And so the Seven Star-Warriors danced, patiently, enduringly, with long-suffering—and the two Universes slowly followed their steps and gestures. It did not matter, ultimately, how much Lucifer gained materially on the ground, as the stellar dance proceeded to its climax.

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