Excerpt of Letter accompanying the Ring List to Dr. Chillingsworth from the Cosmological and Terrestrial Golden Order of Druid Seers at Navel-of-the-World Centre (C.T.G.O.D.S.), Isle of Man#

Dear Dr. Chillingsworth***:

To all leaders and peoples of the Earth, we of our British Brethren of the Enlightened Order of Seers extend a hand of good will as well as a timely reading of World Destiny. We see clearly that the culmination of troubles afflicting the world is due to ONE MALEVOLENT AGENCY--namely, a certain Ring empowered like none other.

A Ring of overweening ambition that drives men to want to conquer the world! A Ring that drives ordinary, plain men and women to the madness of megalomania. It is the Ring of World Dominion. It is a Ring of Doom for all who bear it. So beware of this Ring and do not go near it!

How can this MALEVOLENT AGENCY be recognized and stopped? Often it figures in the events of Earth as a signet, a “Ring of State Power,” by which official documents and decrees afflicting multitudes and the destiny of many great nations and empires are promulgated; such rings were employed by rulers long before the modern era; only this Ring is greater and bears overwhelming powers. In that it is different and to be feared!

It is its nature to wend its way to seats of power. Its effects on the bearer are extraordinary and terrible. Since ANNO 1912 the Seers have observed many pronounced and negative effects on the various Ring-Bearers, some which are, to wit:

1. megalomania; a compulsion to tyrannize over others;

2. delusions of grandeur

3. antagonism toward authority other than its own;

4. overweening pride;

5. self-centeredness and egoism to the extreme;

6. amorality; expediency is everything;

7. self-aggrandizing/adulatory visions;

8. extraordinary energy, mental and physical;

9. extraordinary will-power;

10. unrestrained cupidity;

11. reduced life expectancy

12. selfish cunning as contrasted with altruistic genius

13. surreptitiousness, furtiveness

14. mental myopia; inability to learn from negative examples or experiences;

15. ruthlessness and brutality

16. dispassion; indifference to suffering of others;

17. conscienceless; lack of shame after perpetrating foul, inhuman, or evil deeds.

18. uncontrolled rages

19. intolerance toward other points of view

20. implacable hatred or hostility toward any opposition

21. contempt for anyone or anything regarded as inferior to it

22. seeming invincibility and immortality


1. Cuthbertson, Victoria. Englishwoman; former housewife; widowed, she became head of an international diamond monopoly and conspiracy to overthrow the British state; death by the bursting of an aneurysm due to massive occlusion of the brain.

2. Shickelgruber, Wolfgang Amadeus*. Artist, Militarist, dictator, perpetrator of genocide. Son of Alois Shickelgruber, a well-to-do peasant and minor official. Since Marie Shickelgruber was his mother’s maiden name, and he was illegitimate, he had his name changed in the church baptismal register to Holtheim, the name of his mother’s lover. This was not legally done, and a scandal forced him to resume use of his mother’s name, though he despised it because of the disgrace attached to his lack of paternity. Wolgang adopted “Adolf” as his first name early in his political career--frowned on use of cumbersome Shickelgruber, preferred title of “Der Fuehrer”. Austrian; corporal in Royal Austro-Hungarian Army, World War I, later appointed leader of the German Nation by Chancellor Hindenburg; consolidated his power base and breaking the Treaty of Versailles moved on the Ruhr, seizing it; went on to seize Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and then engaged with war with Britain and France, allies of Poland, after signing the infamous 1939 non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union that carved up Poland between the two; defeated in 1945 by the U.S.S.R. on the Eastern Front and by a combined Allied Force of Britain, America, Free French units on the Western Front, and other free nations; committed suicide in a Berlin bunker with his mistress; major programs were the extermination of six million Jews, along with hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, political prisoners, captured Russian and other Slavic people, and many others also considered unfit by Shickelgruber, whose father may have been Jewish. Firm believer in Ayran Race supremacy; firm believer in Hollow Earth Theory and founded his militarism on belief he would represent humanity in a coming struggle with a hostile, subterranean superpower. The Nazi swastika was not the ancient hieratic symbol but the letter S from his name, doubled and given marching orders.

3. Carter, Harold. famed archaeologist who discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1924.

4. Djugashvilli, Joseph.** the dictator of the Soviet Empire; perpetrator of mass genocide against Ukrainian people and other peoples; led the Soviet Empire during World War II.

#when truth is rigorously suppressed by public agencies, sometimes it will break forth from left field

*, ** Shickelgruber changed his name on Earth I to Hitler; Djugashvilli changed on Earth I his name to Stalin; on Earth I their original names were suppressed to the extent that few people knew them.

***Dr. Chillingsworth is the world government leader of the 22nd Century’s Crystal Age; he is Hitler and Stalin combined in one cruel tyrant, and is the unwitting agent of the Red Star, or the Sardius. On Earth II he plays the role of Anti-Christ, which is the role played by the unisex pop star “Michael” on Earth I--all the attributes of the Druids’ list apply to him in double measure.

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