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Heritage Center

In the new barn center Stadem and Holbeck descendents offer this pioneer family's golden legacy to all, telling of struggles and victories, tears and laughter, of Alfred, Bergit and their children on a little farm in rural Bryant from 1919 onward. God's faithfulness is especially highlighted in their story.

Dedicated June 2009


Pearl Stadem

Ginther, eldest daughter of Alfred and Bergit, age 99 Sept 13 2008, tells her children's story of how she is a little girl on Plain View Farm and how she get rid of the rats eating their corn crop.

Part II

Jerry Lee Ginther - Pearl's youngest son, retells the story about how his mother scared the rats off Plain View Farm.


The Cracked Potty

Wearing a horned Viking helmet (plastic, not a family heirloom passed down to him), Ronald Ginther, son of Pearl Ginther, tells a children's story of his early days visiting Grandpa and Grandma on Plain View Farm. And how he "borrowed" his little cousin Del Von's special toy, a pink and flower decorated plastic potty, and how it got "mysteriously" broken. Finishes with a "moral to the story" parents will appreciate also.