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Earth II's Night Sky, September, Northern Hemisphere

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After the birth of a new Sun, the night sky changed dramatically for the planet in 3C 295. By then the world had completely forgotten the star and Solar System it had shared with eight other planets. Much stellar dust and debris in the star cloud was eliminated. Like a cosmic broom the new star swept away clouds cloaking Earth for centuries, revealing a sky full of stars and heavens in all their glory. It was natural that ancient heroes and events would be named in the configurations of stars that first met the astonished human eye, just as they had been dealt with on Earth. September, which ushers in the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, fittingly marks the onset of spring and new beginnings in the southern half of the globe. Jewish and Persian calendars chose September as the month inaugurating the New Year. Besides the beauty it afforded spectators, navigation was also greatly aided by the new night sky. One small constellation, the Arrow, pointed to a polar star, Dumah, the North Star. Dumah, identified with the north celestial pole, instantly became the faithful guidepost used to set ships’ courses to their destinations. Three constellations are doubled, found in both night skies--the Ring, the Stern of the Sinking Ship, and the Butterfly. Finally, as star maps overlap somewhat, a dark, sacklike, nebular cloud of dust and stars called the Black Mouth is shared by both Hemispheres.

Major Constellations: 1. The Ring 2. Fox and Hare 3. The Charwoman 4. The Butterfly 5. The Prow of ARGO 6. The Balloon of the Two Champions 7. The Aeroplane (also called the Kosmocraft) 8. The Arrow 9. The Broken Bridge (also called Pont d'Titani, or Bridge of the Titans) 10. Black Mouth 11 Stern of Sinking Ship 12. The Pen 13. The Blue Centaur and Trident 14. Star of Boaz (also called Star of Bethlehem, or Reapers’ Star) 15. Northern Cross 16. The Bluebird

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Earth II's Night Sky, September, Southern Hemisphere

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Major Constellations: 1. The Locket (also called, Fidelity) 2. The Painter 3. Serpens Sardius 4. The Sphinx 5. The Rosebud 6. The Jar 7. The King's Chair 8. Two Coins 9. The Slave's Collar (also called Collar of Joseph) 10. The Tree of Heaven 11. The Bow of Heaven 12. The Scribe Bird (also called The Parrot) 13. The Ring 14. The Golden Bowl (five supergiants forming the rim and three the base) 15. Black Mouth 16. The Fat Man (profile) and Lunch Basket* 17. Stern of Sinking Ship 19. The Dawn Flower 20. The Butterfly

*For the Hitchcoch fan, the contents of Alfred Hitchcock’s daily lunch basket, flown from Maxim’s in Paris and delivered by special courier to him on set in Hollywood: roast chicken, smoked salmon, shrimp in mayonnaise, smoked eel, roast pork, jellied tongue, assorted sausages, stuffed eggs, jar of pate de foi gras with truffles, Swiss cider, a Rhine wine, small cakes. Some observers would say they saw a different configuration in the constellation, one that looked to them like a moviola storyboard, but the Lunch Basket enjoyed more of a following in the end.

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